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Property investment... a spotlight on El Gouna Real Estate
Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh gets Internet Facelift
Women's International Peace Movement
Soma Bay’s La Résidence des Cascades wins prestigious TUI Holly Award
Egypt: How bazaar
Crocodile rumors, theories abound in Egypt
whats on, whats new
Partnership marks Emperor Divers’ 15th Anniversary
Escape to Soma Bay
Villa Kunterbunt - Musical & Dance Show
Freds Swim Academy
Spot Red
Kids Can Stilts
Nutrition Facts : Cucumbers
Euro-Divers Maldives is looking for Russian speaking instructors
Real Estate Sales Executives
Sales & Marketing Team
Flat for rent
Furniture and Equipment for sale
Dive Equipment for sale
Geoby Baby Car for sale


Spot Red Sea News
Community News

Property investment... a spotlight on El Gouna Real Estate.

El Gouna Real Estate.

Featured article
  Gouna Real Estate
Click to complete the form and receive your invitation ticket to either shows.

Think of Egypt and the first thing to enter your mind will probably be the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the other historical sites. But history aside, Egypt and specifically the Red Sea has been reinventing itself as an ultra-modern holiday destination, and over the past few years it has opened its doors to international property hunters.

One of the most popular locations is El Gouna – an upmarket, purpose-built resort town, most of the properties have water frontage, and El Gouna also boasts a world-class marina, 13 hotels, an 18-hole golf course and a range of other facilities, including an international school.

With the construction of a new marina and other developments within El Gouna, it is now possible to become a first time buyer with excellent return on investment.

Meet Gianna and Carol in September in either London or Birmingham to discuss all possible investment options in person.

The Property Investor Show is the largest dedicated property investment event held in the UK each year - and returns to ExCeL London for a 6th year on September 21-23rd. El Gouna Real Estate will be present in stand no. 548. If you enter your email we will send you an entrance ticket

If London is not convenient, join us in Birmingham on 28, 29 or 30th of September for the Place in the Sun Exhibition, enter your email to receive a free entrance ticket to visit our Stand B28.

Looking forward to meeting you next month.

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Red Sea marine life

Description & Behavior

look very similar to nudibranchs: they are beautifully coloured, the same shape and may move similarly by muscular propulsion. However, they have thinner bodies than nudibranchs and also move by beating hair-like cilia on their undersides - rippling through the water. Some have short tentacles on their heads.

Flatworms are bilaterally symmetrical animals. The left and right sides of the animal are the same but the underneath and top are different. This is common in higher animals, but flatworms are one of the most simple creatures to exhibit this. Their eyes are tiny, comprising just 2 to 3 cells. There are hundreds of eyes along the sides of the body, distinguishing between light and dark and determining the direction of light. They have two other types of sensors. One is sensitive to chemical stimuli, perceiving far-off substances and sensing them on contact (smell and taste). Another is stimulated by the passage of water over the flatworm's body and perceived by rheotactic sensors. The flatworm's simple brain can interpret information and even has the capacity to learn.

El Gouna Banner
Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh gets Internet Facelift.
Egypt will undergo another round of infrastructure expansion as it builds wireless hotspots at key tourist locations.
internet in Egypt
Internet in Egypt

The move comes after a USAID funded project recently helped Egypt offer free Wi-Fi for visitors to Luxor and Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh to access the Web from almost any location.

WIESC, the USAID funded project, is working to expand Internet access to all Egyptian tourist cities, which will help continue to bolster Egypt's technology sector.

Egypt has been making great strides in its Internet technology in recent years, establishing Internet connectivity companies allowing almost every cafe in Cairo to be Internet accessible for users.

"The WIESC project brings Egypt in line with an experience of high speed data traveling over greater distances," Nihal Soliman, marketing advisor for USAID said.

"We're very excited to announce that our Wi-Fi technology networks are up and running in these key Egyptian cities, allowing everyone the opportunity to experience the reliability and speed of the network," Soliman added.

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Women's International Peace Movement
The Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement organizes a unique International Youth Forum.
Suzanna Mubarak
Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak

Her Excellency Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak Founder and President of the Suzanne Mubarak Women's International Peace Movement (SMWIPM) today announced the upcoming International Youth Forum 'The Power of Youth for Peace' (Youth Speak - We Listen!), which will be held from 1-3 September, 2007, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The Forum, which will be planned, organized and run by youth aims to bring together young people from all parts of the world, in an effort to highlight their enormous potential as change-makers. It will give them the opportunity to voice their needs, exchange ideas and best practices, join forces and help youth strengthen their capacity to address sources of conflict in their environments and devise positive and peaceful suggestions to these key issues.

At a gathering which included young Egyptian participants, local and international partners, the First Lady discussed the importance of integrating the practical insights and positive contributions of young people.

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Coppa Cabana Ice Cream

Soma Bay’s La Résidence des Cascades wins prestigious TUI Holly Award

Soma Bay’s Leading Hotel of the World La Résidence des Cascades has won the hotel industry’s ‘Oscar’, the prestigious TUI Holly Award.

Soma bay

La Residence des Cascades

This honour recognizes La Résidence des Cascades as being in the top 100 internationally most popular hotels, as judged by guests travelling with Europe’s leading tour operator TUI.

Thousands of hoteliers contest the coveted award every year, which is presented in a special ceremony in Germany in October. In a guest questionnaire, hotels are rated on a scale of one to five, from which an average value is calculated for each hotel. Annually, over a half million TUI holidaymakers participate in the voting for the TUI Holly. Ratings are awarded not just for the level and quality of the services provided, but also for how friendly and customer-focused the staff are when in contact with guests.

La Résidence des Cascades is the flagship hotel of the luxurious resort destination of Soma Bay, which is rapidly gaining a reputation as the Ultimate Resort Destination on the Red Sea, Egypt. The hotel offers spectacular panoramic views from its 249 guestrooms and suites, which overlook a combination of the lush landscaped greens and fairways of the resort’s golf courses, and the endless blues of the sea.

La Résidence des Cascades hotel is set amidst The Cascades, an 18 hole, par 72 desert and oceanfront links-style course designed by Gary Player. Adjacent to the Championship course, is the 9 hole, Par 3 Challenge Course, also designed by Gary Player, and an extensive Golf Academy and driving range.

The hotel is also home to Les Thermes Marins des Cascades, the largest spa, thalasso-therapy and wellness centre in Egypt, and a Leading Spa of the World, operated in cooperation with the renowned Les Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo of France.

As well as La Résidence des Cascades, guests can also choose to stay at the Sheraton Soma Bay and the Robinson Club Soma Bay.  Soma Bay is also delighted to announce that they have executed a Memorandum of Understanding in anticipation of finalising a definitive agreement for a new luxury hotel to join the prestigious Kempinski hotel chain early in 2008.

For more information about Soma Bay visit

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Egypt: How bazaar

When visiting Egypt, there are ten things you absolutely must do.

Feature Article
Giza Pyramids

Pyramids of Giza

1.See the pyramids

Going to Egypt without visiting the pyramids is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Built more than 4500 years ago as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu and his clan, the Great Pyramid of Giza, its two siblings and various other adjacent temples and tombs are regally guarded over by the majestic Sphinx. The complex is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that still exists. Standing a massive 230m tall on the outskirts of Cairo, it still boggles minds as to how manpower alone could have created this massive, almost perfectly symmetrical structure.

The best time to visit is early morning, before tourists arrive in droves, and before the sun becomes heat-stroke material (if you visit between June and August). By day, explore the plateau by foot, or atop a camel or horse; by night, watch the pyramids being hulled in a kaleidoscope of light and sound. The most authentic way to watch this magical performance is from the village next door - just ask the locals nicely if you can use the rooftop of their home as a viewing platform - and don't forget to thank them for their generosity with a gift of flowers or sweet

No. 2 on the list of things you absolutely must do in Egypt will follow next week.

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Free Classifieds
Crocodile rumors, theories abound in Egypt.
Featured Article
Nile crocodile

Nile crocodile

Floating down the Nile's muddy waters on any given day are soda cans, plastic bags, swimming boys, tourists on felucca boats and patches of marsh grasses with birds hitching a ride. This summer, a crocodile joined the flotsam and jetsam. Or so it seems.

No photos have confirmed the rumor in the two weeks since reports of sightings surfaced, but the Egyptian media have been abuzz. All that's clear is that an animal from the crocodilian family, perhaps a native Nile croc or a foreign alligator, has made its way to the urban waters of the northern Nile, something Cairenes say hasn't happened in living memory.

The officer in charge of the police patrolling the waterways in central Cairo confirms there is, in fact, a reptile in the river.

Nile crocodiles have made a recovery in other parts of Africa since being hunted to the edge of extinction by the 1950s. But they are rare in northern Egypt, and especially in settled areas where people often kill them for their prized hides and out of fear.

Word is, the recent crocodile, or alligator, has swum downstream to the northern Cairo neighborhood of Maadi.

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whats on, whats new
Partnership marks Emperor Divers’ 15th Anniversary
In a unique partnership, ReefCI and Emperor Divers have joined forces to provide valuable research and conservation projects to help protect the Red Sea's marine eco-system.
Community News
emperor divers

Emperor 15th anniversary

From October 2007, Emperor and ReefCI will be conducting year round Reef Check surveys and co-operating with Red Sea environmental authorities to provide valuable information for ongoing local projects. Which ties in perfectly with Emperor Divers’ anniversary marking 15 years of providing diving in the Red Sea and strengthens the company’s aim to be a part of environmental solutions and not the problem.

Diving guests can be a part of this valuable contribution towards protecting the future of the Red Sea by taking this opportunity to give something back. This unique concept means that guests can combine day diving with an invaluable contribution to conservation. There are a number of packages on offer to get the most out of your time in the Red Sea.

“The majority of people who come on the trips are passionate about the environment and want to put something back. However, the ReefCI trips are ‘laid back' and focused on conserving the environment and at the same time enjoying a well-earned break! The choice is yours; you can be involved in recreational or more intensive marine conservation work,” explains ReefCI Founder, Polly Ward. ReefCI are a member of Reef Check whose Patron is Leonardo DiCaprio.



Emperor has long been involved with Red Sea environmental issues being founder members of Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association and this initiative is another way where guests can also be involved in a fun but positive way.

Throughout the 15th Anniversary year, anniversary promotions and special give-aways are planned along with a fabulous chance to win a luxurious liveaboard holiday at the NEC Dive Show.
And then there’s the day boat diving, shore and wreck dives and luxurious liveaboards, all delivered with Emperor’s exceptional customer service.

email: or go to

For further press information, please contact Bryony Barton-Carroll on 00 44 (0)1933 626667 or email

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Escape to Soma Bay
The Ultimate Resort Destination on the Red Sea
Community News
soma bay

Soma Bay

  • Award winning 18 hole Championship golf course
  • 9 hole Challenge course and golf academy
  • State of the art thalasso-therapy centre and spa
  • Luxurious treatments at our Leading Spa of the World
  • Superior diving and snorkelling at our spectacular house reef
  • World class water sports including sailing, wind and kite surfing
  • Pristine sandy beaches with stunning panoramic view
  • A choice of 5 star hotel resorts and fine cuisine
  • Day, weekend and weekly special rates for residents

    Visit our oasis of tranquillity, just 45 minutes south of Hurghada

    Tel: +20 65 354 2333

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Villa Kunterbunt
Musical & Dance Show
Community News
Villa Kunterbunt

Villa Kunterbunt

Alla Sabirowa

Dance Company Hurghada

Music & Dance Show

Friday 17 & 26 August 2007

From 8.30pm till late

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Freds Swim Academy
Little Frogs Wanted
Community News
freds swim acadamy advert

Freds Swim Academy

"Swim like a frog not like a dog!

Little Frogs Wanted!

A special occasion we offer from
23 - 26 August 2007 (Thurs/Frid/Sat/Sun)
the possibility to join our famous swimming courses for:-

Water babies (3-24 months) - daily 9am

Aqua Tots (2-4 years) - daily 10am

Splashing Rascals (4 years +) - daily 11am

Information & application

At our desk in Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Resort.

Tel: 010 136 4404 / 012 345 9004

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We need your comments
Community news

Add your comments by

clicking on the link above

Whats your favourite restaurant?Best ever night club? We need you our readers to add their valued comments to the Spot Red Sea website. The web 2.0 technology being used on Spot Red Sea means that the consumer has the power to write and comment on their favourite places and things to do in the Red Sea. Its quick and easy to do just register on the website using the log in / register on the top right of the homepage. Then find your favourite dive center, restaurant, hotel etc and comment away. The honest and local opinions help the unknowing traveller to decide where is great to stay, where is good to eat and what to do today!

As the comments are given value by other users, so the businesses listing grows in popularity. Get started today click on the picture above.

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Kids Can Stilts

Walk tall with this juice can stilt craft that provides hours of fun and physical activity for kids.

parents & kids
kids can stilts

This project is rated AVERAGE to do.

What You Need

  • 2 large (about 64 ounce) juice cans (unopened) Hand bottle/can opener (with the triangular end)2 long pieces of ropeHeavy-duty scissors (for cutting the rope)
  • Various colors of electrical tape or various colors of paint and paintbrush

What You Do

1. Use the bottle/can opener to punch two holes in either side of one can towards the top. (see photo)Repeat with other juice can. Let the juice drain out of the cans (save it in a pitcher, container, etc.) Rinse out the cans with water and allow them to air dry.Cut two pieces of rope long enough to go through the holes in the can and up to your child's hands to hold on to.Thread each piece of rope through the holes in the cans.Tie the two ends of each piece of rope together. You should have a loop of rope going through each can that is long enough so your child can hold onto the rope as handles

2. Use the scissors to cut the different colors of electrical tape and decorate the cans. You can also use the paint to decorate them.


You will need help from an adult or adult to punch the holes in the juice cans and cut the rope...

Source page...
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Nutrition Facts


To be "cool as a cucumber" add them to your menus during the warm summer months when they are in season. Although slicing cucumbers are available year round, they are at their best from May through July.

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus and belong to the same family as watermelon, zucchini, pumpkin, and other types of squash. Varieties of cucumber are grown either to be eaten fresh or to be pickled. Those that are to be eaten fresh are commonly called slicing cucumbers. Cucumbers such as gherkins that are specially cultivated to make pickles are oftentimes much smaller than slicing cucumber

Health Benefits

The flesh of cucumbers is primarily composed of water but also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid, both of which help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling. Cucumbers'hard skin is rich in fiber and contains a variety of beneficial minerals including silica, potassium and magnesium.

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Advertise your classified - Free Service from


Global Promotions Promoting your company globally
Now Hiring
GlobalPromotions hiring now
Euro-Divers Maldives is looking for Russian speaking instructors

We need you

instructor needed

Instructor needed

You must be a OADA OWSI with at least Nitrox as a speciality, able to teach in english and able to sign at least a one year contract.

We provide you great diving, food and board on a five star resort close to Male the Maldivian capital, great working conditions and a great team with safety and fun as their goals.

To know more please contact Marcelo - Area manager by mobile in Egypt +20 120592121 or by Email:


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join, now hiring
Step up and join the team
Jobs available now!
Real Estate Sales Executives
Soma Bay
job vacancies

Soma Bay, the Ultimate Resort Destination on the Red Sea, is searching for Sales Executives to promote its increasing range of luxury resort homes.
Prospective candidates should have:

• Fluency in German or Italian, and English
• Additional languages also preferred
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Professional presentation and interpersonal skills
• Ability to organize and schedule workload and appointments
• Previous experience in sales or customer-focused environment

Positions are based at Soma Bay but may offer some flexibility in working hours. A motivating salary is available for the right candidates.
For more information please send a copy of your CV and covering letter to:

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Sales & Marketing
Team actively looking for role in Sales & Marketing
job search

Experienced team looking for marketing opportunities within the dive Industry. We can introduce new techniques to your falling sales targets. Marketing is our speciality, we will work for FREE for one month if you do see an improvement in your sales you will not be charged for our services.Together the team is multi-lingual and work as a professional unit . We also provide training for your sales team.

For futher details please contact:

Mobile 0105028698 or email

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Flats for rent
Sharm el Sheikh, Hadaba
for rent

Flats for rent

Sea Street, 50 m to beach, unfurnished with air condition

1 bedroom flat - 280 Euro;

2 bedroom flat - with sea view - 420 Euro;

payment also in L.E: possible;

(Holiday rent also possible, ask for price)

Mobile: 0106668449 or Email:

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Furniture & equipment for sale
Sharm el Sheikh
for sale

Sofa for sale

gas cooker 600 L.E: with gas bottle 200 L.E

Sofa (useable as sofa bed) with pillows in Mediterrean design + TV table with glas; both made with dark blue metall frame (no wood) in modern design: 3000 L.E.

TOSHIBA refrigerator, 2 doors, TOP as new: 1400 L.E.

mattress 1 x 2 m, new (not used), in original pack 300 L.E.

Mobile: 0106668449

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Equipment for sale
for sale

    For sale

  • Double Bladder BC Inflated 94 lb Lift (price: $400)
  • Stainless Steel Back Plate 5.5 lbs (price: $160)
  • Primary Reel - 330 ft (price: $85)
  • Regulator (prise: $882.30)
  • Submersible Pressure Gauge (price: $302.60)
  • OMS Emergency Deployment System (price: $128)
  • Regulator (price: $552.50)
  • Submersible Pressure Gauge (price $231.20)


Contact: Hesham 010 680 9680 or Email:

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Babycar Cosco "Geoby"
Childs Pushchair
for sale

For sale

Only been used for 6 months, in very good condition. Comfortable to use and easy to transport.

Price 1200 L.E.


Please contact Elena on

mobile: 0161611571


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