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Spot Red Sea feature list
Medicine in ancient Egypt
Colona Watersports now in
Sharm El Sheikh
Two internet service providers selected for first commercial
WiMAX network in Egypt
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International Photography Festival
Egypt's International Boat Show
Swim-trainer seminar
Parents and Kids
Recipe - Spanish Tortilla
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Customer Service Coordinator
Sales Director
Senior Web Devleloper
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Medicine in ancient Egypt
The Ancient Egyptians knew that physical trauma could cause injury, and they knew that snake and scorpion bites could cause serious illness.
history of Egypt
  Medicine Egypt
A moment in the life of an Egyptian physician of the Eighteenth Dynasty

Although they had no idea how it happened, they also realized that some diseases could spread from one person to another, but they knew nothing about bacteria and viruses and tended to assume that any medical problem they did not fully understand must, at least in part, be caused by malignant demons.

If the supernatural causes illness, it is reasonable to use magic to try to get rid of it. A sympathetic god or goddess might be invited to save the patient. A magic spell might be spoken to drive the demon away. While some medicines did or were thought to have curative powers, others were deliberately repulsive in the hope the demons causing the illness would be driven away. Religious treatments usually involved an incantation creating an association between the patient and a deity. A disease causing demon could be expected to run away if it thought it was toying with a major god or goddess.

The following incantations are quoted from John F. Nunn, Ancient Egyptian Medicine (2003) The British Museum Press:

  • Flow out, poison. Come forth. Go forth on to the ground. Horus will exorcise you. He will punish you. He will spit you out.
  • Repelled is the enemy that is in the wound. Cast out is the evil that is in the blood....I am under the protection of Isis; my rescue is the son of Osiris.
  • I am Horus, the young child with his finger to his mouth; the sandal of Horus is what tramples the nekhi snake.
Read more about medicine in ancient Egypt with examples of treatments
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Colona Watersports now in Sharm El Sheikh!
The centre is the first and only centre in the region.You will find them in Raouf International Hotels in Nabq.
community news
  Kites Colona
The centre is located directly on the beach and allows you to launch directly in to the huge shallow lagoon.
The Nabq area is located on the North side of Sharm El Sheikh, 10 minutes from the Airport, on the same coast line as Dahab, famous for its constant winds. The wind direction is normally cross to cross on and the wind is very smooth. A short distance to the North of the centre, accessible from land or by riding upwind is a bay with waves rolling in to a shore break.

Maybe not a real wave spot, but very different from what you are use to see in Egypt, and a nice playground for the advanced rider.

The centre is equipped with Naish kites and Naish & Nobile boards. Teaching is done on the 2007 X1 SLE kites and for rental we have 2007 Boxer SLE, Torch and Raven Kites. In the very near future the compressor will be installed and the weather station and internet camera will come online.

Kevin Biles and Diane Gainford are our partners and centre managers in Sharm and they are looking forward to welcome you to their spot!
contact Colona
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Two internet service providers selected for first commercial WiMAX network in Egypt
The Emerging Markets Group is pleased to announce the selection of the Internet Service Provider partners who will improve and expand internet connectivity within the Egyptian tourism sector.
The managers of the 'While in Egypt Stay Connected Project,' funded by USAID, identified significant connectivity gaps in the high visibility tourist areas of Luxor and Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh. Filling these gaps can provide economic growth through a broadband wireless outdoor metropolitan area network.

The ISP providers, EgyNet and TE Data, have been selected to develop the first wireless outdoor networks for commercial application of WiMAX technology in Egypt. WiMAX is a wireless alternative for DSL and can deliver enough bandwidth to offer high speed Internet access to hotels, businesses, and end users. EgyNet will develop the network in Naama Bay, and TE Data will develop the network in Luxor. These networks are planned to be operational mid-May, 2007.

The National Regulatory Telecommunications Authority has agreed to provide a demonstration license for WiMAX in the 3.5 GHz spectrum for this project. The WiMAX license will support wireless hotspots across Naama Bay and Luxor, and is complementary to the new 3G licenses awarded to Etisalat and Vodafone.

The While in Egypt Stay Connected project is sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), and financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Emerging Markets Group (EMG) is the Prime Contractor for this project.!
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whats on
International Photography Festival
Egypt's 1st International Photography Festival
is an unprecedented event in Egypt.
March 15th - 20th 2007
Join this unique gathering and
explore the world of photography
This event is a great chance for all photographers who are interested in new events and updated techniques in nature , travel and portrait photography to compete, having a new dimension in photography and to enjoy their presence in Egypt, the charming land of civilization.
This Festival is a real life time experience for all levels, amateurs as well as professionals. Join this unique gathering and explore the world of photography through beneficial workshops and seminars, the magnificent exhibition and the huge competition in which you'll get the chance to win valuable prizes and professional analysis to your work by some of the world's greatest Photographers.

15 - 20 Mar 2007
Where: InterContinental Citystars Cairo Hotel
Telephone: +20 (0) 2 267 53 77


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Egypt's International Boat Show
The Purpose of the Egypt International Boat Show is to attract the pioneers of the new industry, from boat & yacht dealers to water sports equipment dealers, in one place
  Boat Show

Don't miss the opportunity!
Join us at the Egypt
International Boat Show.

The show will attract all parties interested in this industry and help in the further growth of the emerging market in Egypt.

Cairo International Conference Center
When: 22nd to 24th of February 2007
Telephone: +20 (0) 2 263 32 22

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Global Promotions
Swim-trainer seminar
Learn how to teach swimming the fun way - earn money the easy way with Freds Swim Academy Egypt!
  Freds Swim Academy
Freds Swim Academy
Become a Swimming Teacher. Join our seminar beginning of march 2007.
Frequently courses for hotel guests and residents will be organized for you by Freds Swim Academy Egypt.

For more information please call 010 136 44 04 or 012 345 90 04.
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Turquoise potato beads
Did you know you can make beads for necklaces and bracelets out of potatoes? We were pretty surprised to hear about it, so we decided to try it for ourselves.
Designed by Amanda Formaro
parents & kids
  Turquoise arm band
The result is really quite lovely and truly unique.
What you need: 1 medium potato, potato peeler, wooden skewer, acrylic sealer spray, jewelry cord
acrylic paint: turquoise, black, white
What you do:
Peel the potato and cut it into 1 inch cubes. If you like, you can round the edges or shape them however you like. For this craft, we used simple cubes.
Thread the cubes onto a skewer, leaving space between each one. These will need to dry for one week. You can insert the end of the skewer into craft foam, or simply lay them on a plate and place them out of the way. Be sure to twist them once or twice a day, this will ensure that they dry completely.
Once the potato is dried out, leave them on the skewer to paint. Paint each bead with turquoise paint. Let dry and repeat with a second coat. To add the genuine turquoise look, use a scruffy paint brush to add random spots, swipes and dabs of black and wihte paint. To complete the effect, you can smear the paint with a piece of paper towel. We decided to use the toothbrush method on ours.
Toothbrush Method:
Put a small amount of black paint onto a paper plate, about the size of a dime. Add a few drop of water, enough to thin the paint. Using an old toothbrush, pick up some of the thinned black paint. Before applying this method to the box, test it on a piece of newspaper. Flick the bristles of the toothbrush by dragging your finger or thumb across them. This causes the paint to spray off the brush onto your "target", in this case, the newspaper. Once you are happy with the result, flick the paint all over the beads. Repeat this process with white paint as well.

Spray entire surface with acrylic sealer and allow to dry completely. Remove beads from skewer and thread onto necklace or bracelet cord.

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Spanish Tortilla
In Spain, tortillas are actually a dish that is somewhere between a crustless quiche and an omelet. This is a very traditional way to make it, but with a scrumptious little twist!
  Spanish Tortilla
Preparation Time: 35 min
Servings: 4-6

Ingredients: 3 large eggs / salt - to taste / 3-4 tablespoons olive oil / 3 large wax potatoes - peeled and thinly sliced
1 onion - coarsley chopped / 1 cup chorizo sausage - sliced / 2 teaspoons paprika
green olives - for garnish (optional)
1. Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk with a fork, adding a pinch of salt.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan.
3. Add the potato and fry for a couple of minutes. Add onion and chorizo.
4. When potato starts to brown on the edges and is mashed with onion in a lumpy fashion, add eggs. Make sure potato and onions are fully submerged by eggs. Poke potatoes to allow egg to seep into mixture.
5. Fry gently on low heat. Shake pan to loosen the tortilla from and tidy edges with a wooden spoon. Do not overcook. Center should remain gooey.
6. Egg will start setting, as this happens place a plate over pan, a large enough plate to cover the pan substantially. Flip tortilla over plate and slide back into the pan to cook underside. Keep shaking pan lightly so tortilla does not stick.
7. Once firm on the edges and soft in the middle (after about 1 minute) slide tortilla onto plate.
8. Let the tortilla rest for about 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Dust with paprika. Cut into cake slices or cubes. Garnish with green olives.
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Web Designer
To provide most professional and state-of-art design services to satisfy and win the company customers


  • Professional skills in HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver Flash and a creative flair and an eye for design and layout.
  • Must be capable of designing complete websites in CSS positioning for layout via hand-coding.
  • As well as being technically capable, you must have good communication skills with a flexible attitude.
  • Should also have experience of working with and advising clients, have at least 2 years commercial development experience.
  • Self-motivated, adaptable, has a flexible attitude and is dedicated to growing the company.
  • A demonstrable, genuine and impressive portfolio of your own previous work.
  • You must be hard-working, have excellent communication skills, and be well organized and great attention to detail.
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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Customer Service Coordinator
Provides the finest, the most effective and satisfactory & retaining service, which is vital to build the trust between customers.


  • Main duties include handling inbound calls and correspondence in native language, and providing excellent customer services and resolution to issues
  • Provides customers with product and service information.
  • Ideal applicants will have excellent customer service skills and English fluency is a must (preferably European) and additional languages is a plus.
  • Applicants must also have excellent correspondence skills, the ability to structure letters and e-mails professionally.
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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Sales Director
Spot Local is seeking a new member to join its young, ambitious, & dynamic team to develop presence & sales in its destinations (based in Red Sea). The aim is to develop, manage, & guide sales strategy, team, & activities of the company.


  • Extensive experience & understanding of
    the Travel Market Industry & knowledge
    of Internet sales & ads. applications.
  • Perfect English (preferably European) &
    able to carry out presentations & senior-
    level negotiations.
  • Good planning & forecasting skills.
  • Results-focused with a collaborative team
    management style.
  • Additional language (Arabic, German,
    Italian, French or Russian) is a plus.
  • Salary + Commission + Allowance
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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Senior Web Developer


1. Web development:

  • Builds, develops, and maintains company websites and applications.
  • Enhances owned websites to fit SEO standards.
  • Tracks owned Websites rankings.

2. Managment information system (MIS):

  • Insures quality externally developed technical projects.
  • Maintains sensitive information backups.
  • Raises awareness of security and web technology among employees.
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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