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Emaar set to create Dubai along Red Sea!
Qatari Diar spend in Egypt tourism, realty crosses $6bn
Spectacular diving on the wreck of the El Arish El Tor, Safaga
New air service to Hurghada to launch
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Experience Golf at Soma Bay
Spot Movie Guide
Crafts: Leather Like Vase
Body and soul: Protection Against Sun
Promotions staff needed
Marketing position open
Various positions available
Jeep Wrangler for sale

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Emaar set to create Dubai along Red Sea!

Dubai at the Red Sea
Red Sea Dubai

Emaar Properties, after having mobilised Dubai’s property market, is now involved in creating another Dubai along the Red Sea .

Located in Rabigh near Jeddah, King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is the single largest private sector project in the region with a total land plot area of 168 million square metres, which generates a built-up area of 144.75million sqm. It has the potential to create one million jobs and be home to 1.5 to two million residents.

KAEC is one of the six economic cities being set up in Saudi Arabia to promote balanced regional development, achieve economic diversification, create jobs and upgrade competitiveness.!

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Qatari Diar spend in Egypt tourism, realty crosses $6bn
Al Saad
Al Saad

Qatari Diar’s investments in Egypt have exceeded $6bn, making it one of the largest investors in the African nation’s tourism and real estate sectors.
Among Qatari Diar’s major projects in Egypt is the $1bn Nile Corniche development in Cairo. The company is currently developing three other projects also: a $450mn resort at Sharm El Sheikh, an industrial area and free zone at Burj Al Arab and a 35sq km development (Hurghada Project) at Sharm el-Arab on the Red Sea.

Speaking at Qatari Diar’s office opening at Cairo, chief executive officer Ghanim bin Saad al-Saad said the company’s projects in Egypt have a special significance as it was initiating signature developments and facilitating vibrant new communities on an unprecedented scale.

“These will help in creating permanent and temporary jobs in the region in addition to reinvigorating the tourism industry that has driven the Egyptian economy for decades,” al-Saad said.

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Spectacular diving on the wreck of the El Arish El Tor, Safaga

Arish Deck
Arish Deck

Captain Karmi starts the two outboards and the speed boat ‘Mimi’ roars to life. It takes only a few minutes until we reach the site. A back roll gets us into the water where we descend on the line.
All I can see in the beginning is blue water and a school of fusilier but as I continue down, at 17 metres we reach the wreck. She came to rest on her starboard side and we start our dive right at the bow. The name ‘El Arish El Tor’ is still legible and the anchor chain is covered with soft corals.

We dive past what has once been the bridge, descend further to 35 metres and shine our torches beneath the vessel. The orange rescue boats are tucked underneath and life vests are hanging all over the place. It’s an eerie scene, but fortunately the sinking of this ship did not cost any lives.
On the chimney we discover the logo of the Sayed Nasr lines and I spot a blue spotted sting ray that has made its home here while a very large school of soldier fish attempt to hide in the wreck.
We swim through what once was a shaded seating area. Now only metal frames and the roof of corrugated metal are left; fire sponges and purple fan coral give it new life. As we round the stern the two enormous propellers are silhouetted against the surface, covered with huge soft corals and I stop to take a few pictures. On our way back we encounter thousands (!) of yellow tail barracudas that are forming an actual layer of fish over the top of the wreck, sweeping back and forth as some large mackerels shoot through them in pursuit.

It’s time to ascend and during our safety stop we watch a group of Indian mackerels fishing for plankton, their mouths wide open as they swim in synchronised splendour. As we finally break the surface the captain is ready to help us with our kit and during the swift ride back we start to discuss all the things we’ve see on this dive! We continue recalling more and more details all the way through the beautifully cooked BBQ at the Safaga Beach Club restaurant until it’s time for our next dive.

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New air service to Hurghada to launch


A weekly service between Glasgow and the popular resort of Hurghada in Egypt is being launched by FlyGlobespan.

The service, which starts on November 5, is in addition to the airline’s weekly service to Egypt which flies from Edinburgh to Sharm El Sheikh.

Flyglobespan has recently appointed 128 staff, all of whom will be based in Scotland, taking the total employee numbers to over 1300.

The majority of the staff will be employed as cabin crew at the airline’s Glasgow base

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whats on, whats new
Experience Golf at Soma Bay
The Cascades - awarded no.1 golf course in the world
Community News
Golf Course
Soma Bay
  • 18 hole Gary Player designed Championship Golf Course
  • 9 hole Par 3 Challenge course, Gary Player designed
  • 65 bay double ended Driving Range
  • 5 practice Chipping/Bunker and Putting Greens
  • Golf Academy with 4 PGA qualified Golf Professionals
  • Golf Lessons available 7 days a week in English, German, French, Italian and Arabic
  • Weekly Social Golf Tournaments

    Soma Bay - The Ultimate Resort Destination on the Red Sea

    For more information or to make a booking, contact:
    James Shippey, Director of Golf on +2 018 277 7172

Spot Movie Guide
No Teletext or Movie Guide? Find below great movies to be shown in this week
Tv guide
TV Guide


Action: Confidence: MBC2 at 18:00 GMT/ 21:00 KSA
Horror: The Ring Two: MBC2 at 20:00 GMT/ 23:00 KSA
Drama: Varsity Blue: MBC2 at 04:30 GMT/ 7:30 KSA
Romance: Girl with a pearl earring: MBC2 at 16:00 GMT/ 19:00 KSA
Comedy: Man of the year: MBC2 at 08:00 GMT/ 11:00 KSA


Action: Alexander: MBC2 at 18:00 GMT/ 21:00 KSA
Horror: Cold Creek Manor: MBC2 at 12:00 GMT/ 15:00 KSA
Drama: Telling lies in America: MBC2 at 03:00 GMT/ 06:00 KSA
Romance: Girl with a pearl earring: MBC2 at 10:00 GMT/ 13:00 KSA
Comedy: Summer Rental: MBC2 at 12:00 GMT/ 15:00 KSA


Action: Once upon a time in Mexico: MBC2 at 20:00 GMT/ 23:00 KSA
Romance: Sweet November: MBC2 at 10:00 GMT/ 13:00 KSA
Comedy: Meet the Fockers: MBC4 at 20:00 GMT/ 23:00 KSA


Action: Pit Fighter: MBC Action at 23:00 GMT/ 2:00 KSA
Horror: Saw: MBC Action at 19:00 GMT/ 22:00 KSA
Drama: The Stepford Wives: MBC2 at 12:00 GMT/ 15:00 KSA
Romance: Titanic: MBC2 at 16:00 GMT/ 19:00 KSA
Comedy: The Mask: MBC4 at 10:00 GMT/ 13:00 KSA


Action: Seven: MBC2 at 20:00 GMT/ 23:00 KSA
Horror: Identity: MBC2 at 18:00 GMT/ 21:00 KSA
Drama: Revenge: MBC Action at 19:00 GMT/ 22:00 KSA
Romance: Miranda: MBC2 at 22:00 GMT/ 01:00 KSA
Comedy: Swingers: MBC2 at 16:00 GMT/ 19:00 KSA


Action: Runaway Jury: MBC2 at 18:00 GMT/ 21:00 KSA
Horror: Severed: MBC2 at 22:00 GMT/ 01:00 KSA
Drama: The Winter Guest: MBC2 at 12:00 GMT/ 15:00 KSA
Romance: Untamed heart: MBC4 at 20:00 GMT/ 23:00 KSA
Comedy: Deuce Bigalow - Male Gigolo: MBC2 at 16:00 GMT/ 19:00 KSA

Leather Like Vase

This leather like vase, is a challenging activity for your older child, as well as a great gift idea.

Parents & kids

Leather like vase

What you will need:

• Empty bottle or jar

• Masking tape
• Shoe Polish
• Cloth Rag

How to make it:

1. Completely cover your clean glass bottle, with torn or cut pieces of masking tape. Making sure that the pieces of tape overlap each other.
2. With an old rag, rub the shoe polish into the tape. Leave to dry.
3. Fill with flowers or a plant.

Tip: Younger children should not participate in the shoe polish stage. Sometimes a second rubbing or glossing adds to the beauty.

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Protection Against Sun
Body and Soul



Protecting your skin from the rays of sun is an everyday necessity. The best way to keep your skin looking younger is, habituating to apply sunscreen lotions before going out. Following are some simple steps to follow on everyday basis to protect the skin from sun's rays.

Apart from the sunscreen solutions there are some other factors, to protect your body from the sun's rays. Following are such of it's kind.

1. Avoid wearing Synthetic wear in summer. Cotton dresses help our skin by absorbing the Harmful UV rays from sun.
2. Light colored clothes are advisable to wear, as the dark shades absorb easily the UV rays. Light colors really helps you looking better in hot summer…!
3. To help reduce your risk of skin damage from sunlight, try to minimize your exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun's rays are strongest.
4. Those who are under medications need to avoid getting exposed to sunlight. This is because; most of the drugs start reacting to the hot sun's rays, when the body gets exposed to sun.
5. Drinking black tea…. helps your skin really! Black tea has an astringent and its tannins are great soothing sunburns.

Helpful Hint on sun care:

Your sunglasses provide some eye protection. Choose sunglasses that block maximum of UV light. Note that polarized lenses and mirror-coated lenses don't necessarily reduce UV absorption unless specifically labeled. All sunglasses offer more protection for your eyes than offering only style to your eyes.

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Step up and join the team
Jobs available now!
Promotions staff needed

Lion Resorts are expanding and require English speaking ladies to join our successful promotions team.
We are working with the Uk tour operators and require confident and outgoing people to attend the welcome meetings.

Monthly basic salary and potential to earn high weekly commissions. If you would like to find out more information please call Cheryl on 0162 670 491 or send your CV to

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Marketing position open
Sharm el Sheikh

Diving Center in Egypt with locations in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh has an opening in our Reservation & Marketing office, based in Sharm el Sheikh.

Candidates must:
- Want and plan to live in Sharm el Sheikh for a long term basis, so preference will be given to candidates already in Egypt.
- Speak languages in any combinations of Dutch, German, French, and English.

Responsibilities include answering email requests about diving, to take reservations by email and telephone from Tour Operators and private clients, attend arrival welcome meetings to make diving sales, attend dive exhibitions in Europe, and some light accountancy to bill Tour Operator sales.

Please send us your C.V. for more information. A Dive Master or above is preferred, but we will consider all candidates with good understanding of diving from counter or tourism experience. Contact:

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Various positions available

Health Club management is seeking for the following positions:

1-Qualified Receptionist
2-Qualified Sales person
3-Qualified Masseur
4-SPA Manager

Candidates should speak at least two different languages. Very attractive salaries is offerd.

Please send your CV with a recent photo to e-mail:
For more details, please call (+2012) 312 56 94

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Jeep Wrangler for sale
For sale

- Model 1997
- 4 wheel drive
- 4 litre engine
- Air-conditioned
- Clarion 6 disc CD player
- Front winch (2.7 tonnes)
- Excellent condition
- Side air intake for off road use
- Red Sea registration

Tel: 012 7472899 (Sherif)

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