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Feature Article... Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Coppa Cabana

Recently the Coppa Cabana Gelateria was celebrating its 1st anniversary.

Coppa Cabana is situated next to the Abu Ashara Family Market in Sekalla, Hurghada, offering the best originally Italian ice-cream in town.

Coppa Cabana Ice-Cream

Coppa Cabana Ice-Cream

Coppa Cabana Ice-Cream



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History of Egypt... Cleopatra


Cleopatra - The last Pharaoh

When Cleopatra VII ascended the Egyptian throne, she was only seventeen. She reigned as Queen Philopator and Pharaoh between 51 and 30 BC, and died at the age of 39.

CleopatraBefore glancing at Cleopatra's reign, let us first have a look at the keys to her rise and fall. The demise of the Ptolemies power coincided with the rise of the Roman Empire. Having little choice, and seeing city after the other falling into Rome's grip, the Ptolemies decided to ally with the Romans, a pact that lasted for two centuries. During the rule of the later Ptolemies, Rome gained more and more power over Egypt, and was even declared guardian of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Cleopatra's father, Ptolemy XII had to pay tribute to the Romans to keep them away from his Kingdom. Upon his death, the fall of the Dynasty seemed even closer.

Hence the controversy over Cleopatra's real motives. Was she trying to save her throne, or did she have a more noble cause? Was she protecting her Dynasty, or was she preventing more interference from the Romans in Egypt?

As children, Cleopatra and her siblings wittnessed the defeat of their guardian, Pompey, by Julius Caesar in a duel. Meanwhile, Cleopatra and her brother/husband Ptolemy XIII were duelling, albeit silently, over the throne.

In the middle of all this turmoil, Julius Caesar left Rome for Alexandria in 48 BC. During his stay in the Palace, he received the most famous gift in history: an oriental carpet... with a 22 year old Cleopatra wrapped in. She counted on Caesar's support to alienate Ptolemy XIII. With the arrival of Roman reinforcements, and after a few battles in Alexandria, Ptolemy XIII was defeated and killed.

In the summer of 47 BC, having married her younger brother Ptolemy XIV, Cleopatra and Caesar embarked for a two month on a trip along the Nile, aboard a legendary boat. Together, they visited Dendara, where Cleoptara was being worshipped as Pharaoh, an honor beyond Caesar's reach. They became lovers, and indeed, she bore him a son, Caesarion. In 45 BC, Cleopatra and Caesarion left Alexandria for Rome, where they stayed in a palace built by Caesar in their honor.

CleopatraCaesar's acts were anything but overlooked by the Romans. In 44 BC, he was killed in a conspiracy by his Senators. With his death, Rome split between supporters of Mark Antony and Octavian. Cleopatra was watching in silence, and when Mark Antony seemed to prevail, she supported him and, shortly after, they too became lovers.

Mark Antony's alliance with Cleopatra angried Rome even more. The senators called her a sorceress, and accused her of all sorts of evil. The Romans became even more furious as Antony was giving away parts of their Empire - Tarsus, Cyrene, Crete, Cyprus, and Palestine - one after the other to Cleopatra and her children.

It was the boiling point when Octavian declared war on Cleopatra, and off the coast of Greece in the Adriatic Sea they met in one of the most famous battles in history: Actium. The Egyptian defeat was often attributed to the early withdrawal of a coward Cleopatra from the battle scene, although this claim is now discredited by most historians.

Octavian waited for a year before he claimed Egypt as a Roman province. He arrived in Alexandria and easily defeated Mark Antony outside the city, near present day Camp César. Antony was asked to be taken to Cleopatra. He died in her arms and was burried as a King.

Ocatvian entered Alexandria in 30 BC. Cleopatra was captured and taken to him, and the Roman Emperor had no interest in any relation, reconciliation, or even negotiation with the Egyptian Queen. Realizing that her end is close, she decided to put an end to her life. It is not known for sure how she killed herself, but many believe she used an asp as her death instrument.

With the death of Cleopatra, a whole era in Egyptian history was closed. Alexandria remained capital of Egypt, but Egypt was now a Roman province. The age of Egyptian Monarchs gave way to the age of Roman Emperors, and Cleopatra's death gave way to the rise of Rome. The Ptolemies were of Macedonian descent, yet they ruled Egypt as Egyptians - as Pharaohs. And, indeed, Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh.









Cairo International Terminal 3 will introduce world's most advanced airport technologies from ARINC

When it opens for travelers early 2008, the new Terminal 3 of Cairo International Airport will be equipped with the most advanced suite of airport technologies ever deployed - some 14 state-of-the-art airport operational systems developed by ARINC Incorporated.

Cairo International AirportARINC will install the world's first context-aware operational platform at an airport, expediting the ramp control and management functions at Terminal 3. This breakthrough will enhance both efficiency and security by linking employees automatically with the precise IT applications they require for work at all times.

The airport applications will "come into view" spontaneously as a function of the user's profile, work assignment (e.g. baggage handler/airline staff), type of electronic access (by workstation, portable computer, PDA, smart phone, or tablet PC), log-in location (on aircraft, in terminal, on tarmac), and the time of day. The context-aware platform will enable secure and appropriate exchange of passenger information, flight information, catering orders, security prescription, maintenance tools, and more.

Terminal 3 will also feature the first self-service CUSS kiosk installation in the Middle East for passenger check-ins. As many as 28 airlines in the terminal are expected to share. ARINC's SelfServTM kiosks, for the most convenient passenger check-in possible. Unlike standard passenger kiosks serving just one airline, ARINC SelfServ kiosks are designed to serve passengers on any number of participating airlines.

ARINC will also deploy Egypt's first custom-designed Biometric Immigration Gate (BIG) System at the new Terminal 3. This original solution will serve as a 'Fast-Track' Automated Border Control system to streamline emigration and immigration. Use of the Biometric Gates by passengers will allow airport police officers to focus their time on sensitive passengers for manual screening, significantly reducing queues. Passengers should experience shorter waiting times for departure, arrival, and changing flights-a major benefit to frequent travelers and a competitive advantage for airlines.






www.elgouna.com El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination

What's On...


Beauty & Fitness Exhibition

Beauty & Fitness ExhibitionBeauty - Fitness & SPA - Cosmetics - Body care - Watches - Accessories & jewelry - Perfumes - Makeup artist & Salons - Direct practical practicing during the hours of the exhibition - Holding seminars and lectures related to exhibition's activities

Place: Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Address: El-nasr Road. Nasr City - Cairo - A.R.E
Date: 21-23 November 2006
Opening: From 10:00 am To 10:00 pm

Egypt already has a well known world wide reputation in the field of hosting conferences, seminars and exhibitions. This reputation was gained for several reasons; starting with the distinct location for the country, adoring nature, the availability of all the required facilities such as exhibition halls; very well equipped conference rooms, having the qualified expertise that are capable of organizing and leading such events to success. In addition to many charming hotels and guest houses to accommodate the visitors.
In the field of cosmetic and beauty products we can find that Egypt is famous for cultivating natural cosmetic herbs. Also it has a wide market which can consume a great share of such products.

Beauy & Fitness ExhibitionAs a matter of fact the ancient Egyptians cared for beauty and elegance. They had special ways in body, and skin caring, besides hair styling. The queens in ancient Egypt were symbols of beauty, elegance and vitality Cosmetics, perfumes and other rituals were very important for them. Oils and creams were used for prevention against the hot sun, dry weather and sandy winds.

Eye makeup was probably the most characteristic of the Egyptian cosmetics. The most popular colours were green and black. The green was originally made from malachite, an oxide of copper. Tattooing was known and practiced. Mummies of dancers and concubines, from the Middle Kingdom, have geometric designs tattooed on their chests, shoulders and arms. Wigs and hairpieces were also quite popular. They were quite elaborate and usually made of human hair.

For that, modern Egypt returns today to give priority for cosmetic products and welcome many of international companies which are interested in activity, vitality, physical health, beauty and elegance.

For more information please visit www.empmedia-egypt.com







Ask Harry: Useful tips for Residents


Harry Krueger - The new SpotRedSea columnistHarry Krueger, German resident in Hurghada for more than 2 years already, and owner of Cafe del Mar, will give tips and tricks around the residential life in Egypt and especially Hurghada from now on in our SpotRedSea Newsletter.

If you have any questions concerning life in Egypt - ask Harry! (Send to: news@spotlocal.net)

Nicht ohne meinen Anwalt

Die Nominierung von Dr. Wael Ghozlany zum Vertrauensanwalt der Deutschen Botschaft in Kairo und des Konsulats in Hurghada ist ein willkommener Anlass einmal mehr über die Nöte und Probleme von Touristen und Einwanderern in Ägypten zu berichten.

Harry: Dr. Wael, es freut mich sehr einen deutschsprachigen Rechtsanwalt im Interview zu begrüssen und zu beglückwünschen. Wie gelangten Sie in diese vertrauensvolle Stellung?

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: Zwei wesentliche Faktoren sind die Voraussetzung für die erfolgreiche Vertretung eines deutschsprachigen Klienten in Ägypten. Zum einen gilt es die gleiche Sprache zu sprechen, was mir als gebürtiger Kairoaner, der in Deutschland aufgewachsen ist, in die Wiege gelegt wurde. Zum anderen setzt es die genaue Kenntnis der europäischen bzw deutschen Gesetzgebung und der Islamischen bzw Arabischen voraus. In beiden Ländern habe ich meinen Abschluss gemacht und bin als Anwalt zugelassen.

Harry: Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand. Aus dem Gespräch mit Herrn Konsul Peter Ely und Meldungen der Botschaft in Kairo habe ich erfahren, dass sich die Zahl der Ratsuchenden derart mehren, dass diese ihren eigentlichen Aufgaben als Aussenstelle der Deutschen Regierung nur erschwert und mit erhöhtem Personalaufwand nachkommen können. Warum häuft sich die Zahl der verzweifelt Ratsuchenden?

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: Beiden Ländern gemeinsam ist, dass sie ein sehr gutes Rechtssystem haben, das aber voneinander stark abweichen kann. Als Ausländer in Ägypten (vice versa als Ägypter in Deutschland) besteht ein grundsätzlicher Informationsbedarf, nein Pflicht, bevor ich einen Vertrag, egal welcher Art, erfolgreich abschliesse. Um Schaden abzuwenden, setzt es deshalb eine gute Rechtsberatung voraus und einen Vertrag, der von einem vereidigten Übersetzer in Deutsch und Arabisch verfasst und exakt festhält, was der Gegenstand des Kaufs ist. Sie glauben ein Haus zu erwerben und stellen fest, dass Ihnen ein Kamel gehört. Hier zitiere ich gerne, dass es schwer wird einem Kind zu helfen, wenn es bereits in den Brunnen gefallen ist!

Harry: Bitte geben Sie weitere konkrete Beispiele!

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: Ein Trugschluss z.B. ist, dass eine Banküberweisung als Zahlungsbeleg gilt. Nein, sie brauchen eine Quittung für alle Beträge, die über 50 Ägyptische Pfund gehen und auch diese braucht eine Form.

Harry: Dieses Beispiel zeigt, worin der Irrtum wurzelt: Man denkt es ist wie in Deutschland ... und überträgt seine bisherigen Erfahrungen in gutem Glauben... Guter Glaube schützt vor Schaden nicht. Geben sie uns weitere Beispiele für Missverständnisse...

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: Der Rechtsawalt Ihrer Wahl ist nicht immer auf Ihrer Seite, folgt er doch auch seinen eigenen Interessen ... die Staatsanwaltschaft Hurghada weist darauf hin, dass entsprechend viele Verfahren laufen, wo der Rechtssuchende von seinem Rechtsberater betrogen worden ist.

Harry: Als „Mittler zwischen den Kulturen“ wollen sie uns typische Problemfälle schildern?

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: Nehmen wir die unterschiedlichen Auffassungen im Familienrecht, das sich mit Ehe, Heirat und Scheidung beschäftigt. Nach islamischen Recht kann der Ehemann polizeilich über den Aufenthaltsort seiner Frau bestimmen; verfügen, dass sie nicht ausreisen darf und viele weitere persönliche Einschränkungen, die eine Europäerin fassungslos werden lässt. Hätte Sie vorab die Konsequenzen über eine anwaltliche Beratung erfasst, wäre es niemals zu einer Heirat gekommen, ohne gleichzeitig einen im Westen üblichen Ehevertrag abzuschliessen, der eben die Konfliktpotentiale ausschliesst. Ein deutscher Musterehevertag, den ich für das Verwaltungsamt in Köln verfasst habe, ist downloadbar unter www.acc-center.com.

Und zum guten Schluss noch einige generelle Anmerkungen. Das Konsulat darf sich nicht in zivilrechtliche Verfahren einmischen oder beraten, kann jedoch Empfehlungen geben für vereidigte Übersetzer oder Vertrauensanwälte. Aber bitte, falls etwas im strafrechtlichen Sinne passiert, verlangen Sie die Benachrichtigung des Konsulats. Machen sie keine Aussage ohne Ihren Rechtsanwalt, unterschreiben sie keine Papiere (auch nicht polizeiliche Aussagen) und haben Sie keine Angst!

Ägypten hat ein effizientes und hervorragendes Rechtssystem und wahrt besonders den Schutz von Ausländern!

Kontakt mit Herrn Ghozlany:
w.ghozlany@acc-center.com * Telefon: 0103523575

Empfehlungen des Honorarkonsulats:
Laden Sie sich den Registrierungsfragebogen der Deutschen Botschaft in Kairo herunter und senden diesen bitte ausgefüllt an Ely@access.com.eg.

Sprechstunden täglich ausser Freitags von 09.00 -12.00 vormittags, in Notfällen 012313528

Not without my Lawyer

Dr. Wael GhozlanyThe nomination of Dr. Wael Ghozlany as the lawyer of choice for the German Embassy in Cairo and the Consulate in Hurghada serves as a timely reminder to once more report about the hardships and problems of tourists and migrants to Egypt.

Harry: Dr. Wael, I am pleased to welcome a German-speaking lawyer for this interview and also to congratulate you. How did you arrive at this trustful position?

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: There are two essential factors that are a prerequisite for the successful representation of a German-speaking client in Egypt. On the one hand, one has to speak the same language. As a native Cairene who grew up in Germany I learnt this from the cradle. On the other hand, it requires exact knowledge of both the European and German legislation, and the Islamic and Arabic legislation. I have graduated and am admitted as a lawyer in both countries.

Harry: The advantages are obvious. From a conversation with the German Consul, Mr. Peter Ely, and reports from the Embassy in Cairo I have heard that the number of those seeking advice is increasing at such a rate that the Embassy has a hard time to fulfill its obligations as an outpost of the German Government and can only meet these obligations with an increased personnel expenditure. Why is the number of those desperately seeking advice increasing at such a rate?

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: What both countries have in common is an excellent legal system, which, however, can deviate strongly from each other. As a foreigner in Egypt (and vice versa as an Egyptian in Germany) I have a basic need for information, no, I have a basic duty, before I sign a contract successfully, no matter what is its kind. In order to avert damage this requires good legal advice as well as a contract, which states exactly what the object for purchase is; this contract must be written in both German and Arabic, translated by a certified translator. You might be in the belief you are purchasing a house, and in the end you own a camel. Here I like to quote that it is difficult to help a child when it has already fallen into the well!

Harry: Please give further, tangible examples!

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: For example, it is a common misbelief that a bank transfer is a valid proof of payment. No, what you need is a receipt for all amounts over 50 Egyptian Pounds, and even this receipt has its specific format.

Harry: This example shows the root of the misapprehension: You think like in Germany ... and translate your previous experiences in good faith ... Good faith does not protect you from harm. Please give further examples of misapprehensions ...

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: The lawyer of your choice is not always on your side, he is trying to protect his own interests ... the Public Prosecutor's Office Hurghada points out that there is a large number of proceedings where somebody seeking legal advice has been deceived by his/her legal advisor.

Harry: Please name some typical problem cases as "mediator between cultures"?

Dr. Wael Ghozlany: Let's take the different views of family law, which deals with marriage and divorce. According to Islamic law the husband has the right to decide upon the residence of his wife using police force; he can enact that she is not allowed to leave the country, and many other, personal restrictions, which would leave a European wife speechless. Had you understood the consequences through prior legal advice, there would never have been a marriage without a prenuptial agreement which is common in Western countries and which eliminates areas for conflict. A German model contract, which I drew up for the Cologne Administration Office, can be downloaded at www.acc-center.com.

And finally, I would like to make some general remarks. The Consulate is not allowed to give advice or to interfere in proceedings of civil law; it may, however, recommend certified translators or lawyers of choice. But please, do request for the Consulate to be informed should something happen in the area of penal law. Do not give evidence without your lawyer, do not sign anything (not even police statements) and do not be afraid!

Egypt has an efficient and outstanding legal system and in particular protects foreigners!

To contact Mr. Ghozlany:
w.ghozlany@acc-center.com * Telephone: 0103523575

Recommendation from the Honorary Consulate:
Download the registration questionnaire of the German Embassy in Cairo and send back the filled-out version to Ely@access.com.eg.

Consultation hours daily except Fridays from 09.00 - 12.00 am; in an emergency call 012 313528.



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Parents & Kids

Lady Bugs Rocks

Your kids can make these adorable ladybugs as shelf decorations, or make a large one as to be used on Mom’s desk as a paperweight. While the average ladybug is red, ours come in several vibrant colors. Let your kids pick their favorite!

Lady Bugs Rocks

What You Need

  • Smooth, round or oval rocks, washed and dried
  • Acrylic craft paint in colors of our choice
  • Black acrylic craft paint
  • 2 wiggle eyes for each ladybug
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Acrylic matte sealer spray
  • White craft glue (Tacky Glue)

What You Do

  1. Completely wash and dry all rocks.
  2. Paint rocks in desired colors, allow to dry. Apply second and third coats if needed. Lighter colors will require more coats than darker shades.
  3. Paint head on using black acrylic craft paint. There is no pattern needed, simply paint about ¼ of the rock black in the “front”.
  4. Use a black Sharpie to draw a straight line down the center of the rock, starting at the center of the base of the “head”.
  5. Dip the end of a large paint brush, or the eraser of a pencil, in black craft paint. Dot on the spots, reloading with paint after every dot.
  6. Once the paint is dry, spray the rock(s) with acrylic sealer spray. Allow sealer to dry completely.
  7. using white craft glue, attach wiggle eyes and let dry

Helpful hints

If you are doing this in a group setting such as scouts or a classroom, you may find it easier to prepare the rocks ahead of time. Wash, dry and apply a coat of Liquitex Basics Gesso to each rock. This is a craft medium (white) that works well with many projects. It will also create a base so that less coats of color paint will be required.

Bigger rocks are easier for small hands to manipulate. They are also heavier, so be sure that there are enough adult helpers for a group of little ones.

White and black paint can be used instead of wiggle eyes. Simply dot on white paint, allow to dry, then use a smaller tool to dot on the black.









Baked Fresh Mushroom Patties

A side dish to serve with cabbage & fish & coleslaw dressing.Quick to prepare and cook. Garlic & green or hot pepper lovers add as much as you like.Photo shows the patties after being pressed in a measuring cup to bake.

  • 15 whole fresh mushrooms, chopped
  • 3 hamburger buns, crumbed or 5 slices whole-wheat bread, crumbed
  • 1/4-1/2 cup sweet white onions, minced
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled, smashed, minced (optional)
  • 1/4 cup mild chili peppers, diced minced (optional) or hot chili peppers, minced (optional)
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/3 cup evaporated milk
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vegetable oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon basil leaves
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt or salt substitute
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper
Baked Fresh Mushroom Patties
  1. In bowl add mushrooms, onions, garlic,peppers and crumbs. Mix.
  2. In another mixing bowl, add egg, milk, oil, basil, salt, paprika. Add black pepper if you do not use hot peppers. Wisk until blended.
  3. Slowly add the egg mixture to the vegetables and crumbs. Mix with spoon.
  4. Preheat oven 400*.
  5. Pack into a 1/3 cup measuring cup, press lightly. Turn over and tap lightly. Unmold on non-stick baking sheet.
  6. Bake 15 minutes. Use spatula and turn over. Bake another 15 minutes.
  7. Serve with coleslaw dressing or any sweet spicy dressing. Great with fish.
  8. Note: Roasted red pepper strips can be added for taste and color instead of chili peppers.







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