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Issue 92
25th October 2004

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Zero Gravity
Esplanada Mall (behind McDonalds Restaurant)
We are stocking all major scuba equipment brands.
Zero Gravity Dive Shop - 0105468800

Features & Articles

The Ancient Egyptian Scarab

By far the most important amulet in ancient Egypt was the scarab, symbolically as sacred to the Egyptians as the cross is to Christians.

Scarab dung beetles lay eggs in a pellet which they roll along and the Egyptians regarded this action as an image of the sun and it's course through the heavens, rolled by a gigantic beetle. The baby beetles were seen to emerge from the primeval mound and so dung beetles were thought capable of spontaneous creation.

Scarabs are associated with the Egyptian god, Khepri. It was Khepri that pushed the sun across the sky. The scarab beetle became an ancient Egyptian symbol for rebirth, the ability to be reborn. Each day the sun disappeared, always to rise again and be reborn the following day.

The God Khepri, which literally means "He who is coming into being", was a creator God and a solar deity. He was represented as a scarab or dung beetle, or as a man with a beetle head.

Scarabs were worn as jewellery and amulets in ancient Egypt. The Heart Scarab, which had hieroglyphic inscriptions on the back, was often buried with the dead to ensure the rebirth of the deceased in the afterlife. They were placed over the heart of the deceased to keep it from confessing sins during its interrogation in the "Weighing of the Heart" ceremony.

Mall 8 - Sharm El Sheikh




Dry Suits Available NOW!!!

NEW this year: DIVEX will market MOBBY's Dry Suits exclusively in Egypt. Starting from NOW!! In time for the winter season, DIVEX will launch its amazing promotional offers to all Diving professionals.

For more details, please don't hesitate to contact the DIVEX staff


Hurghada's Face Lift

The work to the road system in the area around the Esplanada Mall, Sindbad Hotel, and Marlin Inn Hotel is to be finished by the end of this year. A large area will be for pedestrians only, with a number of coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and fast food outlets.




Mares exclusive distributor in Egypt

Mall 8 - Naama bay - Sharm El Sheikh - South Sinai - Egypt

phone/fax: 069 3603103 - mobile: 012 3399334





for diving



What's On ... in Hurghada

What's On ... in Cairo

Egyptian Women Artists Exhibition
Gezira Art Center
1 El Mersafy Street, Zamalek

13th October - 2 November

An exhibition of photography, painting and
sculpture from 180 different Egyptian women artists

Open every day except Friday: 10am-1.30pm & 7.30pm-10.30pm
For more informaton call (02) 737 3298

Discover ElGouna.Com - Red Sea's premier leisure destination

Parents & Kids




Sunday 31st October 2004 at 3.00 pm


Talent Contest
if you are aged between 4-10 years and can dance/sing/act, show off your talents!

Best Mask Competition



Mini Disco

... and a lot of prices!

Please give your child's name at the entrance. For more information, please call Marika on 012 393 4407.


For Sale/For Rent/Wanted

Have something to sell, want to buy a car, need to rent an apartment?
Visit the Red Sea Forums to find what you need

DVD/CD/VCD/MP3 player for sale ... more details

Sea&Sea Housing & Nikon Camera for sale ... more details

Bed for sale ... more details

Waterski Boat, top of the line skiboat ... more details

Ladies full diving equipment for sale ... more details

Safari boat, 26 meter, fully equipped, licence for ... more details

Sony Camera, housing and plenty of accessories, nearly new ... more details

Camera, Housing, Accessories, Carrying Case, Digital Still Camera and much more ... more details
Range Rover ... more details
El Gouna apartment for sale, 2 bedrooms, overlooks ... more details

Apartment wanted urgently to rent in Hurghada ... more details
Looking for staff, looking for work?
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Front Office for dive center ... more details
Two females wanted to work in a nursery ... more details

Two Instructors & Dive Masters wanted ... more details

Dive Guide wanted ... more details
Sales Staff wanted ... more details
Receptionist / Admin Assistant wanted ... more details
Sales Person wanted ... more details
Chef wanted... more details
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