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Feature Article... DuPort Poolclub

R U ready for the new vibes in town?

Imagine yourself at the pool laying on a big lounge bed overlooking the AbuTig marina, some Latin house tunes in the background, cocktail in one hand, a delicious bite in the other.... this is how you will feel being at DuPort Pool club in ElGouna. Opening on the 22nd of October. Not only several dj's will be flown in, but also the chef cook and a theater act, all to make the first week an unforgettable event. So we suggest you find some time during this week and pass by to experience the ultimate lounge feeling.

About Close Act Theater
Charming magical apparitions, demanding the public's attention. These figures dance along the way and seduce and persuade their audience. Flirting with the audience causing sometimes hectic family affairs. As soon as they open their proud wide wings, everybody looks up to admire a wonderful dance. As this majestic beings parade away, all which is left is sheer admiration and wonder.

From the 22nd till the 29th of October: Every afternoon from 15.00 till 20.00 "Matinee" with dj's Momo, Shokry & ElCool (NL)

On the night of the 26th of October : "PoolVibes" with dj Tommy Largo & Close Act Theater from the Netherlands.

Don't miss it!

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History of Egypt... Akhenaten


AkhenatenAkhenaten, known as Amenhotep IV at the start of his reign, was a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, especially notable for single-handedly restructuring the Egyptian religion to monotheisticly worship the Aten. He was born to Amenhotep III and his Chief Queen Tiye and was his father's younger son. Akhenaten was not originally designated as the successor to the throne until the untimely death of his older brother, Thutmose. Amenhotep IV succeeded his father after Amenhotep III's death at the end of his 38-year reign, possibly after a co-regency lasting between either 1 to 2 or 12 years. Suggested dates for Akhenaten's reign (subject to the debates surrounding Egyptian chronology) are from 1353 BC-1336 BC or 1351 BC–1334 BC. Akhenaten's chief wife was Nefertiti, who has been made famous by her exquisitely painted bust in the Altes Museum of Berlin.

Other names

* Amenhotep (IV), (nomen, or birth name)
* Amenophis (Greek variant of birth name)
* Nefer-kheperu-Rê (praenomen, or throne name)
* Naphu(`)rureya (Variant of throne name found in the Amarna letters)
* Alternative spellings of Akhenaten (the name taken on conversion to Atenism which means "He Who Works for Aten"), Akhnaten, Akhenaton, Akhnaton, Ankhenaten, Ankhenaton, Ikhnaton

Atenist revolution

AkhenatenA religious revolutionary, Amenhotep IV introduced Atenism in the first year of his reign, raising the previously obscure god Aten (sometimes spelt Aton) to the position of supreme deity. The early stage of Atenism appears to be a kind of henotheism familiar in Egyptian religion, but the later form suggests a proto-monotheism. Aten was the name for the sun-disk itself — hence the fact that it is often referred to in English in the impersonal form "the Aten". The Aten was by this point in Egyptian history considered to be an aspect of the composite deity Ra-Amun-Horus. These previously separate deities had been merged with each other. Amun was identified with Ra, who was also identified with Horus. Akhenaten simplified this syncretism by proclaiming the visible sun itself to be the sole deity, thus introducing a type of monotheism. Some commentators interpret this as a proto-scientific naturalism, based on the observation that the sun's energy is the ultimate source of all life. Others consider it to be a way of cutting through the previously ritualistic emphasis of Egyptian religion to allow for a new "personal relationship" with god; this interpretation is hampered by the fact that only the Royal family was able to interact with and perform rituals pertaining to the Aten. Others interpret it as a pragmatic political move designed to further centralise power by crushing the independent authority of the traditional Amun priesthood who controlled Egypt's wealth and produce. However, Akhenaten did not formally break with the Amun priests and still used his old Amun inspired royal name--Amunhotep IV--until Fourth Year when the latter defied his authority, according to the text on one of his Amarna border stela.

AkhenatenThis religious reformation appears to have begun with his decision to celebrate a Sed festival in his third regnal year — a highly unusual step, since a Sed-festival, a sort of royal jubilee intended to reinforce the Pharaoh's divine powers of kingship, was traditionally held in the thirtieth year of a Pharaoh's reign.

Year 5 marked the beginning of his construction of a new capital, Akhetaten ('Horizon of Aten'), at the site known today as Amarna. In the same year, Amenhotep IV officially changed his name to Akhenaten ('Effective Spirit of Aten') as evidence of his new worship. Very soon afterward he centralized Egyptian religious practices in Akhetaten, though construction of the city seems to have continued for several more years. In honor of Aten, Akhenaten also oversaw the construction of some of the most massive temple complexes in ancient Egypt, including one at Karnak, close to the old temple of Amun. In these new temples, Aten was worshipped in the open sunlight, rather than in dark temple enclosures, as had been the previous custom. Akhenaten is also believed to have composed the Great Hymn to the Aten.

Initially, Akhenaten presented Aten as a variant of the familiar supreme deity Amun-Ra (itself the result of an earlier rise to prominence of the cult of Amun, resulting in Amun becoming merged with the sun god Ra), in an attempt to put his ideas in a familiar Egyptian religious context. However, by Year 9 of his reign Akhenaten declared that Aten was not merely the supreme god, but the only god, and that he, Akhenaten, was the only intermediary between Aten and his people. He ordered the defacing of Amun's temples throughout Egypt, and in a number of instances inscriptions of the plural 'gods' were also removed.

Aten's name is also written differently after Year 9, to emphasise the radicalism of the new regime, which included a ban on idols, with the exception of a rayed solar disc, in which the rays (commonly depicted ending in hands) appear to represent the unseen spirit of Aten, who by then was evidently considered not merely a sun god, but rather a universal deity. It is important to note, however, that representations of the Aten were always accompanied with a sort of "hieroglyphic footnote", stating that the representation of the sun as All-encompassing Creator was to be taken as just that: a representation of something that, by its very nature as something transcending creation, cannot be fully or adequately represented by any one part of that creation.









Over $523 million for Alexandria's tourism projects - Egypt

The representative of the Kuwait-based EFAD Holding Group said that over $523 million tourism projects have been proposed for Alexandria, as part of efforts to boost the city tourism image, KUNA reported.

The official noted that the multi-projects but in the supply and foodstuff sectors, and commended the improvement in the Egyptian investment atmosphere and the government's support for investing capital in the country.

The official said EFAD would be investing over $139 million in Egyptian projects.

Moreover, he said the conference would open up new investment opportunities, saying that flexible investment laws attract strategic investment allies.

Egypt eager to double tourist numbers

Inspired by record numbers in tourist arrivals last year and high popularity rates among northern charter companies, Egyptian tourism authorities aggressively are to market their country as a leading tourism destination abroad. By 2014, Cairo authorities hope to double tourist numbers, and they are well on schedule despite the terrorist attacks earlier this year.

The Egyptian Tourism Authority today announced its strategy on how to achieve its ambitious aim of 2004 - to "double visitor numbers from eight million in 2004 to 16 million in 2014." Ahead of this year's northern winter season, a highly profiled marketing campaign was today launched in Cairo, which is to be aired in Egypt's major tourist markets.

Zoheir Garranah, Egyptian Minister for Tourism, launched 'The Gift of the Sun' campaign, which is to be rolled out across Asia, Europe, and North America over the next 24 months, building on the success of the 'Red Sea Riviera' and other campaigns, which were key factors in helping Egypt welcome a record 8.6 million visitors in 2005, according to a statement sent to afrol News by the Egyptian Tourism Authority.

Minister Garranah commented "We are very excited to be launching a new global advertising campaign which we believe truly reflects the many wonderful experiences Egypt has to offer its visitors. We believe the new campaign is our most creative and dynamic yet, and we look forward to welcoming more international visitors to Egypt for many years to come."

[read more]






www.elgouna.com El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination

What's On...


Oktoberfest in Siva

“Griass Eich und Habe di Ehre”

The first original Oktoberfest in Hurghada will be taking place from October 19 to October 26, 2006 at the new Siva Biergarten, right in front of the Siva Grand Beach Resort, at Corniche Road, Hurghada.

The Octoberfest opens every day at 7.00pm until open end and the original Austrian music band named “Die 4 Salzburger” have been flown in from Salzburg especially for this week to play live every day from 9.00pm till midnight. Listen folks, these is a must for everyone!!!

Enjoy some typical Bavarian food such as “Weisswurst-Sausages”, “Grilled Chicken”,” Meatloaf “, “Veal Sausages”, “Potato salad” and other delicatessen – freshly prepared by our German Chefs. Lots of “Hefe Weizenbeer”, Draft Beer and other fun bringing drinks will be served as well as Shooters like the famous Austrian “Wodka Fig”.

Candid fruits, pop corn, and other sweets are available too – so simply an event not to be missed.

So – mark your calenders, take your family and friends and enjoy a cozy fun evening at the Siva Biergarten – an unique event, not yet seen in Egypt.

Free Shuttle Busses from all Red Sea Hotels, just contact the Siva Grand Beach if you need more information. Table reservations can be made directly at the Biergarten or the Siva Grand Beach or by calling: 0102251048

No Entrance fee for the entire week! - Oins, zwoi – gsuffa!!!!







Ask Harry: Useful tips for Residents


Harry Krueger - The new SpotRedSea columnistHarry Krueger, German resident in Hurghada for more than 2 years already, and owner of Cafe del Mar, will give tips and tricks around the residential life in Egypt and especially Hurghada from now on in our SpotRedSea Newsletter.

If you have any questions concerning life in Egypt - ask Harry! (Send to: news@spotlocal.net)

Leider ist Harry noch immer im Urlaub.

Unfortunately Harry is still on vacation.



Parents & Kids...

The 5 Secrets of Raising Healthy Eaters
Bringing up nutritionally savvy kids is a family affair

StrawberriesThe mere thought of transforming your family from a junk-food-munching, meal-on-the-go-eating, inadequately exercising bunch into one that's, well, not those things can be pretty daunting. But you'd be surprised by the impact even the most minor changes can make. Healthy eating habits are family business - and good habits start with the decisions you make. Read on for five manageable changes you can begin to make today ‑ sure to inspire independent, food-savvy young adults down the road.

Let them choose
With 16 percent of children ages 6 to 19 overweight or obese, weight management is a serious issue. In fact, new research from Harvard Medical School and the Children's Hospital Boston reveals that children 8 to 15 who are in the upper half of what's considered a normal weight range are more likely to become overweight or obese adults. Raising healthy teens and adults starts young - and with letting kids be responsible for their own food choices. There's a division of responsibility - parents must start out by bringing healthy food into the home, but a child needs to be responsible for when and what he eats. Eventually kids will be selecting parts of their meals and snacks, whether at school or at friends' homes. Giving them the responsibility to do so at home (and making sure their choices are sound) will help them make the right decisions in other settings.

Kid eating applesStock smart snacks
Snacks are an inevitable ‑ and necessary ‑ part of eating for both kids and adults. Keeping healthy snacks on hand is beyond logical, but it's not enough to keep fruits and veggies stocked in the fridge - you have to make them accessible and appealing to kids. Maybe you'll eat a whole apple, but your kids will only go for slices. They have to be easily available: on the counter, washed and ready to eat. While "treats" are okay, be sure to always have healthy staples handy, such as whole grain crackers, yogurt, breakfast cereal and low-fat peanut butter.

Set sensible limits
Treating junk food as forbidden fruit makes it all the more likely kids will binge when they have free rein to do so, but you can stipulate the how often and how much. Here are some things to consider:

  • Buy treats, such as cookies and soda, in limited quantities and explain that when they run out, they run out. Don't replenish during every grocery run.
  • Emphasize the idea of eating only when hungry by not offering up snacks unless your kids ask. (If they're hungry, they will!)
  • Limit where snacks can be eaten - e.g., not in the car or in front of the computer or TV.

Healthy Family BreakfastWhen you allow even the most indulgent foods on occasion, kids won't feel deprived. But when you set basic limits on what, when and where to eat, kids will learn they can't have it all and need to decide for themselves how to "budget."

Size up portions
It's a common mistake to overestimate portion sizes. Use the "one tablespoon" rule for kids up to ages 9 or 10. Serve one tablespoon for every year of the child's age. So, for a meal that consists of carrots, meatballs and rice, a one-year-old would get one tablespoon of each, a three-year-old would get three tablespoons of each and so on. If a child asks for more food, then give her more. But it's better to start with less, because you'll ensure that your child only eats when she's hungry and not just because something's on her plate.

Realize they are what you eat (and do)
Quite possibly the easiest and most effective change you can make stems directly from your actions. Guarantee that your kids will observe your good behavior with family meals and active outings. Family dinners are healthy in more ways than one: A new study out of Syracuse University found that the rituals and routines in family mealtimes help establish identity and are good for mental health too. But in terms of actionable behavior, if you want your kids to stop drinking so much soda, you shouldn't guzzle down pop regularly either. Don't encourage playing outdoors while you're catching up on TV - it's far more effective if you're running around with them.









Veal cutlets with olive, tomato and anchovy sauce


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 (800 g) can peeled tomatoes or 800 g vine-ripened tomatoes, peeled and de-seeded
  • 20 black olives, stoned and chopped
  • 8 anchovy fillets, drained and chopped
  • 2 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley
  • 1 teaspoon capers, rinsed (optional)


  • 6 veal cutlets
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 10 basil leaves, finely shredded
  • 1 tablespoon chopped flat leaf parsley
Veal Cutlets
  1. Sauce: Heat the oil over a low to medium heat, and cook the garlic for 1 minute, stirring constantly.

  2. Add the tomatoes, increase the heat and cook until the mixture is reduced by half, about 5 minutes.

  3. Lower the heat, add the remaining sauce ingredients and cook for another 3 minutes.

  4. Set aside and keep warm.

  5. Cutlets: Heat the oil over a medium heat, and cook the cutlets for 3-4 minutes each side; cook for a further 2-3 minutes if you prefer the meat well done.

  6. Place the cooked cutlets onto warmed serving plates, stir the basil and and parsley through the sauce and spoon a little over and around each cutlet.

  7. Any remaining sauce can be frozen for later use.







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