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Feature Article...

A feast fit for a King comes to Cairo

Ever wondered what the Queen of England eats for breakfast? What the King of Morocco serves at state dinners or whether Canada’s Prime Minister prefers tea or coffee?

The select few who could possibly have answers to these questions can be found at the Club des Chefs des Chefs (Chefs of the heads of state) currently hosted at the Nile Hilton.
The club has 40 members all who have at one point been chefs for world leaders and bluebloods since 1977. However, only 17 of these world renowned culinary geniuses made it to Cairo.

“Today our club is surely the most exclusive gastronomic club in the world. These ladies and gentlemen are cooking for the most important people on the planet. They are the guardians of their national cuisines,” said Gilles Bragard, founder of the club and president of clothing company Bragard Uniforms.

Jean-Pierre Mainardi, manager of the Nile Hilton, added to Bragard’s praise, saying, “The Presidents of their states may have some differences politically, but food unites them around the table. This is very important in the world today.”

"In each of their countries, they are the guardians of the culinary tradition," Bragard says to introduce them, though he later acknowledges the Queen of Denmark's chef is Japanese. At the reception, India's Chef Madhu Sudan Gupta gives tips on healthy eating, while Canada's Oliver Bartsch explains how the human metabolism deals with a regular supply of food.

Only the best will do for this group of chefs, so they will take in Cairo’s finest attractions during their five-day trip. Feasting at the Nile Hilton and the Mena House Oberoi Gardens, exploring the Pyramids and the Wadi Foods olive groves, no luxury will be spared.

Established by Brugard in France in 1977, Club Chef des Chefs members now hail from all over the world: France, England, the US, Thailand, Denmark, Monaco, and many other countries. Anne Britt Lokken, chef to the King of Norway, was appointed the sixth president of the Club in 2005.
They came to Egypt at the invitation of the Egyptian Holding Company for Tourism and Cinema, which aims to promote Egypt as an international tourist destination. “I hope that these people will go back and tell stories of the places they have visited,” said Suzy Naga, representing the company at Club des Chef des Chef’s press conference at the Nile Hilton.

The club has only four female members, chefs to the US president, the king of Norway, the prime minister of Ireland and the prime minister of Finland, and two Arabs, chefs to the kings of Morocco and Bahrain.
One member of the club already knows Cairo well, and showcases Egyptian cuisine around the world. Heinrich Lauber, chef in charge of official receptions for Switzerland, was the chef of the Nile Hilton from 1976–79. “I had a beautiful time in Egypt,” Lauber said. “Whenever I have the possibility to cook what I learned in Egypt, I do it.”

Daily Star Egypt

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History of Egypt... Ramesseum



The Ramesseum is the memorial temple (or mortuary temple) of Pharaoh Ramesses II ("Ramesses the Great", also spelt "Ramses" and "Rameses"). It is located in the Theban necropolis in Upper Egypt, across the River Nile from the modern city of Luxor. The name – or at least its French form, Rhamesséion – was coined by Jean-François Champollion, who visited the ruins of the site in 1829 and first identified the hieroglyphs making up Ramesses's names and titles on the walls. It was originally called the House of millions of years of Usermaatra-setepenra that unites with Thebes-the-city in the domain of Amon.

Ramesses II was a 19th dynasty pharaoh of Egypt. He ruled for 67 years during the 13th century BC, the apogee of Ancient Egypt's power and glory. This extraordinarily long reign, the wealth available in the state coffers, and, undeniably, the pharaoh's personal vanity meant that Ramesses, of all the ancient rulers, left what is perhaps the most indelible mark on the country. His legacy can be seen most clearly in the archaeological record – in the many buildings that Ramesses modified, usurped, or constructed from the ground up.

Most splendid of these, in accordance with New Kingdom Royal burial practices, would have been his memorial temple – a place of worship dedicated to pharaoh, god on earth, where his memory would have been kept alive after his passing from this world. Surviving records indicate that work on the project began shortly after the start of his reign and continued for 20 years.
The design of Ramesses's mortuary temple abides by the standard canons of New Kingdom temple architecture. The main building, dedicated to the funerary cult, comprised two stone pylons (gateways, some 60 m wide), one after the other, each leading into a courtyard. Beyond the second courtyard, at the centre of the complex, was a covered 48-column hypostyle hall, surrounding the inner sanctuary.

As is customary, the pylons and outer walls were decorated with scenes commemorating pharaoh's military victories and leaving due record of his dedication to, and kinship with, the gods. In Ramesses's case, much importance is placed on the Battle of Kadesh (ca. 1285 BC); more intriguingly, however, one block atop the first pylon records his pillaging, in the eighth year of his reign, a city called "Shalem", which may or may not have been Jerusalem.

Adjacent to the north of the hypostyle hall was a smaller temple; this was dedicated to Ramesses's mother, Tuya, and his beloved chief wife, Nefertari. To the south of the first courtyard stood the temple palace. The entire complex was surrounded by various storerooms, granaries, workshops, and other ancillary buildings, some built as late as Roman times. A cache of papyri and ostraca dating back to the third intermediate period (11th to 8th centuries BC) indicates that the temple was also the site of an important scribal school. And neither was this a virgin plot when Ramesses had the first stone put in place: beneath the hypostyle hall, modern archaeologists have found a shaft tomb from the Middle Kingdom, yielding a rich hoard of religious and funerary artefacts.










Al Futtaim $3.5bn Cairo project

Dubai-based Al Futtaim Group has revealed plans for its $3.5bn Cairo Festival City development. The mixed use project will include a residential component as well as commercial, hospitality and retail businesses. Officials say it will feature Egypt's first indoor-outdoor retail and entertainment complex. It will come up in New Cairo City, which is 22km to the east of Cairo.

Cairo Woman to Meet President

A lot of volunteer hours and hard work has earned one Cairo woman the chance of a lifetime. The President will present her with a special award to thank her for her volunteer service. Every Saturday for the past two years Holly Theis and her son Taylor, get up
early for a good cause.

"I'm just labor work. I just show up on Saturdays and try to do what I am told," said Holly.
This is Holly's 4th Habitat for Humanity house and her co-hort's say it won't be her last.
"We all need a few Hollies around or no work would get done," said Dale Lambert, a fellow volunteer. And her 14 year old son is working along side her the entire time.
"It's a good thing to do, it helps people," said Taylor. And now Holly's dedication to serve others has come back to her in a big way.
"I got a call from the White House," said Holly.
"She was on the phone and she wrote on a piece of paper she was talking to the White House," said Taylor.
"I get to meet the President, shake his hand, and take a picture, said Holly."
But this is more than just a photo opportunity. The President is giving Holly the President's Volunteer Service Award.

"Never in my wildest dreams would I guess that I would have this opportunity," said Holly.
But even a meeting with the President doesn't warrant a day off from volunteering for Holly.
"Holly is always here, doing whatever needs to be done no matter what the job is," said Lambert.

Always humble Holly says this award just re-affirms her belief in volunteering.
"I hope this experience will make me more grateful for being able to serve others....I'm very excited and honored," said Holly.






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Parents & Kids...

Fall Treasure Box

Kids love to collect, but where to keep all those odds and ends that your little ones find? This project is easy to make and creates a lasting holder for all those fun treasures and trinkets that your kids hold dear.

Age: 5 and up

This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need

  • Shoe box with lid
  • Liquitex Basics Gesso
  • Red and yellow acrylic paint
  • Large paintbrush
  • Construction paper (we used red, yellow, green, brown and orange)
  • White craft glue
  • Water
  • Foam alphabet paint stamps
  • Acrylic sealer spray, matte

What You Do

  1. Remove any labels that may be on the shoe box.
  2. Paint outside of box and lid with Liquitex Basics Gesso. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Once dry, paint box and lid with red acrylic paint. Let dry completely.
  4. In a small bowl, mix together equal parts of water and white glue to create a paintable, yet milky, homemade decoupage mixture.
  5. Tear construction paper into 1-2” pieces.
  6. Working about 3-5” at a time, paint the decoupage mixture onto the top surface of the box.
  7. Place construction paper pieces on top of the decoupage, then put a layer of decoupage mixture over the top of the construction paper pieces. Construction paper pieces should overlap each other a little and will create a mosaic affect. Use alternating colors so that you don’t have too much brown or too much green in one spot, etc.
  8. Continue with this process all over the outside of the box, leaving only the rim of the lid red.
  9. Using the alphabet stamps and yellow acrylic paint, stamp the words “My Treasure” onto the front of the box lid rim.
  10. When the entire project is dry, spray with a coat or two of acrylic matte sealer.

Helpful Hints

To make your treasure box even fancier, line the inside of the box with yellow felt by gluing it to the inside bottom and up the inner sides.
Decoupage medium can be purchased at any craft or discount department store, but you can easily make it yourself from white craft glue and water to achieve the same affect.
his project can be a bit time consuming, so plan a snack break about halfway through so that your kids can get recharged.










  • Two large KOS LETTUCE or HARD lettuces
  • Six lamb chops
  • Some olive oil
  • Fresh dill
  • Four eggs
  • Juice from two lemons
  • Two sliced onions


  1. Put the oil in a pot and cook the onion slices until soft.
  2. Put the salted lamb chops in the hot oil, and brown both sides.
  3. Clean the lettuce leafs with water and without removing all the water from them, place them over the lamb chops. Add the fresh dill, cover, and let cook turning the lamb chops over (medium/high setting).
  4. When the lettuce is cooked (should be very soft and look wilted) and the lamb chops feel very soft (about 30-40 minutes), remove from the fire and let cool for about 5 minutes.
  5. In the meantime, mix the eggs using a mixer and slowly add the lemon juice.
  6. Using a ladle, pick up some of the juice from the pot and add to the eggs/lemon mixture while the mixer is continually beating them. Keep on adding the juice until most of it is in the egg mixture (which by this time should be the same temperature as the pot).
  7. Empty the egg mixture into the pot and using a big wooden spoon, mix them vigorously to avoid curdling.







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