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Inter Housing Expo
Spot Red Sea launch!
Royal woman in ancient Egypt
Just take photos and leave only bubbles!
Russian Community Center
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Katia of Cairo
Sabirova Dance School
Swim-trainer Seminar
Valentine's games from the past
Rose Martini
Valentine Milk Shake
"I Love You" in different languages
Web Designer
Customer Service Coordinator
Sales Director
Senior Web Devleloper
Spot Red Sea News
Community News
Inter Housing Expo dedicated
to real estate market
April 23-25, 2007
Thousands of people around the world have already chosen Hurghada as their home, because of the unique combination of beauty, nature and a great international community
real estate
The exhibition will cover the following fields:

  • The turnover on properties in the Red Sea area (Hurghada, Safaga, El Gouna, Marsa Alam)
  • Architecture problems
  • Interior design and decoration's goods (finishing: tiles – marble, painting, air condition; furniture etc.)
  • Garden decoration.

Real Estate & Interiors Fair

People that are buying property in Hurghada, buy more than just a beautiful house in a perfect setting. They buy a piece of heaven, a dream where the sun always shines and water is always turquoise.

Around 1 million tourists visit Hurghada and Red Sea area yearly, but the Egyptian government expects that during the next few years this number will increase into the 5 millions! Hurghada, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, required a lot of residential areas and accommodation for employees. Hence the property market progressed very fast.

The price value of properties in Egypt (especially in Hurghada) are not very high. Starting from 20.000 U$ we can own a nice property either as a permanent or holiday home.

Beside the attractive price, it never happens that the value of properties goes down. Also, the return of investment can start right after the purchasing of the property. By renting your property you can guarantee a return of investment which can read around 15% up to 24% yearly from the total price.
All the above reasons makes the Red Sea area a very attractive market for Europeans and Egyptians as well. Therefore we decided to organize the InterHousing Expo 2007.

We are waiting for You!
Expo 2007 logo
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Spot Red Sea launch!
Spot Local launches world’s first ever platform which is 100% powered by the people who either live in the Red Sea or are travellers’to the Red Sea

The public beta of Spot Red Sea –Spot the difference TM
( was launched today to bring travellers and locals
together to share knowledge, rate the value of the information plus compare
and book travel deals.

Our mission in developing this web site is to make it fun, simple and so
easy ... that even your Grandma can add her comments, or book her next

For now you can:

  • search or browse over 5000 listings within the business directory.
  • Register with the funky, easy to use Spot Access card.
  • Check your Spot Inbox with the messaging system.

Coming up soon: Classified ads, community members area, online booking and much more – stay with us and check back often.

We need your feedback!
Thanks for your support so far - the Spot Red Sea Team!

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El Gouna Banner
Royal woman in ancient Egypt
Kingship was essentially a male activity in ancient Egypt but queens always had an important role to play
history of Egypt
  Egyptian Princess
In the New Kingdom the Queen became much more prominent and powerful..
Royal women grew very powerful in the New Kingdom and clearly had an influence on the country. One women, Hatshepsut, even became Pharaoh and ruled in her own name for a number of years.

The queen in the Old and Middle Kingdoms
Throughout the Old and Middle Kingdoms the duties of the Queen might be summed up as follows:

  • Provide many children. Succession was much smoother if there was a clearly recognized son whose legitimacy as the new ruler was unquestioned. In an age with such a short life expectancy, it paid to have as many sons as possible to serve as spares.
  • Ensure the smooth running of the palace.
  • If necessary, act as regent if her husband, the king, died before his son was old enough to rule on his own.
  • Give silent support to her husband.
  • Be a passive, but visible, complement to the king.

Royal women in the New Kingdom
In the New Kingdom the Queen became much more prominent and powerful. She acquired in her own right secular and religious titles that carried with them genuine jobs to do and estates with land, servants and administrators to provide an independent income. The title God's Wife of Amun provided the Queen with her own source of money and gave her a considerable degree of independence.
Read more about Royal Woman...
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Just take photos
and leave only bubbles!
As of Sunday February 4th 2007 Sharks Bay - just north of Naama Bay in Sharm - just got a whole lot cleaner
community news
  Sharks Bay
Under the umbrella of Sharks Bay Umbi Dive Centre, 45 representatives from 11 local dive centres came together to get involved in a reef and beach clean-up day.
Supported by PADI, Project Aware and the South Sinai Association for Diving and Marine Activities (SSDM), the divers collected 12 large flour bags full of rubbish from the reef including an old tractor tyre weighing 30 kilos (pictured). The tyre had been used to pad the jetty to prevent damage to boats.

After the event Sam Kirby from PADI thanked the divers and said that she hoped the initiative would be repeated in other parts of Sharm el Sheikh.
Marawan Ismail from SSDM thanked everyone for their work and said “it was nice to bring all the dive centres together and offered a big thanks to the organisers”. All the centres pledged to come together again in September for a similar event as part of Project Aware’s International Clean- Up Day.

Special thanks go to all participating dive centres: Sharks Bay Umbi Dive Centre, Mr Diver, Emperor Divers, Marina Divers, Colona Divers, Azure Diving College, Scuba Dreamer, Sinai Dive Club, Red Emotion, Freestyle and Aquarius.
Copy by Mark Fraenkel.
Photographs Graham Pierce
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Russian Community Center
The Russian Community Center of Hurghada
offers the following services
community news
Medical service: " The school for Future Mothers"- every Monday 12.00-14.00
General check up program for children and mothers – every Wednesday 12.00-15.00. Free consultations – every last Wednesday 12.00-15.00

Educational service:

  • For children: Play room for children from 2 years old – every day from 14.00– 20.00, Classes for children from 4 years old and up, Russian Language, Sport, Art and Craft.
  • Classes for adults: Arabic language for beginners, Russian language for beginners, English language for beginners.
  • Cultural events: Public library- Sundays 11.30-14.00, Wednesdays 18.00-20.00, Parties for children, fairs, entertainment programs – every Saturday 13.00-16.00, Exhibitions, festivals, seminars.
  • Legal service: Consultations of Egyptian lawyer - Thursdays 17.00-22.00, Consultations of Russian Lawyer - Tuesdays 11.00-14.00.
  • Translation service: Translation of official documents from Arabic to Russian, English, German, French, translations into Arabic – every Monday 12.00- 14.00.
Consultations about work of Consular Department of the Embassy of Russian Federation in ARE every Tuesday 11.00-14.00.You are welcome in our office: Hurghada, Tourist center, villa 9036.
For more information contact Fatima Bazieva 0127676219 or Elena Chernikova 0109844241
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whats on
Katia of Cairo
One of the top oriental dance stars in Egypt today
Katia of Cairo
She will give master class in Hurghada on 21.02.07. Subject for master class: Oriental saidi combination, Oriental choreography.

From 12:00 to 16:00 ( 4 hours work shop). For info and reservation call:
tel: 0103407410

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Bordhien 0105459991
Sabirova Dance School
Oriental dance classes
Oriental Dance Classes
Kottas West Side Mall, Opposite Marlin Inn, 3rd floor, private location, air-conditioned. For info call Elena: 0103407410

Sunday from 20:00 to 21:00, Monday from 12:00 to 13:00, Tuesday from 20:00 to 21:00, Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:00, Thursday from 12:00 to 13:00, Friday from 20:00 to 21:00
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Global Promotions
Swim-trainer seminar
Learn how to teach swimming the fun way - earn money the easy way with Freds Swim Academy Egypt!
  Freds Swim Academy
Freds Swim Academy
Become a Swimming Teacher. Join our seminar beginning of march 2007.
Frequently courses for hotel guests and residents will be organized for you by Freds Swim Academy Egypt.

For more information please call 010 136 44 04 or 012 345 90 04.
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Valentine's games from the past
The year is 1928, and the good hostess is planning
a Valentine's party for her friends and family
parents & kids
With how many Valentine`s games can you come up with?
In some ways parties were more elaborate and well planned then, but at the same time a good hostess used what simple resources she had available. She was "frugal" without even realizing it! Here are a selection of suggested games from that year. I think you will find in the 21st century, these can still bring fun and laughter into your home!

Red hearts, good hearts
Hang a number of colored hearts about the room, fastened on walls and furniture. Explain before the game that only red hearts are good ones and that if anyone touches a heart of another color or fails to find a red heart she must drop out of the game. Have a few less red hearts than players and remove 2 or 3 of them at each interval. Players form in a circle and march to music. When the music stops suddenly each players tries to find for herself a red heart and must drop out if she does not succeed.

See more valentine`s games...
Source page...
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Rose Martini (alcoholic)
Great for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day recipe
  Rose Martini
Preparation Time: 20 min.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup water, tablespoons sugar, 1/2 cups vodka, 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon rose water, ice cubes, 24 edible rose petals (optional).
Preparation: In a small saucepan, combine the water and sugar and bring to a boil. Simmer over low heat, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Let cool, then stir in the vodka, lemon juice and rose water. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Add one-fourth of the martini mixture and shake. Strain into 2 martini glasses, garnish with rose petals and serve. Repeat to make the remaining martinis.
Source page...
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Valentine Milk Shake (non-alcoholic)
Great for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day recipe
  Milk Shake
Preparation Time: 5 min .
Ingredients: 2 cups strawberry ice cream, 1-2 cup milk, 2 tablespoons strawberry jam, 2 ounces cherry kijafa wine (optional).
Preparation: Blend it all until the shake is thick and creamy.Serve the milk shake in a tall glass ropped with whipped cream serve with some straws.
Source page...
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"I Love You" in
different languages
Valentine's Day
  I Love you
There is more than one way to say "I Love you"

Arabic : Ana Ba-heb-bak
Czech : miluji te
Danish : Jeg elsker dig
Dutch : Ik hou van jou
Estonian : Mina armastan sind
Esperanto : Mi amas vin
Finnish : Mina" rakastan sinua
French : Je t'aime
German : Ich liebe Dich - or - I mog Di ganz arg! (Suebian: South German dialekt.)
Greek : S' ayapo
Hindi: Mein Tumse Pyar Karta Hoon
Hungarian : Szeretlek te'ged
Italian : Ti amo
Irish : taim i' ngra leat
Japanese : Kimi o ai shiteru
Lithuanian: Ash miliu tave
Norwegian : Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) - or - Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
Polish : Ja Cie Kocham or Kocham Cie (Pronounced Yacha kocham)
Portuguese : Eu te amo
Romanian : Te iu besc
Russian : Ya lyublyu tebya - or - Ya vas lyublyu
Serbian : Volim te (most common) - or - Ja te volim" (less common)
Spanish : Te amo
Swedish : Jag a"lskar dig
Swiss-German : Ch'ha di ga"rn
Tunisian : Ha eh bak
Turkish : Seni seviyorum!
See more examples...
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Web Designer
To provide most professional and state-of-art design services to satisfy and win the company customers


  • Professional skills in HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver Flash and a creative flair and an eye for design and layout.
  • Must be capable of designing complete websites in CSS positioning for layout via hand-coding.
  • As well as being technically capable, you must have good communication skills with a flexible attitude.
  • Should also have experience of working with and advising clients, have at least 2 years commercial development experience.
  • Self-motivated, adaptable, has a flexible attitude and is dedicated to growing the company.
  • A demonstrable, genuine and impressive portfolio of your own previous work.
  • You must be hard-working, have excellent communication skills, and be well organized and great attention to detail.
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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Customer Service Coordinator
Provides the finest, the most effective and satisfactory & retaining service, which is vital to build the trust between customers.


  • Main duties include handling inbound calls and correspondence in native language, and providing excellent customer services and resolution to issues
  • Provides customers with product and service information.
  • Ideal applicants will have excellent customer service skills and English fluency is a must (preferably European) and additional languages is a plus.
  • Applicants must also have excellent correspondence skills, the ability to structure letters and e-mails professionally.
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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Sales Director
Spot Local is seeking a new member to join its young, ambitious, & dynamic team to develop presence & sales in its destinations (based in Red Sea). The aim is to develop, manage, & guide sales strategy, team, & activities of the company.


  • Extensive experience & understanding of
    the Travel Market Industry & knowledge
    of Internet sales & ads. applications.
  • Perfect English (preferably European) &
    able to carry out presentations & senior-
    level negotiations.
  • Good planning & forecasting skills.
  • Results-focused with a collaborative team
    management style.
  • Additional language (Arabic, German,
    Italian, French or Russian) is a plus.
  • Salary + Commission + Allowance
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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Senior Web Developer


1. Web development:

  • Builds, develops, and maintains company websites and applications.
  • Enhances owned websites to fit SEO standards.
  • Tracks owned Websites rankings.

2. Managment information system (MIS):

  • Insures quality externally developed technical projects.
  • Maintains sensitive information backups.
  • Raises awareness of security and web technology among employees.
Email us at: OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685|
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