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Portofino Ristorante Hurghada
Find over 6000 Red Sea
Businesses on!
Nefertari - Great wife and
favorite of Ramesses II
Mystery of Great Pyramid 'solved'
Burger King(R) to expand in Egypt
whats on
Inter Housing Expo 2007
Easter Charity Bazar
Parents and Kids - Napkin Applique Easter Eggs
Recipe - Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary
Real Estate in “mini format” for sale!
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Portofino Ristorante Hurghada

The dining experience since 1990

eating out

The Portofino opened in
august 1990 by Nagui Hakim.

Nagui born in Alexandria in 1943, finished the secondary school education from the college St. Marc (French), then graduated from Alexandria University in business administration. Married to Lisa, a Swiss citizen, he moved to Switzerland where he worked in the hotel business and then joined the hotel school "Vieux Bois" in Geneva where he graduated in 1969. Since 1966 Nagui worked in the business mainly in the food and beverage department in Egypt, Switzerland, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sudan and the USA before opening Portofino.

The long years of experience has reflected on the Portofino menu as well as on the quality of service in this restaurant. The entire staff is trained by Nagui and some of them have already beyond 12 working years at the Portofino which justifies the consistency of the quality of food and service.
The menu has a lot of unusual items served in restaurants such as a seafood fondue, or a Grouper baked in salt crust, or Grouper fillet stuffed with shrimps in a belle meunière white wine sauce, served with a pancake of mashed potatoes. the meat lovers can enjoy a beef fillet steak in a figue sauce or a chicken Portofino served with home made Spaetzly. From the Swiss cuisine you can enjoy a bratwurst with Roesty, a coq au vin and many other dishes.

The Portofino is not only a restaurant, it is a dining experience. Nagui will make you feel at home by entertaining you in Arabic, English, French, Italian, German and Switzertuetsch.

The Portofino menu (size 4.6MB)

Please call to reserve your table @ 065 3546 250 or 012 3141 256

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online directory
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Spot Red Sea is proud to be able to boast the most complete online directory available to the Red Sea area.

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If you cannot find your listing and would like to add it to our directory, please contact us for further assistance.

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El Gouna Banner
Nefertari - Great wife and favorite of Ramesses II
Nefertari, the Great Wife of Ramesses II whom we today call Ramesses the Great, was granted one of the most spectacular tombs in the Valley of the Queens.
history of Egypt
Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt

Her mummy and most of the treasures buried with her were destroyed by tomb robbers, but much of the wall painting has survived. The paintings are not only incredibly beautiful but they contain a wealth of information on the Egyptian beliefs about Judgement Day and the Afterlife.

Horemheb, who ruled after the deaths of Tutankhamun and Aye, picked for his successor the chief general of the army. Ramesses already had a son and a grandson so there was hope that the throne would pass smoothly. Ramesses I (the founder and first king of the Nineteenth Dynasty) lasted only a year before dying and leaving the throne to his son Seti I. Seti ruled successfully for a decade or more before passing the throne to his son Ramesses II. As Horemheb had hoped, the succession was smooth. No doubt when Seti chose his son's wife, he kept in mind that he was also picking the next queen of Egypt, but the record gives us no hint as to her origin or family. The new kings came from the Delta region and had no royal blood in them; it has been suggested that the marriage with Nefertari was arranged to strength Ramesses hold on the throne by linking his family with one from Thebes, but there is simply no evidence one way or the other. Since her titles do not include that of "king's daughter" it is probably safe to conclude that she did not have a royal father by a principal wife, although both Ay and Horemheb have been suggested as parent along with a lesser member of the royal harem.

Read more about Nefertari
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Mystery of
Great Pyramid 'solved'
A French architect claims to have solved the mystery of how Egypt's Great Pyramid was built.
The Great Pyramid
Internal ramps were used to push the stones into place, Houdin says

Jean-Pierre Houdin said the 4,500-year-old pyramid, just outside Cairo, was built using an inner ramp to lift the massive stones into place.

Other theories contend that the three million stones - each 2.5 tons - were pushed into place using external ramps.

Mr Houdin studied the problem for eight years and used a computer model to illustrate how he thought it was done.

"This is better than the other theories, because it is the only theory that works," said Mr Houdin as he unveiled his theory with a 3D computer simulation.

He believes workers used an outer ramp to build the first 43 metres (47 yards) then constructed an inner ramp to carry stones to the apex of the 137m pyramid.

Read the full story about the mystery of how the Great Pyramid was built
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Burger King(R) to expand in Egypt
Burger King Corporation (NYSE: BKC) announced that its subsidiary, Burger King Europe GmbH, has signed a development agreement with Hana International Company Limited.

Hana International Company Limited is a subsidiary of Olayan Financing Company, the Saudi and Middle Eastern arm of The Olayan Group.
The agreement gives Hana the exclusive right to develop the BURGER KING(R) brand in Egypt and other north African countries.

The opening of the first BURGER KING(R) restaurant will take place during the second quarter of 2007 at Egypt's City Stars Mall, Cairo, one of the largest shopping malls in the region. A further two openings are due to follow shortly in Sharm El Sheikh, signalling the beginning of a large expansion programme that will follow over the next five years.

Read the full article...
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whats on
Inter Housing Expo 2007
real estate fair
You decide to live or invest in Hurghada?

For the first time in the Red Sea area, all property companies, developers, architects, contractors, interior designers are in one place!

Real estate fairs
Inter Housing Expo
April 23 - 25, 2007
InterContinental Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt

Interior designers!
Property management!
House keeping!

The latest projects!
The best offers!
The best terms of payment!
Furnishing in terms!
Technical advices!

We are waiting for you!!

For more information please contact:

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Global Promotions
Easter Charity Bazar
Donations and 20% of the sales proceeds will support
the handicapped children of our Governorate.

Flea Market

Style & Steel cordially invites you for the
Easter Charity Bazar
held at the German Consulate Building, Sekalla, Hadaba, off the School Street.

The Bazar is held on:

Friday, 6th April 2007 & Saturday, 7th April 2007 from 11am to 7pm

For sale are:
-Paintings, pictures and photographs
-Easter decoration
-Egyptian women handcrafted items
-Vases, lamps, candleholders and candles
-Silk flowers and flower decorations
-Second hand for ladies, gentlemen, children

Easter egg painting for children, Make up show, Live music
We serve tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake.

Are you interested in having a stand?
For further information please call : 012-2118338

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Napkin Applique Easter Eggs

These make beautiful eggs and are fun to make. The hardest part is blowing the egg out the hole.
Parental supervision is recommended.

parents & kids
Fun to make!

What You Need:
Raw eggs, Straight pin, Sponge brush, School glue (like Elmer's), Decorative paper napkins (flower or Easter designs are nice), Paper plate, Wax paper .
How To Make It:
Prick egg at both ends with straight pin. Make the hole on the bottom a little larger.
Blow the egg out.
Wash off egg and dry.
Put some glue on a paper plate.
Divide the napkin into layers. Keep only the top decorated layer.
Tear the napkin into about 2" or smaller pieces.
Sponge brush glue on part of the egg.
Lay a piece of the napkin, right side up, over the egg. Smooth.
Continue covering egg with glue and napkins.
Finish with one coat of glue over entire egg to seal.
Let dry completely.
Use your eggs in baskets, table decorations, or any place you would like.

Read the full article about Napkin Applique Easter Eggs...
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Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary
This leg of lamb is marinated overnight with fresh rosemary, garlic, mustard, honey and lemon zest.

Servings: 6 to 8

1/4 cup honey, 2 tablespoons prepared Dijon-style mustard, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary, 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, 1 teaspoon lemon zest, 3 cloves garlic, minced, 5 pounds whole leg of lamb, 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt.
In a small bowl, combine the honey, mustard, rosemary, ground black pepper, lemon zest and garlic. Mix well and apply to the lamb. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator overnight.
Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C).
Place lamb on a rack in a roasting pan and sprinkle with salt to taste.
Bake at 450 degrees F (230 degrees C) for 20 minutes, then reduce heat to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) and roast for 55 to 60 more minutes for medium rare. The internal temperature should be at least 145 degrees F (63 degrees C) when taken with a meat thermometer. Let the roast rest for about 10 minutes before carving.
Source page...
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Real Estate in “mini format”
for sale!!!
Handmade “Victorian Mansion” - Scale 1:12
for sale
  Mini Real Estate

Victorian Mansion

• 12 rooms incl. basement & roof
• Fully working electric lights
• Real wooden floors etc..l
• Furniture from Mini Mundus Germany
• Dolls House Emporium England

House/basement + stand : wide =1m/depth= 1m/height = 2 m.
Stand is approx 50 cm in height & can be removed.
Approx ½ furnished so you can still enjoy putting your own touch to it.
A delightful hobby for a grown up (not for children).
Value ca. 8.000,00 Euro at present –
Sales price 2.500 Euro
More information : Jackie Boehmer 012-1729601.

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