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Feature Article

What Is the Sharks and Dolphins Sighting Program?

Abu Salama Society started its Research activities in 1995. It began with the ‘Dolphin Habitat Conservation and Sustainable Use’ Project funded by the Italian International Cooperation through ‘Dept for Development Swap’ Program signed with the Egyptian Government. During the Project Abu Salama sought to involve its members and the private sector in a program that could benefit any scientific work that will be carried out in the future and is related to Marine Mammals or sharks. Through discussing the idea with various parties the Society came to the conclusion of introducing Sharks to the sighting program and eventually both dolphins and sharks were included in a program to register the Vertebrates sightings in the Red Sea. We hope to have a network of volunteers who are concerned about the large marine vertebrate’s welfare and that they would participate in the Program.

Abu Salama Society does not have the resources to be in the field all of the time, nor can we adequately cover more than 800 KM of the coast of the Red Sea. Therefore to identify and measure threats, we need as many eyes on the water as possible to cover those times when we are not around. Sighting information can tell us a lot about the dolphins' and sharks’ movements, providing vital baseline information that can be used to determine future research and management priorities.
It is very easy for you to take action in protecting the Red Sea marine environment and also help the Society. Soon you will be able to either register on line and get a unique code to enable you to log into the data base any time you see a dolphin or a shark or you could submit your sighting information, print out a sighting form and fax it to us at the address provided or report any sighting to the project coordinators that will soon be announced. This sort of information can give us a better idea of how often dolphins or sharks use a specific area.

The sighting program will be launched soon and till it is active on-line you can fill in the request to join the program and send it to us by fax.

We feel that the community needs to take pride in and be responsible for our marine environment and by sharing your knowledge, important messages can be passed on to all.

Abu Salama Society is a not-for-profit Organisation based in the Red Sea. The society aims to protect the marine mammals including and not limited to the Spinners Dolphin families at the South cost of the Egyptian Red Sea. The Society will achieve its goals through promoting and co-ordinating scientific studies and gathering and disseminating cetaceans information to its members and the general public.


Make your Escape.... Jordan - Petra


Petra, Jordan
The lost rose-red city, better known as Petra, is a trekker’s paradise

Less than 200 years ago, nobody knew of the mysterious city carved into the mountainous terrain of Jordan. It was not until 1812 that Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, disguised as a local Bedouin, found the ruins of Petra and returned to Cairo with maps and descriptions.

What for centuries had remained a ghost city is now one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Modern-day Petra is a huge complex housing some 36 archaeological sites including tombs, gates and forts. The entrance leads you into a shaft known as Al-Siq; the passage zigzags between sky-high mountains, in places narrowing to just three or four meters, and leads to a natural courtyard. Trekkers are rewarded with a magnificent sight: the awesome treasury known as Al-Khaznah. Everyone who’s seen the Hollywood action blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will already know what to expect, but the movie can’t compare to the real thing. Legend tells of a wicked and fabulously wealthy Pharaoh, whose riches had been concealed here by a powerful black magician.

Petra is said to contain 500 tombs, including the Urn, Renaissance, Silk, Corinthian, Broken Pediment as well as the Royal tombs all carved from stone. One of the most spectacular sites is The Monastery (Al-Dier), known to have been used by the early Byzantines. The gorgeous edifice is located 800 steps up Jabal El-Deir (Monastery Mountain). Be prepared for a tiring climb, but rest assured you will be well rewarded with breathtaking vistas. Those not up to the endurance test can easily rent a donkey for the trek up.

There & Away

Citizens of Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen do not require an entry visa; all other nationalities do. All foreigners departing Jordan are charged a LE 41 exit tax for stays of more than 48 hours.

Major international carriers regularly fly into Amman, the closest airport to Petra, with EgyptAir making the trip four times a week out of Cairo. Minibuses and service taxis run regularly between Amman, Aqaba and Petra. Bypassing the Taba-Eilat-Aqaba crossing, Arab Bridge Maritime runs two ferries a day.







News ...


Earth Day 2006!

Earth Day 2006 is taking place on Saturday 22nd April with many events taking place around the world to celebrate the planet through a variety of individual and community activities, from "Can Crushing" in the UK to Park Clean-Ups in the Phillipines.

Last year HEPCA spearheaded the "Save Giftun" protest which took place on Giftun Island itself, with hundreds of people protesting against the development of the island, which would have included several thousand hotel rooms, luxury villas and a bridge to link to the mainland. Just 12 days later the protestors were overjoyed to learn that the plans had been over-turned and the development would not be going ahead.

This year HEPCA, with the help of it's Members, is organising Beach and Underwater Clean-ups in El Gouna, Safaga, Marsa Alam, Taba and Hurghada at Magawish Island.

If you or your business are involved in an Earth Day activity please email us the details for inclusion in our next Newsletter.






El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination

Whats on... in Sharm el Sheikh








Body & Soul


With the coming of spring, the thought of spring cleaning follows on its heals. This is the perfect time to begin the journey to a back to basics lifestyle. Not only will you be cleaning your home for dust and dirt, you will also be getting rid of those items you no longer use or have a need for. The following are tips to help you live a less cluttered, less chaotic life.

Tackle only one room, or a part of a room, daily. Save the kitchen for last. Begin by piling into the center of the room everything you no longer need or use. If you started in a bedroom, box or bag last seasons clothing and take them to where they are stored for the season. Be sure as you are going through the clothes to add unwanted or non-fitting clothes to the center pile. Take a break and then come back to the pile.

Investigate each item and decide if it is trash or treasure. You will now have two piles. Box or bag them up separately. Take the trash outside to the dumpster, curb or garbage can. Move the keepers to another room or the garage where they can be dealt with later. Now you can clean the room.

Notice you have a lot less to wipe down, fold or otherwise clean up? Each day, do the same thing until your entire house has been spring cleaned. If you wonder why I advised to save the kitchen for last, there is a good reason. By the time, you get to that room; you will be tired of cleaning.

Generally this means, you'll be much more willing to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. You know what I'm talking about, things like that pizza pocket grill that you only took out of the box, but have never used.

Plan a garage, carport or yard sale. Remember that pile of treasures? Now is the time to price them reasonably and allow a new owner to discover how great they are. Knowing in advance that you are not going to get what you paid for the items makes it easier to let them go if someone haggles for an even lower price.

The alternative to this, if you have the time and inclination, is to list the better items on eBay. Once the auctions are over, then have your garage sale.

After the sale is over, look closely at what is left. How much of it can be donated to local charities? Women's and children's clothing is always welcome at local domestic abuse shelters. The Salvation Army or other thrift show would love to take any men's clothing, furniture or appliances. Books and magazines can usually find a new home at nursing homes and sometimes hospitals.

Now that everything has been donated, what's left? My guess would be, not much. What is left is probably not worth anything. You are faced with two choices, drag it back into the house or drag it to the curb on garbage day.







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Parents & Kids

Computers and kids
by Alex Hazell
With PCs becoming a standard feature in many homes, a typical worry for many parents is the amount of time our little darlings spend on them.


Whenever kids and computers are mentioned in the same sentence in the news, parents across the world prepare themselves to face either yet another sordid chatroom horror story or a tale of lethargy and anti-social behaviour - or worse - caused by playing computer games.

So it's refreshing for parents who have forked out for this technology to learn that it's not all doom and gloom. British pupils are more conscientious than they are given credit for, with 70% of pupils with Internet access at home actually using a PC to do their homework.

The research conducted by BMRB on behalf of the BT Learning Centre shows that Internet access actually encouraged a positive attitude towards homework in 73% of pupils, whereas more than half of those without Internet access only do the bare minimum or less than necessary.

Internet learning
To meet the growing demand for online learning a whole host of sites have cropped up to provide educational help for pupils of all ages.

One of these is the BBC Schools website, which caters for children from pre-schoolers to 16-plus. The site is curriculum-based and includes an SOS Teacher help section for when they get stuck.

Another good site is the BT Learning Centre, which includes the UK's premier online multi-media reference library.

Education expert Professor Susan Greenfield says, 'With more and more pupils benefiting from using the Internet to help with homework, online learning services such as the BT Learning Centre are fast becoming an invaluable homework resource. By providing information previously only available in schools, making it relevant to what is being learnt, and by putting all this information in one place, online learning resources can only help to encourage and motivate children to enjoy learning.'

The other benefit to your child getting help online is the avoidance of family rows.

A report from the Institute of Education in London revealed that the pressure of homework causes friction between parents and children, particularly when parents try to take too much control of the way children approach it.

Never too young to start
The very early use of computers is promoted by educationalists because they make an ideal context for learning through play. Young children love making things happen and computers do just that.

By giving the message that the computer is just another way of enjoying play and learning experiences, you're less likely to face demands for excessive use later on, because the novelty will have worn off.

Everything in moderation
Even playing computer games is not necessarily bad. It seems that kids who grow up playing games learn how to fit them into their busy lives, making them better at multi-tasking.

Researchers at the Pew Internet and American Life Project discovered that students who were games-players did as much work on their courses as non-players, and that playing games, especially on the Internet, helped them to make and keep friends.

At the end of the day, computers and the Internet are here to stay and they will continue to play a significant part in children's learning experiences throughout their school days and beyond.

As a parent, you have a powerful role in determining your child's perception of these tools and how, used sensibly, they can be extremely helpful.

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Also check our regular Menu for Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizza & Pasta and Desserts



Prawn and Pea Risotto with Basil and Mint

Serves 4

1 x basic risotto recipe
3 good handfuls of fresh peas, podded
1 knob of butter
455g/1lb raw prawns, peeled
1 handful of fresh basil, chopped
1/2 a handful of fresh mint, chopped
juice of 1 lemon
extra virgin olive oil

This is a very fresh-tasting risotto that's just right for a light summer lunch. Best served al-fresco with losts of crusty bread and a chilled glass of wine! Top tip - Remember not to use any Parmesan in your basic risotto recipe - not good with fish.


Fry half the peas in a good knob of butter and a little stock. Cook until tender and mash. Add this at the end of Stage 3 of the basic risotto recipe with the prawns and the rest of the peas and simmer for 2 minutes - prawns and peas take no time to cook. At Stage 4 throw in the fresh herbs and squeeze in the lemon juice. Stir and serve immediately. Drizzle with really nice peppery extra virgin olive oil.


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