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Issue 97
29th November 2004

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Mall 8 - Sharm El Sheikh




Dry Suits Available NOW!!!

NEW this year: DIVEX will market MOBBY's Dry Suits exclusively in Egypt. Starting from NOW!! In time for the winter season, DIVEX will launch its amazing promotional offers to all Diving professionals.

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the DIVEX staff

Features & Articles

Company Branding

Do you have a company, do you have a domain name, do you use a hotmail or yahoo address for your email? WHY?

There is nothing more unprofessional looking to your potential customers than a company that uses a hotmail, yahoo or similar email provider address. 

Even if you use "funky", "bright", "fresh" advertising, an email provider account implies that the advertising company may not be as professional as they could be. 

Each time your email address is read, you will be losing business. = free advertising for you = free advertising for Hotmail

If you have your own domain name ... use it!  Set up all your email addresses using your domain name. 

Look professional, get more customers and get free advertising for your company every time your domain name is published.

Marketing Tips brought to you free from

Special Introductory offer: only 5 Euro per month

Domain name, email address, marketing on
plus your own mini Red Sea website. is happy to help you with your Company Branding solutions.
Tel: +20 65 3440685
Fax: +20 65 3447520
Mobile: 012 273 7859

5 Euro!




Mares exclusive distributor in Egypt

Mall 8 - Naama bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South Sinai - Egypt

phone/fax: 069 3603103 - mobile: 012 3399334



UK holiday makers are now being offered the change to "smelll the sights" of Egypt before leaving for their Egypt vacation. A branch of the Thomson travel agency will be introducing Smellyvision at its store from this week. Holiday makers will be able to take a virtual 3D full-sensory guided tour of Egypt with a headset that emits evocative aromas such as herbs and spices at Cairo's open air market, musty smells of a pharoah's tomb, refreshing sea breeze and coconut suntan lotion. The device will also play the sounds of the attractions through earphones and display a film of them, using 180 degree footage. The technology will be rolled out to other agencies across the country from January. Presumably Eau de Egyptian toilet and traffic fumes will not be on the menu!!

The 28th Cairo International Film Festival

The 28th Cairo International Film Festival, the biggest in the Middle East, opens tomorrow at the Cairo Opera House. A total of 180 films from 49 nations will be screened from 30th November to 10th December. For the first time three Egyptian films will be presented in the official competition, as opposed to the usual quota of two. The festival has chosen Italy to be the guest of honour this year as a continuation of the Egypt Italy year that started early 2004.

What's On ... in Cairo



Swiss Club Christmas Bazar

  Friday 3rd December 2004

  Entrance 10 LE for Adults, 5 LE for Kids (6 - 15 Years)

Santa Claus is invited to bring presents to the Kid's

  Please register your child in the Swiss Club Office by 1st December
  For table bookings please contact the Swiss Club Office

Villa Pax, El Gihad Street, off Sudan Street, Kit Kat Square
Tel.& Fax : 02 314 28 11 / 315 14 55 / 010-3009695

What's On ... in Hurghada

Clean & Clear
Housekeeping, Maintenance & Services
Hurghada 012 323 0004

Parents & Kids

Snow Scene in a Jar

As there is no hope of us seeing snow in Egypt this winter, why not make your own ...

What you need
How to Make It
  • Empty glass jar
  • Super/Uhu Glue
  • Small plastic toy animal
  • Stone(s)
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Food colouring

Glue the plastic toy animal and the stone(s) to the bottom of the jar. Fill the jar with water and add the food colouring if desired. Add some glitter. Glue the lid onto the jar.

Shake to make it snow!


For Sale/For Rent/Wanted

Have something to sell, want to buy a car, need to rent an apartment?
Visit the Red Sea Forums to find what you need

Twin tub washing machine for sale ... more details

Villa for sale in Magawish-Hurghada ... more details

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Wanted Car to Buy or Rent ... more details

Villa for Sale in ... more details

Sea&Sea Housing & Nikon Camera for sale ... more details

Bed for sale ... more details

Waterski Boat, top of the line skiboat ... more details

Ladies full diving equipment for sale ... more details

Safari boat, 26 meter, fully equipped, licence for ... more details

Sony Camera, housing and plenty of accessories, nearly new ... more details

Camera, Housing, Accessories, Carrying Case, Digital Still Camera and much more ... more details

Range Rover ... more details

El Gouna apartment for sale, 2 bedrooms, overlooks ... more details

Apartment wanted urgently to rent in Hurghada ... more details
Looking for staff, looking for work?
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Nursery Teacher (or KG1 Teacher) ... more details

Nursery Assistant ... more details

Dive / Wind Surf Center Staff ... more details

Animator for kids clubs ... more details

Front Office for dive center ... more details

Two Instructors & Dive Masters wanted ... more details

Dive Guide wanted ... more details

Sales Staff wanted ... more details

Receptionist / Admin Assistant wanted ... more details

Sales Person wanted ... more details

Chef wanted... more details

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