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Feature Article... DuPort Poolclub

R U ready for the new vibes in town?

Imagine yourself at the pool laying on a big lounge bed overlooking the AbuTig marina, some Latin house tunes in the background, cocktail in one hand, a delicious bite in the other.... this is how you will feel being at DuPort Pool Club in El Gouna.

Opening on the 22nd of October

Not only several dj's will be flown in, but also the chef cook and a theater act, all to make the first week an unforgettable event. So we suggest you find some time during this week and pass by to experience the ultimate lounge feeling.

About Close Act Theater: Charming magical apparitions, demanding the public's attention. These figures dance along the way and seduce and persuade their audience. Flirting with the audience causing sometimes hectic family affairs. As soon as they open their proud wide wings, everybody looks up to admire a wonderful dance. As this majestic beings parade away, all which is left is sheer admiration and wonder.

From the 22nd till the 29th of October: Every afternoon from 15.00 till 20.00 "Matinee" with dj's Momo, Shokry & ElCool (NL)

On the night of the 26th of October: "PoolVibes" with dj Tommy Largo & Close Act Theater from the Netherlands.

Don't miss it!

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History of Egypt... Cheops


Cheops Pyramid at GizaCheops, also known as Khufu, was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom. He reigned from around 2589 BC to 2566 BC. Cheops was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. He is generally accepted as being the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing.

Cheops was the son of King Sneferu and Queen Hetepheres. Unlike his father, Cheops was remembered as a cruel and ruthless pharaoh in later folklore. Cheops had several sons, one of which, Djedefra, was his immediate successor. He had a daughter named Queen Hetepheres II.

It is generally thought that Cheops came to the throne in his twenties, and reigned for about 23 years, which is the number ascribed to him by the Turin Papyrus. Other sources from much later periods suggest a significantly longer reign: Manetho gives him a reign of 65 years, and Herodotus states that he reigned 50 years. Since 2000, two dates have been discovered from his reign. An inscription containing his Highest regnal year, the "Year of the 17th Count of Cheops", first mentioned by Flinders Petrie in an 1883 book and then lost to historians, was rediscovered by Zahi Hawass in 2001 in one of the relieving chambers within this king's pyramid. Secondly, in 2003, the "Year after the 13th cattle count" of Cheops was found on a rock inscription at the Dakhla Oasis in the Sahara.See this photo which contains Cheops's name enclosed in a serekh and the aforementioned date.

He started building his pyramid at Giza, the first to be built in this area. Based on inscriptional evidence, it is also likely that he led military expeditions into the Sinai, Nubia and Libya.

Cheops Statue at the Egyptian Museum in CairoThe Westcar Papyrus, which was written well after his reign during the Middle Kingdom or later, depicts the pharaoh being told magical tales by his sons Khafra and Djedefra. This story cycle depicts Cheops as mean and cruel, and is ultimately frustrated in his attempts to ensure that his dynasty survives past his two sons. Whether or not this story cycle is true is unknown, but Cheops's negative reputation lasted at least until the time of Herodotus, who was told further stories of that king's cruelty to his people and to his own family in order to ensure the construction of his pyramid. What is known for certain is that his funerary cult lasted until the 26th Dynasty, which was the last native-Egyptian royal dynasty, almost 2,000 years after his death.

Funerary monuments

Only one miniature statuette has been fully attributed to this pharaoh. Since he is credited with building the single largest building of ancient times, it is ironic that the only positively identified royal sculpture of his is also the smallest that has ever been found: a 7.6cm (3 inch) ivory statue that bears his name. It was discovered not at Giza, but in a temple in Abydos during an excavation by William Flinders Petrie in 1903. Originally this piece was found without the head, but bearing the pharaoh's name. Realizing the importance of this discovery, Petrie halted all further excavation on the site until the head was found three weeks later after an intensive sieving of the sand from the area where the base had been discovered.[4] This piece is now on display in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. In more recent years two other likenesses have been tentatively identified as being that of Cheops, based largely on stylistic similarities to the piece discovered by Petrie. One is a colossal head made of red granite of a king wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt that resides in the Brooklyn Museum, and the other a fragmentary miniature head made of limestone that also wears the white crown of Upper Egypt, which can be found in the Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst in Munich.

Cheops SarcophagusAn empty sarcophagus is located in the King's Chamber inside the pyramid though it is unclear if it was ever used for such a purpose as burial. His mummy has never been recovered.

While pyramid construction had been solely for the reigning pharaoh prior to Cheops, his reign saw the construction of several minor pyramid structures that are believed to have been intended for other members of his royal household, amounting to a royal cemetery. Three small pyramids to the east of Cheops's pyramid are tentatively thought to belong to two of his wives, and the third has been ascribed to Cheops's mother Hetepheres I, whose funerary equipment was found relatively intact in a shaft tomb nearby. A series of mastabas were created adjacent to the small pyramids, and tombs have been found in this "cemetery". The closest tombs to Cheops's were those belonging to Prince Kawab and Cheopshaf and their respective wives. Next closest are the tombs of Prince Minkhaf and Queens Hetepheres II, and those of Meresank II and Meresank III. When the largest of these tombs (Tomb G7510) was excavated in 1927, it was found to contain a bust of Prince Ankhhaf, which can now be seen in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.









Egypt sells off Alexandria Bank
Revenues from the purchase will be used to restructure Egyptian banks

Italy's Sanpaolo has won the bidding for a majority stake in Egypt's Bank of Alexandria, the government has said. The Egyptian government privatised the country's fourth biggest commercial bank in an auction on Tuesday. Five Arab and European banks had been in the running, with an 80% stake in the bank up for grabs. Egypt's Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieldin said the sale was the culmination of the current phase of reform to the nation's banking system.

Candidates had included Sanpaolo, Egypt's Commercial International Bank, France's BNP Paribas, a joint venture of Jordan's Arab Bank and Saudi Arabia's Arab National Bank, and a Dubai-based partnership.

The revenues from the sale will be allocated to restructuring Banque Misr, Banque du Caire and the National Bank of Egypt.

Large Egyptian private banks have recently been bought by French banks, including MIBank by Societe Generale and Egyptian-American Bank by Calyon. And the Egyptian government has spoken for years about privatising one of the big four state banks, a sale that is now going ahead.

Ramadan kiss comes at a price in Egypt

Two young Egyptians caught in the act of kissing in public in Cairo during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan have been fined USD 17.50 each, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

A court in Kasr-al-Nil district found the pair guilty of offending public morals when they kissed in broad daylight on the banks of the Nile.

The man, aged 25, argued in his defence that his 21-year-old friend was a colleague whom he regarded as a "sister" and with whom he would exchange a kiss every time their paths crossed.

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for abstinence and religious reflection during daylight hours.






www.elgouna.com El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination

What's On...


Elissa in El Gouna

ELISSA - This Feast Live in Concert

When: 26/10/2006
Where: Marina Beach Club, Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna
Doors Open@ 8:00 PM

World Music Award Winner for the best arabic pop, singer of the Arab world and world-wide, a stunning voice from Lebanon to Gouna, just for you.

Performing at the Marina "Abu Tig", El Gouna, Red Sea

Info line 012 625 2185
Central Reservations 16444








Ask Harry: Useful tips for Residents


Harry Krueger - The new SpotRedSea columnistHarry Krueger, German resident in Hurghada for more than 2 years already, and owner of Cafe del Mar, will give tips and tricks around the residential life in Egypt and especially Hurghada from now on in our SpotRedSea Newsletter.

If you have any questions concerning life in Egypt - ask Harry! (Send to: news@spotlocal.net)

Bitte beachten: die Angaben sind nach bestem Wissen von mir zusammengestellt worden.

Da die Bestimmungen für die Erteilung von Visa Änderungen unterworfen sind, können die Informationen variieren oder überholt sein. Deshalb immer nochmal prüfen! Bei Abweichungen würde mich die neuen Regeln sehr interessieren. Bitte schreiben Sie an news@spotlocal.net

Wenn man also gerade seinen Diplomaten Pass verlegt hat oder nicht Staatsbürger eines arabischen Landes ist, wird man als Ausländer vor oder bei der Einreise nach Ägypten ein Visa erwerben müssen. Dies kann im jeweiligen Land bei der Ägyptischen Botschaft vorab erledigt werden.

Visa bei Ankunft

Leichtgemacht wird es deutschsprachigen Ausländern und auch anderen Mitglieder der EU. Sie können bei Ankunft auf dem Flughafen für einen Aufenthalt bis 30 Tagen ein Touristenvisum erhalten. Natürlich setzt dies einen noch mindestens 6 Monate gültigen Reisepass oder Kinderausweis voraus.

Marion berichtet: „.... vor der Landung wird im Flugzeug ein Antragsformular an jeden Fluggast ausgehändigt, das auszufüllen ist. Auf Englisch wird nach dem Namen und Vornamen, Geburtsdatum, Reisepassnummer etc. gefragt. Im Zweifel hilft der Sitznachbar oder die Stewardess beim Ausfüllen. Nachdem man das Rollfeld des Flughafens bequem zu Fuss überquert hat, erwartet einen in der Regel ein Tumult in der Empfangshalle. Als Pauschaltourist wendet man sich an den zuständigen Touroperator, der an einem Firmenschild (Neckermann, Viking Reisen) in der Hand zu erkennen ist ...“.

Als Einzelreisender erwirbt man am Schalter für 15 US Dollar oder äquivalent Euro (bitte passend Kleingeld bereit halten) zwei Gebührenmarken (orange und blau). Mit dem Reisepass, dem ausgefüllten Visaantrag und den Marken steuert man den Immigrationsoffizier am Checkpoint an, der den Visumstempel erteilt. Bitte den Koffer vom Laufband holen, den Airport verlassen und die garantierte Schönwetterzone geniessen.

Verlängerung des Tourist Visa

30 Tage Urlaub: Kitesurfen, Tauchen, Ausgehen, Shoppen, Strand und Sonne. Die Zeit vergeht wie im Fluge und man stellt fest, das schreit nach Verlängerung.

Um es vorweg zu sagen: Eine Überschreitung der Visazeitraums führt in der Regel nicht direkt zur Ausweisung. Mit der Zahlung einer geringen Geldstrafe ist der Fall vom Tisch. Aber es ist eine Frage des Respekts vor den ägyptischen Behörden und die Vorteile als Angehöriger z.B. des deutschen Sprachraums sollte man nicht verspielen in einer Angelegenheit, die so leicht gemacht wird.

Täglich ausser Freitag in der Zeit von 9 bis 12 Uhr arbeiten die Beamten des Governate in Sachen Visum. Da mit Wartezeiten zu rechnen ist, sollte man Geduld und etwas zu Lesen mitbringen.

Die zuständigen Schalter liegen im ersten Stock des Gebäudes. Hier erhält man einen Antrag (Schreibstift!) für die Visaverlängerung für 6 oder 12 Monate. Ein weiteres Formular ist nötig für den sogenannten Re-entry in den nächsten 6 Monaten. Dies spart die jeweils fälligen 15 Dollar bei Wiedereinreise in das Land Ägypten, wenn man einen Heimaturlaub in diesem Zeitraum plant.

Voraussetzung für die Abwicklung eines Antrages ist die Vorlage eines Lichtbildes (aktuelles Passfoto), der gültige Reisepass und 2 Kopien von der Seite des Reisepasses mit dem Foto, 2 Kopien von der Seite des Reisepasses mit dem letzten aktuellen Visumstempel und 2 Kopien von der Seite des Reisepasses mit dem letzten Einreisestempel.

Die ausgefüllten Antragsformulare (einer für das Visum und einer für das Re-entry) inklusive des Reisepasses, Foto und der 6 Kopien werden erneut am Schalter vorgelegt und nach Bezahlung von 152,50 Ägyptischen Pfund von den Beamten einbehalten. Einige Stunden später kann man seinen Reisepass mit dem Visastempel und der Re-entry Genehmigung wieder abholen. Bitte sofort kontrollieren, ob diese zu reklamieren sind.

Diese Touristenvisas können jeweils kurz vor Ablauf neu beantragt werden. Sie berechtigen aber nicht zur Arbeitsaufnahme. Für ein Working Permit, also eine Arbeitserlaubnis, sind andere Voraussetzungen zu erfüllen. In der Regel werden diese vom Arbeitgeber beantragt.

Das Governate liegt im nördlichen Teil der Stadt Richtung El Gouna, hinter den Stadtteilen Sakalla und Dahar gegenüber von El Helal.

Please note: The data has been arranged according to my best knowledge.

Since the visa regulations are subject to changes, the information can vary or be outdated. So please always check again! In the case of any changes the new rules would be of great interest for me. Please send your comments to news@spotlocal.net

If you just lost your diplomats passport or in case you are not a citizen of an Arab country, you will have to acquire a visa as a foreigner before or with the entry to Egypt. This can be settled in the respective country with the Egyptian Embassy before.

Visa upon arrival

It becomes made easy for German speaking foreigners and other members of the European Union. They can receive a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport for a stay up to 30 days. Of course this requires an at least for 6 months valid passport or child document of identification.

Marion reports: ".... before the landing a request form is handed out to each passenger in the airplane, which has to be filled out. In English you are asked for the name and first name, date of birth, passport number etc. If you are in doubt, the seat neighbor or the hostess surely helps filling out. After you have crossed the runway of the airport comfortably by foot, usually you can expect a tumult in the reception hall. As an overall tourist you just turn to your responsible travel tour operator representative who is holding a sign (Neckermann, Viking Reisen) in his hand to recognize him... ".

As an individual traveler you need to buy two revenue stamps (orange and blue) for the price of 15 US dollar or equivalent Euro at the bank counter (please ready small money). With the passport, the filled out visa request and the stamps just go straight to the the immigration officer at the checkpoint, who will provide you with the visa stamp. Please don't forget to take your luggage and then leave the airport and enjoy the guaranteed great weather.

Extending the Tourist Visa

30 days vacation: kite surfing, diving, going out, shopping, beach and sun. Time flies and you find that you need an extension.

To say it from the beginning: Exceeding the visa period does usually not lead directly to the force of leaving the country. With the payment of a small fee the case is not longer an issue. But it is a question of respect of the Egyptian authorities. The advantages as a member of the German speaking countries should not be gambled away.

Daily except Fridays in the time from 9 to 12 o'clock the officials of the Governate for visa issues are working. As you have to count with waiting periods, you should bring along some patience and something to read.

The counters are placed in the first floor of the building. Here you will receive a request form (pen!) for the visa extension for 6 or 12 months. A further form is necessary for the so-called re-entry during the next 6 months. This will let you save to pay the 15 dollar for each time you come back Egypt, if you plan to visit your home country for vacation in this period.

For the completion of the request you have to bring a photo (current passport photo), the valid passport as well as 2 copies of the passport site with the photo, 2 copies of the passport site with the last current visa stamp and 2 copies of the passport site with the last entry stamp.

The filled out request forms (one for the visa and one for re-entry) including the passport, photo and the 6 copies are submitted again at the counter and after the payment of 152,50 Egyptian Pounds everything will be kept by the officials. Some hours later you can take your passport with the visa stamp and the re-entry permission. Please check immediately whether these are correct.

These tourist visas can be requested briefly before expiration. However they do not entitle to work. For a work permission, other conditions have to be fulfilled. Usually the work permission is requested by the employer.

The Governate is situated in the northern part of the city, direction El Gouna, behind Sakalla and Dahar opposite of El Helal.

Hurghada map



Parents & Kids...

Pumpkin Carving

The best pumpkin projects start in the patch. Search for pumpkins that are smooth, symmetrical, and firm. Then, it's all about the tools. Look beyond the knife drawer to implements intended for other uses - say, a melon baller or a keyhole saw. These items make quick work of the task at hand.

The first step is hollowing out the pumpkin. If you'll be using a candle for illumination, you can cut the hole in the pumpkin's top (always put the candle in a high-sided glass and never leave unattended). For electric lights, make the hole in the bottom or side so you can hide the cord. When you're ready to carve a design, draw your template. It's up to you whether your jack-o'-lantern has looks that charm or looks that chill. In our experience, they're both delightful.

Pumpkin Carving How-To

Here are the basic steps to any pumpkin project.

1. Cut hole with a keyhole saw.
2. Scoop out flesh with a fleshing tool.
3. Transfer designs with a sharp awl.
4. Carve details with a miniature saw.

Halloween Pumpkin









Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta

  • 1 package (10 ounces) frozen chopped spinach, thawed

  • 1/2 cup ricotta cheese

  • 2 garlic cloves, finely minced

  • Coarse salt and ground pepper

  • 4 bone-in chicken breasts (about 12 ounces each)

  • Roasted Plum Tomatoes
Chicken Breasts
  1. Preheat oven to 425°. Drain spinach; transfer to a large bowl.

  2. Add ricotta, garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper; stir well to combine. Set filling aside.

  3. Place a chicken breast on a clean work surface. With your fingers, loosen the skin; place a quarter of the filling underneath the skin of the breast. With one hand on top of chicken and the other keeping opening closed, press filling evenly to edges. Repeat with remaining breasts and filling. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper.

  4. Place on a rimmed baking sheet; roast until chicken is cooked through, 25 to 30 minutes. If you like, scatter the tomatoes on the same baking sheet around the chicken. Serve immediately.







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