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Spot Local latest software release
Environmentalists demand halt of potential oil drilling project on Red Sea Coast
Single cox on the Nile
The Blue Desert
whats on
1st FSA Summer Party at Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Resort
Athena Greek Taverna
Flower Jeweled Sun Hat
Nutrition Facts : Tomatoes
International Nursery looking for Teachers
Spot Local looks for UI Designer
Safari Boat for sale
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Community News

Spot Local latest software release

2nd major release of Spot software


The 2nd release of the Spot Local application went LIVE yesterday, with more interesting and interactive applications.

The team are extremely excited about this funky release, we design our sites for complete ease-of-use. So you can find the romantic holiday of your dreams, or fantastic diving excursions, and ultimate shopping experiences. It is more interactive for the consumer and from the first impression everyone can easily SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!

In this release users can write comments and read other comments about all the business directory listings, and send messages directly to the business owners, in a very easy, funky & innovative style.

Hope that you like our new ideas!
We welcome your comments at

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Environmentalists demand halt of potential oil drilling project on Red Sea Coast

As British oil company Burren Energy Ltd. makes final preparations for a potential oil drilling project near a protected area on the Red Sea Coast, environmental organizations demand the project's immediate halt.

Devastating effect of an oil spill from a rig 200km north of Hurghada taken 2004

Environmentalists claim that the project will have devastating consequences on the environment and on animal life.

“We will do anything and everything to protect our rich sea life and environment from bulldozers and oil drills. It’s either make or break for us at this point. We won’t give in,” Amr Ali, managing director of international award-winning Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (Hepca), warned in an interview with The Daily Star Egypt.

It was in late April this year when things took a turn for the worse. Ali received a letter from London-based Burren Energy stating that the company was given an area of concession near Hurghada from the Minister of Petroleum.

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Pterois miles
red sea marine life

Description & Behavior

A Lionfish is any of several species of venomous marine fish in the genera Pterois, Parapterois, Brachypterois, Ebosia or Dendrochirus, of the family Scorpaenidae. The lionfish is also known as the Turkey Fish, Dragon Fish, and Scorpion Fish. The lionfish are voracious predators. When they are hunting, they corner prey using their large fins and then use their lightning quick reflexes to swallow the prey whole. They are notable for their extremely long and separated spines, and have a generally striped appearance, red, brown, orange, yellow, black, or white.

The group of fishes has been classified as a subfamily (Pteroinae) or as a tribe under Scorpaeninae (Pteroini).

El Gouna Banner
Single cox on the Nile
Strange event

Single Cox on the Nile

This picture taken last week, is of a boatman who rowed his way along part of the Nile alongside the British Council in Agouza. Many followed on his heel. Rowing is a common river sport, especially in summer, and the athletes who practice it turn a relatively stagnant part of the Nile into a fascinating attraction.

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The Blue Desert
Celebrates peace between Egypt & Israel
community news
The Blue Desert

Thanks to Belgian artist Jean Verame, this spot has acquired the name of Blue Desert after he painted rocks and boulders of the area in bright turquoise blue, part of an art project celebrating Peace between Egypt and Israel. With the permission of late Egyptian President Anwar el Saddat, Verame worked on this unique project from 1980 to 1981, using up to 10 tons of paint to complete his work. The artist worked on rocks in an area of four kilometers (two and a half miles), painting boulders as high as 10 meters (30 feet).

This unusual form of art gives the area a beautiful, out of this world feel, and the color blue contrasts superbly against the stark yellows and beiges of the desert. The most amazing thing about the Blue Desert isn't the blue paint on the rocks, it is the wadi itself - against the backdrop of the legendary blue Sinai sky. The Blue Desert is a great place for climbing, taking pictures or just getting away from it all

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whats on
1st Freds Swim Academy Summer Party at Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Resort
Celebrations at Freds Swim Academy
Community news

Party at the Marriott Red Sea Resort


After a splendid season Freds Swim Academy celebrated last Saturday with
a lot of kids and their parents a big party at Hurghada Marriott Red Sea
Resort. In a relaxed and hospitable atmosphere between Marrnet Café and
main pool area all kids and even adults participating in FSA swimming
courses and Swimming Frogs Club were rewarded with a certificate and a
swim badge according to their abilities and swim tests they passed
during the last weeks. Beside this all children, parents and FSA
swimming instructors enjoyed the time to stay together while swimming,
talking and relaxing.

After a short summer break Freds Swim Academy will continue in September
with courses, swim club activities and extended program for all
interested residents

Happy summer vacation wishes FSA Egypt
012 345 90 04
010 136 44 04

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Athena Greek Taverna
May the Greek Gods inspire your taste buds to wander Down Town to the “Athena” for a mouth watering and a thirst quenching experience !
Community News

Athena Greek Taverna

A place where we offer

- A warm welcome with an ouzo on the house for every guest in an ambient, beautiful and comfortable environment.
- Friendly English, German, Russian & Arabic speaking staff to make every guest feel at home.
- Special Greek food like soups, starters and main dishes.
- Delicious seafood, pizza, pasta, sandwiches.
- Hot & soft drinks, fresh juices, milkshakes.
- Special Offer :- Buy 2 alcoholic cocktails and get 1 free.
- Authentic Greek dessert of honey and yogurt.
- Grilled Chicken, Roast lamb and other meats and vegetables.
- A selection of wines, beers, and spirits at very reasonable prices.
- Call to reserve in advance especially during the weekends to avoid disappointment, as it could get very busy.

Take away and home delivery available
We are in business everyday from 12:00 noon to 01:00 am.
Located at El Gouna – Down Town. (besides Ebaed Supermarket)

For more information and reservation call ext:- 2429

Mobile :- 0106965102 / 0105283757

Please leave your comments:


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Flower Jeweled Sun Hat

Your little girl will love making and wearing this fun-in-the-sun hat. And you’ll be happy that she’s protected from the sun!

parents & kids

This project is rated AVERAGE to do.

7 and up.

What You Need

White canvas sun hat
* Round craft jewels in various colors
* GemTac glue or permanent fabric glue
* Yellow and orange fabric paint or acrylic paint mixed with textile medium
* Waxed paper
* Flower-shaped foam stamps
* Paintbrushhat You Need

How To Make It

1. Before painting, place waxed paper under the part of the hat that will be stamped to avoid paint seepage on the other side.
2. Paint foam flower stamp with yellow paint and press onto front of hat.
Repeat with a smaller flower stamp and orange paint (see photo).
3. When paint is dry, glue a craft jewel in the center of each flower.
4. Glue craft jewels all the way around the hat. Use a wave pattern to add a little whimsy and keep it from being too abstract.
5. Let hat dry completely before wearing.

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Tomatoes nutrition facts
Nutrition Facts


The tomato not only thrills the taste buds and brightens the dinner table, it also helps fight disease.

A review of 72 different studies showed consistently that the more tomatoes and tomato products people eat, the lower their risks of many different kinds of cancer. The secret may lie in lycopene, the chemical that makes tomatoes red, said Dr. Edward Giovannucci, Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Among the studies he reviewed, 57 showed that the more tomatoes one ate, the lower the risk of cancer. “The evidence for benefit was strongest for cancers of the prostate, lung, and stomach,” he reported.

Processed tomatoes (e.g. canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, ketchup) contain even more lycopene because cooking breaks down cell walls, releasing and concentrating carotenoids. Eating tomatoes with a small amount of fat enables lycopene to be better absorbed.

In one study, 10 healthy women ate a diet containing two ounces of tomato puree each day for three weeks, either preceded by or followed by a tomato-free diet for three weeks. The researchers measured blood levels of lycopene and evaluated oxidative damage to cells before and after each phase. They found that cell damage dropped by 33% to 42% after consuming the tomato diet.

The tomato is also an excellent source of vitamin C (one medium tomato provides 40% of the RDA) and a good source of vitamin A (20% of the RDA).

On the minus side, as a nightshade relative, tomatoes contain glycoalkaloids, which some people believe contribute to arthritis symptoms. Research, however, has not backed this up.

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International Nursery looking for Teachers

Teachers Required


International Nursery in Hurghada, Red Sea, looking for Teachers:

Foreigner or Egyptian qualified Teachers.
As many languages as possible, but good command of English is the most important.
Computer Skills
Education Diploma will be a plus.
Motivating Salary

To apply for this vacancy, please call us at : 010 5 70 70 19 or 010 3 444 121

Candidate should have the skills required to deal with children

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Spot Local looks for UI designer
(English version)

SpotLocal is looking for a full time creative UI designer to work on the design and development of a Web 2.0 style web application and the front-end website.

We’re looking for someone with both exceptional UI design skills and also fluency in DHTML, XHTML and CSS.

The successful candidate should be creative, fast, detailed, fulfil the simplicity, usability, conceptualizing and creating perfect HTML/CSS.

You will be responsible for both the UI design and then the coding of those pages into perfect XHTML/CSS templates.

Finally, you’ll be working from our office in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

Spot Local Network:

For more information please visit :

To apply please send your resume to


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Safari Boat for sale
Attractive price for serious deal
for sale

MY Polly is a wooden boat and takes 22 divers comfortably in 11 double cabins with 6 shower and toilet rooms. The salon and lower deck is air-conditioned with the salon having TV, DVD and stereo equipment.

There are also two showers on the dive deck. She is offering a large dive deck and sundeck to offer comfortable space for the divers. Dive routes include Southern Areas from Marsa Alam and from Hamata to the Deep South and the northern Part from Hurghada

Technical details:


MY Polly

* Year built 2000
* Length: 28.8 m
* Beam: 7 m
* Cabins: 11- double bed
* 6 x toilets/showers
* Air-con salon & lower deck
* 2 x showers on dive deck
* Engines: 2 x 360 HP Daewoo
* Generators: 2 x 32 kw SILENT .
* 22 x 12 lt tanks (DIN/INT) .
* Freshwater 9000 t /
* Desalination plant
* Compressors: 2 x Bauer Marine in engine room + station in diving deck to fill the tanks
* Life jackets/Life rafts
* 1 x Zodiac 5m 25HP outboard
* Depth sounder
* Radar
* 3 Oxygen + First Aid
* Maximum 25 divers.
* Diving Center Permission on Board.
* Coastally Permission.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

P.O.Box 344 Hurghada – Egypt

MOB : 0020122125548 ( Medhat Saad )
Tel : 0020653445929
Fax : 0020122185769
Email : medhats@link.nete

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