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articles launches the multimedia section.
Ramadan in Egypt!
Wreck discovered off Hurghada
New wheat-alternative crops to raise Egypt’s export potential.
Egypt How Bazaar
Long Nosed Hawk Fish
12th century BC carving may hold the secret of Karnak Temple
Egypt gets record 9.7m visitors in 2006-07
whats on, whats new
Williams Tennis Service
Escape to Soma Bay
Freds Swim Academy
Colour Wheel
Nutrition Facts : Egg Plant
Dive Centre Manager to join the Emperor Management Team based in Marsa Alam
Operations and Guest Relations Coordinator needed.
Customer Service Representative needed.
Real Estate sales executives.
Real Estate sales staff required
Become a Fred Swim Academy Instructor
Instructor and divemaster needed.
Early Nubian villa for sale.

Spot Red Sea News
Community News


YOUR DIVING ON SPOT RED SEA launches the multimedia section
Now users can contribute images.
Load your images

Just login, browse to the listing of your choice, click the multimedia tab, click browse, find and select up to 4 images at a time, then upload.

For best results select jpg images which are slightly larger than 500 pixels wide and not more than 1 mb. This will provide a fast upload of your images and the result will display perfectly within the frame.

If you went to either the Mahmya party or White Sensation at Papa's Ministry beach club, then go ahead and add them! Please, no rude photos - sorry but we will have to remove anything tasteless :-).

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Ramadan in Egypt!

In Egypt, Ramadan takes on a different flavor than in any other country, as special dishes are prepared for Iftar Ramadan (breaking of the fast) as the growing anticipation fills the air.

Featured article
  Preparing sweets for Ramadan
Preparing sweets for Ramadan

The streets are bustling with people who, in preparation for Ramadan, are rushing to buy the traditional Ramadan food ingredients. Such as Zabib, Bondok, Looz, Gooz, and Fosdok ( Raisins, Nuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios).
The culinary art of Egyptian pastries takes on a new dimension with delicious Konafah, Basbousah, and Katayef. While the traditional drink, Qamar al-Din (a juice made from dried apricots) takes center stage in every home.

Cities and towns all over Egypt are festooned with a myriad of Fawanis Ramadan (lanterns) of various kinds and of many hues and degrees of brightness. Many of which will be purchased by eager Egyptian children who will carry them through the crowded and narrow streets in their traditional swinging and singing during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The heart of the Ramadan celebration is to be found in and around the many ancient Mosques and bazaars in the Old Medieval Quarter of Cairo. Lanterns glow in the shops, while larger ones hang across the narrow streets and lanes. Mosques are outlined with decorative lamps in a breathtaking display against the dark sky in which a thin silver crescent moon can be seen.

Mosques become more crowded with worshipers from all walks of life during Ramadan as the religious fervor heightens. Taraweeh prayers, delivered in every mosque, mingle with the sound of 'Allah 'Akbar (God is the greatest) filling the air.

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Wreck discovered off Hurghada
Wreck hurghada
Wreck discovered

The wreck of a 125m-long ferry, which sank in a fire in 1994, has been discovered near Hurghada in the Egyptian Red Sea by technical divers. The Al Qama Al Saudi Al Misri sank after it caught fire caused by an explosion in its engine room.

The boat's 505 passengers and 63 crew were forced to abandon ship. Several vessels came to the aid of the stricken vessel, however, the ship capsized and 21 people lost their lives.

Following several months of research, Paul Vinten and Aaron Bruce from Hurghada Emperor Divers dive centre Tekstreme Diving found the ferry lying at a depth of between 64 and 83m. Al Qamar Al Saudi Al Misri sank north of the main port of Hurghada.

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Egyptian British Real Estate
New wheat-alternative crops to raise Egypt’s export potential.
Quinoa is a potential wheat substitute currently being grown for seed production in Upper Egypt.
Featured article

CAIRO: Dandara Development & Investment Co. (DDI) is on the path toward irrigating parts of Upper Egyptian desert land and introducing new wheat alternatives, lupin and quinoa, with large potential for export and local use.

With such an initiative gaining momentum, Dandara CEO Hashem El-Dandarawy hopes to put Upper Egypt “on the map” in terms of agriculture with the two projects.

Lupin, more commonly known in Egypt as termes, has high protein content and is commonly consumed as a mezze (appetizer) or drink. Still, El-Dandarawy says local production of lupin has been “highly neglected” due to its poor market price and low per-feddan (a non-metric a unit of area, varying in value from 2,295 to 3,443 square meters) output.

As a result, lupin has instead been imported

“It has two benefits,” he says of the agricultural project. “It introduces new varieties of crops to national output, and it is an innovative contribution to the wealth of agriculture in Egypt.

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Coppa Cabana

Egypt: How bazaar

When visiting Egypt, there are ten things you absolutely must do.

Feature Article
Egyptian mummies


Continued from last weeks issue. click here to read no 3 of "When visiting Egypt, there are ten things you absolutely must do."

3. Check out the mummies

The mummification process fascinates adults and children alike, and no civilisation mastered the art of preserving human bodies like the Egyptians. In the Egyptian Museum's Royal Mummy Room in Cairo, 11 of their best-preserved efforts are on display, many of them thousands of years old yet with toenails, hair and tongues intact.

Also worth a nosey is the Animal Mummy Room (the Egyptians believed that all living creatures were worthy of being farewelled into the afterlife). The piece de resistance here is a 4m crocodile, with its tiny mummified baby croc by its side. Other animal exhibits include a dog still covered in fur, snakes, cats and a fish the size of a small boat.

No. 5 on the list of things you absolutely must do in Egypt will follow next week.

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Free Classifieds
Long Nosed Hawk Fish
Red Sea marine life
  Long nosed hawk Fish
Long Nosed Hawk Fish

Description & Behavior

Hawkfish have large heads with thick, somewhat elongate bodies. Their dorsal fins are merged, with the first consisting of ten connected spines. At the tip of each spine are several trailing filaments, hence the family name Cirrhitidae, from the Latin cirrus meaning "fringe." Their tail fins are rounded and truncate and their pectoral fins are enlarged and skinless. Their scales may be cycloid or ctenoid. Most hawkfish are small, from about 7-15 centimetres in length. The largest species, the giant hawkfish (Cirrhitus rivulatus) attains a length of 60 centimetres and a weight of 4 kilograms. A commercial fishery exists for the larger species as they are considered an excellent food fish.

The vibrant colours exhibited by most hawkfish have won them popularity in the aquarium hobby, aided by the fishes' reputation for unproblematic upkeep and easy acclimation to tank life. Popularly kept species include the longnose hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus), coloured in a red and pink crosshatch pattern, and the flame hawkfish (Neocirrhites armatus).

El Gouna Banner
12th century BC carving may hold the secret of Karnak Temple
Featured article
Egypt announced Sunday the discovery of a carving dating back to the 12th century BC which could hold the key to valuable information on Karnak Temple, the largest ancient
religious site in the world
Stone carvings
The stone consists of two parts: the upper part depicts King Set Nakhat lying prostrate with the blue crown on his head

According to an Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) statement, the stone carving was found during excavations at the Kibash Alley that links the Karnak with the Luxor Temple.

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni reportedly pointed out to the significance of the find which it reveals a lot of new facts about the 20th dynasty.

Dr Zahi Hawas, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities explained that the large quartzite stone, carved with 17 lines of hieroglyphics, highlights the achievements of high priest Bak En Khonso and his contributions to the grand hall at Karnak.

Hawas told reporters that the stone consists of two parts: the upper part depicts King Set Nakhat lying prostrate with the blue crown on his head. He offers the symbol of justice to the supreme deity Amon Ra, that appears sitting on his throne while holding with his left hand Alwast — emblem of the city of Thebes — and in his right, the key of life.

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Egypt gets record 9.7m visitors in 2006-07

Egypt received a record 9.7 million visitors in 2006-07, 13 per cent up on 8.6 million in the previous year.

Egypt Tourism


Egypt's financial year runs from July to June.

The visitors brought $8.2 billion to the country, 14 per cent up on $7.2 billion in the previous year, preserving the status of tourism as a major contributor to Egypt's current account, along with oil and gas exports, Suez Canal transit fees and remittances from Egyptians working abroad.

The agency quoted Tourism Minister Zoheir Garrana as saying the visitors spent a cumulative total of 92.3 million nights in Egypt, 8.5 per cent up on 85.1 million in 2005-06.

The government is planning to receive 14 million visitors a year in 2011, by which time the country will have 240,000 hotel rooms, compared to 184,000 now, he added.

The government is looking to tourism for job creation, saying that every five extra visitors create one extra job, either directly or indirectly.

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whats on, whats new
Williams Tennis Service
Anyone for Tennis!
Community News
Williams Tennis Service

Williams Tennis Service is the first and only professional tennis school in Hurghada. The tennis school is founded by a Dutch certified tennis professional Lugard Williams.

Tennis can be a sport for life, and there are health and social benefits whatever your age and skill. Whether you are returning to tennis after a break, or picking it up for the first time Williams Tennis Service is there to assist you.

You may have already heard about the exciting new children’s tennis program Kids Play Tennis that has been introduced by Williams Tennis Service in Hurghada. Kids Play Tennis is pure fun for kids as we’re offering it to help children start healthy habits early, develop physical skills and personal confidence. To attract young players and their parents to a lifetime sport they can play together and to keep families active. Kids Play Tennis is a program for children age 5 to 10 years.

Tennis is a technical, tactical and mental game which has no age limit. Williams Tennis Service can coach and train in any age category even if you are 60 years old. We know how to deal with any age and coach in a way that anybody can be successful in playing tennis. Besides Kids Play Tennis, Williams Tennis Service also offers private and group lessons for adults and teenagers. Williams Tennis Service is available at your service at any location.

For more information about Williams Tennis Service visit , call 0182 – 29 0206 or send an email to

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Escape to Soma Bay
The Ultimate Resort Destination on the Red Sea
Community News
Soma Bay

Soma Bay

  • Award winning 18 hole Championship golf course
  • 9 hole Challenge course and golf academy
  • State of the art thalasso-therapy centre and spa
  • Luxurious treatments at our Leading Spa of the World
  • Superior diving and snorkelling at our spectacular house reef
  • World class water sports including sailing, wind and kite surfing
  • Pristine sandy beaches with stunning panoramic view
  • A choice of 5 star hotel resorts and fine cuisine
  • Day, weekend and weekly special rates for residents

    Visit our oasis of tranquillity, just 45 minutes south of Hurghada

Tel: +20 65 354 2333

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Freds Swim Academy
Safe & fun swimming
Community News


Freds Swim Academy

We would like to send a grateful THANK YOU for all our partners, first of all to our Medical Mentor Dr. Rafeek and the MARRIOTT Hurghada Red Sea Resort, in particular General Manager Mr. Sameh El Garf, for all the support for Freds Swim Academy.

Thanks to his generous offer we became in less than one year the first successful swimming school in the Red Sea!

Our team is back from summer vacation and we are ready to start our next swimming season with swimming lessons for beginners (3 months – 99 years) and an extended swimming club program for all little and big swimmers (4 years – 12 years) covering the four basic swimming techniques and advanced skills in pool and sea in all levels. A new club membership card is available now for all swimmers!

Please visit us on Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday 10–12 am at our reservation desk inside the Marriott Hurghada Red Sea Resort for swimming courses and swimming club membership.

Your Freds Swim Academy team

For further information:

Mobile: (002) 011 303 17 24

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Colour Wheel

Teach your kids all about primary and secondary colors with this fun cellophane paper craft that's educational, too. Turn it into a peacock with one simple step

parents & kids
colour wheel

This project is rated VERY EASY to do.


What you'll need:

* Pattern
* Cardstock
* 3 pieces of cellophane paper: red, blue, and yellow
* White glue
* Scissors
* Hole punch
* Paper fastener

How to make it:

1. Print and cut out the pattern for the color wheel.
2. Trace around this pattern on cardstock six times. Cut out each piece, making sure to cut out the center.
3. Cut the cellophane windows just smaller than the outside of your frame, but larger than the inside measurement.
4. Sandwich a colored piece of cellophane between two pieces of cut out cardstock. Glue together to make a window. Repeat until all three windows are made.
5. When they are dry, stack on top of each other and punch a hole in the center of the narrow end and fasten together with a paper fastener.


f you want to turn your color wheel into a peacock, print out the peacock pattern and glue onto cardstock. Cut it out, punch a hole in the bottom and add it to the top of your stack of windows. The body of the peacock doubles as a handle.

Source page...
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Egg Plant
Nutrition Facts
egg plant

Egg Plant

Long prized for its deeply purple, glossy beauty as well as its unique taste and texture, eggplants are now available in markets throughout the year, but they are at their very best from August through October when they are in season.

Eggplants belong to the nightshade family of vegetables, which also includes tomatoes, sweet peppers and potatoes. They grow in a manner much like tomatoes, hanging from the vines of a plant that grows several feet in height. While the different varieties do range slightly in taste and texture, one can generally describe the eggplant as having a pleasantly bitter taste and spongy texture.

Health Benefits

In addition to featuring a host of vitamins and minerals, eggplant also contains important phytonutrients, many which have antioxidant activity. Phytonutrients contained in eggplant include phenolic compounds, such caffeic and chlorogenic acid, and flavonoids, such as nasunin.

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Advertise your classified - Free Service from


Global Promotions Promoting your company globally
Now Hiring
GlobalPromotions hiring now
Wanted Dive Centre Manager to join the Emperor Management Team based in Marsa Alam

Emperor Divers - Marsa Alam

job vacancies

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Dive Centre Manager to join the Emperor Management Team based in Marsa Alam, Egypt. We would also be interested in employing a couple, where the partner could work either as a Diving Instructor or in an administration role.
The Centre Manager must be a certified Instructor (min MSDT), and someone who has the right mix of industry knowledge and management experience. You'll be self motivated and show initiative; with the drive required to move the business forward as new challenges arise.

With exceptional people management and communication skills you'll be the type of manager that values staff and has the ability to insist on and achieve the highest standards of safety, service and customer care.

If you have a proven record in sales/management, are flexible and are able to work in a remote location, then you may be just what we're looking for.

We're seeking native or fluent English speakers, but any additional European languages are advantageous.

The successful candidates will be initially offered a 1 year contract.

If you have a passion for diving and meet the above criteria, please send your CVs including photographs and salary expectations to Sarah Harvey at quoting reference ED035.


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join, now hiring
Step up and join the team
Jobs available now!
Operations and Guest Relations Coordinator
Emperor Divers - Hurghada
job vacancies

This role will provide a wide variety of responsibilities including the preparation of packs and details for boat permissions (all the paperwork required for the liveaboard holidays). You will be working closely with our Reservations team, arranging transfers for our guests and co-ordinating special requests with the Fleet Manager to name just a few of the regular tasks.

There is also a guest relations element to this role which includes general administration jobs such as sending out thank-you letters and dealing with the few guest complaints that we receive.

You will need to be a highly organised administrator, capable of multi-tasking and able to communicate with a wide variety of contacts, in addition to working to tight deadlines and under pressure. The role holder must also have strong administrative, customer service and IT skills and plenty of initiative and drive.

There will be a lot to learn and that's why we would prefer you to have experience of working in the diving industry or be a certified diver.

We would prefer the successful candidate to be native English or alternatively be able to speak and write English fluently. Additional European languages would be advantageous.

During peak periods there is a requirement for the role holder to be contactable 24 hours a day, but in return we offer a generous salary and a 1 year contract.

If you fit the bill then we would like to hear from you. Please send your full CV including salary expectations to Sarah Harvey, Human Resources, Emperor Group: and quote reference number ED034.


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Customer Service Representative needed
Spot Local now hiring.


Main duties include handling inbound calls and correspondence in native language, and providing excellent customer services and resolution to issues

Provides customers with product and service information.

Ideal applicants will have excellent customer service skills, Computer & internet and English fluency is a must, Italian, German, French are a plus, preferably European.

Applicants must also have excellent correspondence skills, the ability to structure letters and e-mails professionally.

The pay: is an hourly basis and a bonus option is valid.
The working hours are on a weekly schedule basis (5 days a week, average of 6 hours a day).
Work location: Hurghada, Red Sea.
Serious applicant must apply before September 6th.

To apply please send your CV to:

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Real Estate Sales Executives
Soma Bay
job vacancies


Soma Bay, the Ultimate Resort Destination on the Red Sea, is searching for Sales Executives to promote its increasing range of luxury resort homes.
Prospective candidates should have:
• Fluency in German or Italian, and English
• Additional languages also preferred
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Professional presentation and interpersonal skills
• Ability to organize and schedule workload and appointments
• Previous experience in sales or customer-focused environment

Positions are based at Soma Bay but may offer some flexibility in working hours. A motivating salary is available for the right candidates.
For more information please send a copy of your CV and covering letter to:

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Real Estate Sales Staff
job vacancies


New and unique real-estate program in Hurghada. Are you fluent in English,
German or Russian and have passion for sales? Join our team!

Please send your CV to or call 0127893985 or 0182797270:

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Become a Fred Swim Academy Instructor
Next Seminar 10th March 2008
job vacancies

Join the growing team of Fred Swim Academy Instructors, must enjoy teaching children and adults of all ages.

For further details please contact Sandy on Tel: 012 345 9004

or email to:

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Instructor and divemaster needed.
Ozone Diving center in Hurghada
job vacancies


Looking for Instructor and Divemaster German and English speaking.

For further details please contact Osama Gabr on : 0126370494
Or email to:

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Early Nubian beach villa for sale.
El Gouna

Nubian Villa

Here is a rare opportunity to buy one of the early Nubian villas in one of the best location on the Red Sea; El Gouna.

  • Located on a private cul-de-sac with gated entrance and no through-road, away from traffic and noise.
  • Direct access to the beach and the lagoon.
  • Green oasis of palm trees, eucalyptus, casuarinas and flowering trees and shrubs.

The villa consists of:

  • Living room with fireplace and access to the terrace and the beach
  • Kitchen
  • Entrence hall
  • Corridor
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Roof terrace.

Price upon request.

For more information please call Peter on 012 240 48 14 or visit

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