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Feature Article...

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History   History

History of Egypt...


When the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great entered Egypt, he was welcomed as the son of the god Amun and he was immediately accepted as the new king of the country. He founded a new city on the shores of the Mediterranean, the first of many cities to bear the name of Alexandria. He also set about restoring all the damage done by the second Persian occupation.

Upon his death and the death of his two Macedonian successors Phillipos Arrhidaeos and Alexander IV, his empire was divided between his generals. Egypt was taken by Ptolemy, son of Lagos, who had been appointed to satrap of the country by Alexander himself. During the wars that resulted from this division, he was also able to conquer Syria-Palestine.

He and his successors would not only continue Alexander’s policy of restoration in Egypt, they also supported the building of new temples throughout the country. On the island of Philae, Ptolemy II Philopator started with the rebuilding of the 26th Dynasty temple of Isis; his successor Ptolemy III Euergetes I started with the building of a new temple dedicated to Horus and decorated the propylon of the temple of Khonsu at Karnak. Their successors would continue to enlarge these temples next to building new ones such as the temple of Hathor at Dendara and the temple of Khnum and Neith in Esna. This way they ensured the support of the Egyptian clergy and the Egyptian people. Read More...






History History



New Freediving Records Set

Hurghada, Egypt --The United States Apnea Association (USAA) has announced that Deron Verbeck, a USAA member, set a new national record in the freediving discipline of static apnea with a breath hold of seven minutes and twenty-two seconds. This performance surpasses the previous record of seven minutes and twenty-one seconds held by Bill Graham. Jessica Wilson also set a new US mark with a performance of six minutes twenty-seven seconds breaking her mother's, Annabel Briseno, record of six minutes twenty-one seconds that at the time was a world record.

Both performances were part of team competition held during December 2006 in Hurghada, Egypt as part of the fifth AIDA Team Freediving World Championships.

Egypt Yellow Pages now available on millions of Nokia phones

Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd., the official publisher of Yellow Pages branded products in Egypt, today announced the global release of the Egypt Yellow Pages search plugin for Nokia Mobile Search. Now millions of Nokia users around the globe, the Middle East and Egypt can benefit from easy, fast and direct search access to the YellowPages.com.eg website through Nokia Mobile Search. The release of the Nokia Yellow Pages search plugin strengthens both Egypt Yellow Pages and Nokia’s dedication to bring extensive Arabic and English local directory information directly to your pocket with Mobile Search. Read more...

Italian team restores St Catherine mosaic

The mosaic at the Church of the Revelation at Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest and most beautiful in the Middle East. Restoration of this precious decoration is being undertaken by an Italian team.

Manager of Dahab Antiquities, Abdul Rehim Reihan has said Emperor Justinian built the church in 6th century AD when it was known as the Church of the Resurrection. In the 9th century, when relics of St Catherine were found on the site of the monastery, which bears now the saint’s name, the name was changed to Church of the Revelation. Reihan said the mosaic, which covers the upper part of the east dome, is considered the oldest and most beautiful in the region. The mosaic is made from small pieces of glass of different colours, mostly red and blue on a dark gold background. "The mosaic, which dates back to when the monastery was built, might have been made in Constantinople," Reihan said. "The design was inspired by the Bible and shows Christ standing with the Prophet Elijah on his left and Moses the Prophet on his right," Reihan added. "The mosaic is framed with paintings of the Twelve Apostles and the abbot of the monastery," he said "An agreement between the Italian team and the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) stresses the need to restore the mosaic with the most suitable materials," he added. Several parts of the mosaic had been damaged and several tiles were missing, but the Italian restorers have made good all these defects.






El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination

What's On...



Welcome to BADEYA Hurghada Country Club!


badeya map


Riding School for Kids & Adults
Jumping School
Horseback Riding in the Desert
Full Moon Rides
Bedouin Nights with Dinner
Horse Boxes for Rent
Horse Training

For reservation:

Mob. +2 012 215 7524
Mob. +2 012 929 4390 (russian speaking)
E-mail: reservation@badeya.com, info@badeya.com


When: 23 Jan - 4 Feb 2007 (annual)
Where: Cairo Fair Grounds
Opening Hours: 10am-7pm

The Cairo International Book Fair is one of the leading cultural activities in the Middle East and, with over 3000 exhibitors and three million international visitors per year, the biggest in the world after Frankfurt.

The event was initially set up in 1969 with the purpose of narrowing the gap between Arabic and foreign language books - the latter outnumbering the former. Within the first few editions, it became a cultural landmark, attracting intellectuals, publishers, writers and book lovers from around the world.

In addition to literature, science and intellectual book collections, there are arts events, seminars, music and discussions with world-famous guest speakers.

For more information please visit their website: www.cibf.org/en/index.cfm



Egypt 2007

We are happy to invite you to participate in the first round of the Egypt International Boat Show which will be held from 22-24 February 2007 in the

Cairo International Convention Centre - Cairo - Egypt








Parents & Kids...

Cold & Flu Guide

It’s cold and flu season. Learn how to diagnose cold versus flu plus get prevention tips.





Understanding cold and flu

Can't tell if it's a cold or flu? Check these symptoms:


Length: Usually lasts about 9-10 days. Treat colds with the 3-3-3 rule: it takes three days to arrive, three days to stay and three days to leave.

Symptoms: A runny nose (the fluid starts out clear, but can develop into a thick, green mucous that can become crusty); a deep cough with no chest pain. Mild sore throat.

Fever: A fever may develop: 103-104 in babies and toddlers; low-grade (generally under 101) in older children and adults.

Anything else? Watch for green or yellow mucous oozing out from the eyes, which is a sign of an eye infection.


Length: Usually lasts about 7-10 days, although both coughing and fatigue can hang around for another two to three weeks.

Symptoms: No runny nose, but there will be a hacking cough and possibly chest pain; plus general achiness, sore muscles and pain behind the eyes.

Fever: Yes, and it tends to linger.

Anything else? While colds take a few days to make their entrance, flus hit fast and hard. Flu symptoms that are similar to cold symptoms (such as cough and fever) are also often felt more intensely. Children under age 3 may also have nausea and diarrhea.


Here’s how to minimize your family's chances of coming down with cold or flu.

Practice cold hygiene
It's important for parents to have good cold and flu hygiene because children follow their lead. Teach your children early on to wash their hands thoroughly — for as long as it takes to sing the ABCs — often throughout the day. Also, teach your child to cover his cough by tucking his face into his sleeve, and to wash his hands after he's coughed or sneezed into them.

Call ahead
Worried about a germ-filled waiting room at the doctor’s office? Call ahead to ask for an estimated waiting time, and then time your visit accordingly.

Build your base
Having overall good nutrition will boost the immune system at any age. Serve foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, tomatoes and red peppers. Log a full night's sleep.

Get the shot
Children who are older than six months can get a flu shot. Infants younger than six months shouldn't get the vaccination, because of maternal antibodies that have been transmitted from mom to baby during pregnancy and nursing. (Note: children under age 9 need a flu booster shot a month after the first.)

Ask for help
If you or your child is really knocked down by the flu, ask your doctor for products to use.

Fact vs fiction

Think your daughter’s wet feet started her sniffles? Or that the flu shot actually gives you the flu? Here are four cold and flu myths explained.

Myth: The flu shot gives you the flu.

Fact: While the flu shot is made up of flu virus particles, they're all inactive, so they can't make you sick. However, children aren’t fully protected against the flu for about six weeks. They need that second immunization four weeks after the first, and then they’re fully immunized about two weeks after that. So if you’re immunized late in the season, then you can acquire influenza in that period.

Myth: You'll get a cold if you don't wear your boots

Fact: There may be some truth to this one, according to a new small study from Cardiff University in Wales. Volunteers who soaked their feet in cold water for 20 minutes were more likely to catch a cold. That being said, it also takes exposure to a virus from an infected person (for example, touching a doorknob they touched and then rubbing your eyes) and a weakened immune system. Children are more likely to get colds because their immune systems haven't been exposed to all the various viruses floating around.

Myth: You should stay inside when you’re sick.

Fact: A little fresh air hasn’t hurt anybody! But the hint of truth in this myth is keeping sick children inside avoids exposing playmates to the virus.

Myth: Only time will make you feel better if you have the cold or flu.

Fact: Time helps, but rest helps even more, especially if your child has the flu. And forget that feed-a-cold-starve-a-fever rumor too — if your child has no appetite, small nutritious meals and little, regular sips of water or an electrolyte-replacement product if they’ve been vomiting, is recommended.

If your child is under three, check with your child’s doctor before doling out any cough or cold medication. And if they’re older than three, discuss medication options with the pharmacist rather than grabbing the first cough medication you spot.

Is not recommended aspirin-containing medications for children because of the concern with a condition called Reye’s syndrome, a condition that can damage the brain and liver.









Duck Curry Suriname Style

Preparation Time:
30 minutes or less
Cooking Time: 1 - 2 hours
Serves: 6


  • 1 Whole Duck
  • Cilantro
  • Garlic cloves
  • Onions
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Chicken Buillon Cube
  • Tomato Paste
  • Curry Powder
  • Optional (Mrs.Dash Original)
  • Black Soy Sauce


  1. Remove excess fat and skin from duck. Roast Duck Skin over open fire to golden brown.
  2. Cut Duck in Bite Size pieces, innards included. Wash roasted Duck before cooking.
  3. Heat 1/4 cup of oil and sautee 1 onions and 6 cloves garlic.
  4. Once garlic and onion is translucent be ready to add more ingredients.
  5. Add 2 tablespoon of curry powder.
  6. Sautee curry powder until curry becomes pasty and aroma is at maximum.
  7. Then add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste and then stir.
  8. Add cleaned roasted duck into pot and add black soy sauce.
  9. Add all of your remaining seasoning. Cilantro, salt, Mrs Dash, Black Pepper and Buillon Cube.
  10. Stir all ingredients together cook on medium/high for 1 hour covered. Check and Stir occasionally. DO NOT ADD WATER! The meat releases its own moisture.
  11. Cook for 30 minutes on LOW heat covered.
  12. Add your usual white rice or other side dish.





classifieds   classifieds

Looking For ...


Looking for used Car with a range of LE 50.000 Model to be one of (Peugeot 206, Ibiza, Citroen exara)
If you have plz Call @ 0126702333 Name: Tamer Mokhtar

Are you an energetic, creative and smart person? Do you speak and write fluently English? Do you have 6months-1 year of experience working in a Nursery or Miniclub or Summer School with kids of 2 years up to 4? If you have organizing and responsible capacity and you are resident in El Gouna or Hurghada and you don’t mind to work 6 times per week from 8a.m. till 5p.m. and you wish a good salary, LES PETITES INT. NURSERY – El Gouna – is looking for you.
For app. Call Marika at 012-3934407 or send you C.V. at Marika@lespetiteselgouna.com

LES PETITES NURSERY - El Gouna – is looking for FREE LANCE STAFF for After School Activities. We are looking for Teacher of Acrobatic-Ballet-Jazz-Music-Piano–Guitar
For app. Call Marika at 012-3934407 or send your C.V. at Marika@lespetiteselgouna.com

SALES DIRECTOR - Spot Local is seeking a new member to join its young, ambitious, & dynamic team to develop presence & sales in its destinations (based in Red Sea). The aim is to develop, manage, & guide sales strategy, team, & activities of the company.

• Extensive experience & understanding of
the Travel Market Industry & knowledge
of Internet sales & ads. applications.

• Perfect English (preferably European) &
able to carry out presentations & senior-
level negotiations.

• Good planning & forecasting skills.

• Results-focused with a collaborative team
management style.

• Additional language (Arabic, German,
Italian, French or Russian) is a plus.

• Salary + Commission + Allowance


•   Builds, develops, and maintains company websites and applications.
•   Enhances owned websites to fit SEO standards.
•   Tracks owned Websites rankings.

•   Insures quality externally developed technical projects.
•   Maintains sensitive information backups.
•   Raises awareness of security and web technology among employees.

Email us at: hr@spotlocal.net
OR Fax: +20 65 344 0685






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