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Inter Housing Expo 2007
The Spot Local Team
Pregnancy and childbirth
AUC Inaugurates New Red Sea Field Station
Egypt Air launches online booking, evens local and foreign pricing
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Freds Swim Academy
Parents and Kids - My planet Earth
Recipe - French Beef Stew
Mini submersible
Female hairdresser
Spot Red Sea News
Community News
Inter Housing Expo 2007
real estate fair

You decide to live or invest in Hurghada?

real estate

Would you like to get a good offer? Would you like to pay in terms?
Would you like to get information about all projects in Hurghada at
the same time?

You have to visit
Inter Housing Expo
April 23 - 25, 2007
InterContinental Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt

The exhibition will cover the following fields:

  • The turnover on properties in the Red Sea area (Hurghada, Safaga, El Gouna, Marsa Alam)
  • Architecture problems
  • Interior design and decoration's goods (finishing: tiles – marble, painting, air condition; furniture etc.)
  • Garden decoration

For the first time in the Red Sea area, all property companies, developers, architects, contractors, interior designers will be together under one roof!

We are waiting for you!
For more information please contact:

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Spot Local at the
ITB Berlin 2007.

Our team will again be attending the event this year. ITB is one of the biggest Travel Trade Fairs in the tourism industry. Dates: 7th – 11th March

  ITB Logo at the ITB Travel Trade Show

ITB Berlin is a prime meeting place, a marketplace, and a driving force behind the entire industry. The exhibition area and various segments, along with the comprehensive congress programme and supporting events represent the entire product spectrum of the tourist industry. At the same time, they form the basis for the development of new ideas, global approaches and targeted marketing.

With 10,000 exhibitors from 180 countries and regions, ITB represents the full spectrum of global tourism at all levels of the value added chain like tour operators, booking systems, travel destinations, airlines, hotels and rental cars

Statistics 2006
Total number of Exhibitors: 10, 856
Total number of Visitors: 162, 823

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El Gouna Banner
Pregnancy and childbirth
The two great imperatives in the ancient world were to get married and to have children.
history of Egypt
Mother and Child in Ancient Egypt

There were two reasons why having a family was considered so necessary. With no medicare, senior residences, or pension plan, people throughout the ancient world relied on their adult children to look after them in old age. Perhaps the Ancient Egyptian euphemism for an eldest son---the staff of old age---says it all. While most people died of injury or sickness long before they had a chance to grow old, many did live long enough to have to rely on others to care for them. Without at least one son to assist them the aged were in serious trouble. The second reason was the need in all pre-industrial societies for an increase in population. More people meant more workers. More workers meant greater wealth and a better chance of preventing conquest by aggressive neighbors.

Both of these factors applied to Ancient Egypt as much as they did to all of the other ancient societies. In addition, however, Ancient Egyptians loved children. They would have wanted a family even if there were no other compelling reasons. Many family portraits attest to the love and devotion that bound together the members of a family. There was enormous social pressure to get pregnant, and the risks associated with childbirth must have been very frightening for many, but most women really did want to be mothers.

Read more about the pregnancy and childbirth in ancient Egypt
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AUC Inaugurates new Red Sea Field Station
The recent inauguration of a teaching and research facility in El Gouna charts a new direction for AUC’s commitment to expanding its learning services.
community news
  el gouna
The John D. Gerhart Field Station

“We have worked with countless individuals to honor AUC’s late and widely respected president, John D. Gerhart,” said President David Arnold at the launch of the new field center. “We honor him by bringing his values of environmentalism and high-quality education to this vital region of Egypt.”
The John D. Gerhart Field Station, made possible through the generous support of Samih Sawiris, chief executive officer and chairman of Orascom Hotels and Development, will serve as a place of learning and study for undergraduate and graduate students, while also catering to the educational needs and interests of members of the local El Gouna community.

“I am confident that through this field station, we can give local residents the world class resources they need to succeed in their professional lives and to understand and protect the environment around them,” said Arnold.

To be administered by the newly renamed School of Continuing Education, the facility will offer courses intended to further adult education across the areas of business studies, English, foreign languages and computer studies. With the collaboration of the El Gouna International School located across the street from the field station, many of these classes will be available in the evening.

Students interested in learning more about environmental studies will find a unique resource in the field station. With its close proximity to the Red Sea, stellar faculty and generous offering of classes and research across many environmental studies fields, students will have an ideal place to actively participate in hands-on learning.

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Global Promotions
Egypt Air launches online booking, evens local and
foreign pricing
Pricing official: domestic prices to fall by 20 percent with Express launch in June.
Egypt Air announced Thursday the official launch of its online portal for booking travel and tracking cargo shipments.

Due to service initiation, Egyptian and foreigner ticket pricing for domestic destinations has been unified resulting in a 10 percent average increase for Egyptians and 30 percent average decrease for foreigners, an Egypt Air pricing official told The Daily Star Egypt.

Wael El Demerdash, pricing manager at Egypt Air, said the company plans to maintain its current domestic pricing scheme until the launch of Express, its low-budget domestic route subsidiary, next June. Prices are then expected to fall by 20 percent on average, he said.

The launch of the website follows the introduction of e-ticketing services on all domestic and some international routes last December. Introduction of new services is part of the company's modernization campaign launched in 2002 to enable it to compete as the government continues to liberalize the sector.
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whats on
Freds Swim Academy
"Don't do it the dog style – learn how
to swim with the frog style…"
Freds Swim Academy

Swimming for babies, toddlers & kids according to a unique system. Various courses will start March/ April 2007 in Hurghada.

The secure & fun way to become a swimmer.

For info & reservation please call:
012 – 345 90 04 or
010 – 136 44 04

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My planet Earth
The beauty of this project is that no two will ever be alike! Every child’s creation will be completely unique. You can use this delicate but pretty recycled-crayon craft to teach children that the earth is also delicate and we need to look after it.
parents & kids
Every child’s creation will be completely unique
What you need: Crayons in blue and green, brown and white are optional, scissors, wax paper, paper towel, iron, string
What you do:
Lay a piece of wax paper out flat on the work surface. Use a drinking cup or other stencil to draw a circle on the wax paper. Parents should shave the crayons using the blade on a pair of scissors or the edge of a knife. Have your child place the different colored crayon shavings within the circle however they like. Blue for water, green and brown for land, white for cloud formations. Cut a piece of string about twelve-inches long. Double the string over and place the open ends together, lay them onto the crayon shavings. When the shavings melt in the following steps, the string will be melded into the cooled crayon to form your hanger. Place another piece of wax paper on top of the crayon shavings being careful not to disturb the shavings. Place a piece of paper towel on top of the wax paper. With iron on low setting, a grown up can apply heat to melt the crayon shavings. Allow it to cool completely. Once cooled, use scissors to trim the creation into a circle, trimming off any excess if necessary. Be very careful not to cut your string! Carefully peel off one side of the wax paper, then the other. Hang in a window.

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French Beef Stew
Once you taste it you'll be sharing it with all of your friends.

Servings: 6

Ingredients: 2 lbs beef stew meat, cut in 1 1/2 inch chunks / 2 medium onions, quartered / 3 stalks celery, cut in large chunks / 4 carrots, cut in 1 1/2 inch pieces / 2 large potatoes, cut in 1 1/2 inch pieces / 1 cup tomato juice (V-8 recomended) / 1/4 cup tapioca ( Substitutions: cornstarch {Use half as much. Cornstarch breaks down if it's mixed with acidic ingredients, cooked for a long time, or frozen and thawed.} OR arrowroot {more expensive} OR flour {Use a little more}) / 1 tablespoon sugar / 1 tablespoon salt / 1/4 teaspoon pepper / 1/2 teaspoon dried basil / 1/2 cup dry red wine (burgundy recommended, or omit wine and use 1 cup water) / 1/2 cup water.
1.Preheat oven to 300°F
2.Mix together all ingredients, except potatoes, in a large Dutch oven casserole; cover and cook for 3 hours.
3.Add potatoes and cook for additional 1 hour.
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Research mini submersible
The mini sub is easily transferred by air, sea or train and truck, in any part of the world.
for sale
  Research Sub

The research mini submersible,
belonging to J.Piccard Suisse

It is now perfectly working on a Suisse lake and is specially used in many fields of scientific under-water diagnosis, archesub reserches and scuba diving or for training in professional diving courses.

It can operate with 3 persons on board until 500 meters bls (security class 2),
8 hours operative autonomy,
5 days in stand-by (safety),
10 – 20 km maritime range.

The cost of it, including pertinences such as Launching/hoisting supplied pontoon; air & electricity supplied truck; GPS & Hidro interphone supplied working boat, is about Euro 1.700.000,00 (I million seven hundred).

For any questions please contact the mandatory:
Capt. F.Masini, Lucca / Italy tel: +39 339 8996823 – +39 0583 953608.

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Female Hairdresser
Position available for female hairdresser with
work experience in El Gouna

Monthly basic salary plus commission offered.English language
and other foreign language skills necessary and favourable.

Contact: 012-0063058 – Kirsta Mitchell.

El Gouna Golf Club/Red Sea
Tel.: 012-223 6471

Email us at:
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