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Work in Hurghada, Red Sea!
Enjoy Scuba diving, Wind surfing, Kite surfing and sunny skies.
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Feature Article



Capriccio is a newly opened Crêperie-Bistrot situated in Dahar, Between Mubarak library and Shedwan Hotel. Its menu includes a wide variety of healthy light meals and drinks. In the salad section for instance we have an exquisite Salade Niçoise, a typical Lebanese Fattouch, as well as the better known Hommos, Babaghanough and Mozarella salad.

The appetizers are mainly from the Lebanese cuisine: stuffed wine leaves, kobeiba, labna with oregano and olive oil are among the choices. Our crêpes come in a variety of unique flavors: emmenthal cheese and smoked roast beef or the sweet crêpes with mutella, banana and honey or ice cream and chocolate sauce.

But the “pièce de résistance” is our unique chocolate fondue for 2 persons, provided that you wouldn’t forget to order it at the start of your meal. A wide choice of drinks completes the menu: cold (fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice with mint, shakes, etc…), hot (the best capuccino in town, tea, coffee, etc...) or alcoholic and drinks (wine and beer) are awaiting you.

As the name suggests, music is a main feature of Capriccio: a state-of- the- art sound system plays soft and relaxing music. And from the beginning of March there will be light live music every Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m

Capriccio is open every day from 1 p.m.
For reservations call 0106237070



Join our OPEN DAY @ Sofitel Hotel

on the 2nd of April

From 10am to 3 pm

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For more information contact : Hurghada 0127154400

News ...

Ancient Sun Temple Uncovered in Cairo

By OMAR SINAN, Associated Press Writer

CAIRO, Egypt - Archaeologists discovered a pharaonic sun temple with large statues believed to be of King Ramses II under an outdoor marketplace in Cairo, Egypt's antiquities chief said Sunday.

The partially uncovered site is the largest sun temple ever found in the capital's Aim Shams and Matariya districts, where the ancient city of Heliopolis — the center of pharaonic sun worship — was located, Zahi Hawass told The Associated Press.

Among the artifacts was a pink granite statue weighing 4 to 5 tons whose features "resemble those of Ramses II," said Hawass, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.


Red Sea bridge plan revived following ferry disaster


February 28, 2006

CAIRO --  The February 3 sinking of the Egyptian ferry Al Salam Boccaccio 98 in the Red Sea has revived interest in a project to build a bridge linking Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The ferry foundered in the middle of the Red Sea as it sailed from the Saudi port of Duba and Safaga in Egypt. Only 388 out of more than 1,400 passengers were rescued.

SeaNews.ru news agency reported that the idea of the $3 billion, 15-kilometer-long (9.3-mile) project was first floated in 1982. If the project goes forward an inter-Arab consortium led by Kuwait's Hurafi Financial Group would underwrite the construction.

The bridge, as currently envisaged, will link the southern tip of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula north of Sharm El Sheikh with Saudi Arabia's Ras Hamid, spanning the Straits of Tiran. Construction time is estimated at five years. Another route under consideration is farther north across the Gulf of Aqaba.

There are concerns about the project because it would be in a strategically sensitive area and might be used either as a transit route by terrorists or be subject to terrorist attack.

TradeArabia reported that Egyptian architect and businessman Ibrahim Kamel said, "The main problem is that it's a very sensitive and strategic area, not the least because Israel is very close. It would imply a major round of multilateral consultations."







El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination

Whats on... Hurghada


If you can't wait any longer for the weather to warm up, you don't have to - just five hours on a plane will get you to a luxurious paradise.

A fascinating blend of old and new, the Red Sea Riviera is a land of dramatic contrast, from the spectacular desert landscape and colourful mountain scenery to the breathtaking marine life.

Home to golden sandy shores, intricate coral reefs and world-class diving, not to mention year-round good weather, this friendly and exotic destination promises an unforgettable holiday.

Here is an overview of the resorts dotted along the Red Sea coastline:

Sharm el Sheikh
Sharm el Sheikh is known as the 'Pearl' of the Red Sea Riviera. It's located at the southernmost point of the spectacular Sinai Peninsular, where the chain of Red Sea mountains provide a spectacular backdrop to the desert sand as it meets the clear, tropically rich waters of the Red Sea.

Visit the town centre for gold and jewellery and cotton clothing which can be found in lavish malls or haggled over in the Souk. Nightlife is mainly centred around Na'ama Bay, which has a fantastic relaxed atmosphere, with a handful of cosmopolitan terrace bars and plenty of shisha cafés along the main streets. It also offers beachfront restaurants along the promenade and a small selection of casinos and nightclubs.

Once a remote sleepy fishing and oil extraction village, Hurghada has become during the past years one of the most vibrant, lively and busy beachside resort towns of the Red Sea Riviera.

Hurghada boasts some of the finest hotel chains in Sekala and the tourist district south of it, and the sights, smells and sounds of El-Dahar, a lively hub of everyday Egyptian life, making it one of the Red Sea Riviera destinations with the strongest local flavour. From a romantic getaway in one of the upscale hotels to an action-packed sports holiday, Hurghada has a bit for everybody.

Makadi Bay
With its sandy and protected beach, Makadi Bay is a dreamy beachside resort located in one of the most beautiful bays along the Red Sea Riviera. At only 30 km from the Hurghada international airport, Makadi Bay is an oasis of quality beach resorts where everything during your holiday revolves around the sea and the beach. The bay provides a superb location for some top Red Sea scuba diving and snorkelling.

Taba / Taba Heights
Taba gives its name to the stretch of coastline from the Israeli border southwards, and is one of the most picturesque on the Red Sea. The town of Taba has few facilities, while it makes a great base for exploring the region, as many sights are easy to reach from here.

Taba Heights is one of the most exciting tourism developments on the Red Sea, with plans for 20 hotels, an 18-hole US championship golf course, a marina, casino and a full range of water sports and activities on offer. It’s a peaceful location, perfect for a relaxing break on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Nuweiba, about an hour south of Taba, is a small, peaceful resort and port, in an ideal location to explore the Sinai coast. The area has a laid back atmosphere and is surrounded by mountains, desert and beaches.

Dahabmeans gold in Arabic, named by the local Bedouin tribes due to its glimmering golden beaches. Having established itself as a hippy village in the 70’s, Dahab now has a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for those wishing to escape the crowds. Great beaches, great water sports and a great place to pick up some souvenirs.

Found @ www.50connect.co.uk







Body & Soul

Discover the pleasure of « Naturel Movement of Life »
Meetings reserved to women of all ages ,only

True Well-Being

Simple and natural movements on expressive and varied musical tones, especially selected to rehabilitate(rediscover) your energy and joy to live. The methodology of « Naturel Movement of Life » is the Biodanza® System. Biodanza® aims to promote personal development and a richer enjoyment of life. It is based on universal laws which allow the conservation and evolution of life in a healthy way.

1- Why participate in a “Natural Movement of Life” workshop ?

  • To add more life to your life…
  • To feel more happy and more enthusiastic…
  • To improve your health
  • To get better response to the stress of modern life…
  • To reinforce your self-confidence
  • To harmonise your thoughts, your feelings and your actions
  • To create and maintain harmonious relationships with others…
  • To awake the consciousness of a universal solidarity and of the respect of all life forms…

2. Who should attend a “Natural Moment of Life” workshop and what does happen ?

  • All women, of any age.
  • No prior knowledge or physical aptitude is required.
  • Everyone makes the movement to its own fashion, alone, in a pair or in a group.
  • What impress most the participants is the pleasure and the facility with wich everybody let themselves move naturally and freely.

3. Where,when and how much is “natural Movement of Life” workshop ?

  • Near the Hotel la Perla, in a private function room, comfortable and with air-conditioning. (Toilets, showers)
  • Every Friday from 7 till 9h 30 pm. (after we share a tea)
  • Participation to the rental cost of the room: 6O Egyptian pounds for 4 workshops or 20 Egyptian pounds per workshop.
    (If you have any difficulties with the payment, please speak with me and we will find a good solution)

4. Your animator:

I am Juliette Bémant, an accredited teacher of Biodanza from the Rolando Toro school of Paris. I have completed my schooling by various speciality courses and seminars. I carry on my continuous development in Brussels, Paris and London. I am a member of the Belgian teacher’s association of Biodanza®, as well as of the European association. Today, I put to the service of Biodanza® my entire experience acquired while teaching children and teenagers, some of whose were disabled. I am also leader of “ Laugh For No Reason” from Dr Madan Kataria School( www.laughteryoga.org)


Information and booking (compulsory)
Contact : Juliette Bémant (Belgium)
Tel:(+20) 010 6859771
more information: http://www.biodanza.com

NO WORKSHOP FROM 1st of April to 1st of May 2006






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  • T-Bone, Porterhouse and Filletsteaks
  • Incredible Delicious Salads
  • Daily Specials
  • Sandwiches to match a Main Course
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Parents & Kids



Grade: K-4
Age: 4-8

Drums are an important part of life and ceremony in many cultures. Here is a simple method for you and your students to create a fun sounding drum as you celebrate the cultures of the world.

What You Need:

  • An empty coffee can with a plastic lid (small, large, whatever you have).
  • Construction paper, glue & scissors.
  • Paint or markers.
  • Paintbrushes & water.
  • Dowels or sticks from trees in the park.
  • String, leather, feathers, beads ... any bits of scrap material you might have.

What You Do:

  1. You have two options here. Either paint the coffee can with paint or cover the can with construction paper. Leave the plastic lid on the coffee can ... this will be your drum head.
  2. If you cover the coffee can with construction paper, you can paint or draw designs and creatures on the coffee can. Have a look at pictures of different kinds of drums and the images found on them. (Try covering the can with aluminum foil for a neat effect.)
  3. After the paint is dry, you can glue all sorts of wonderful things to your drum.
  4. Using wooden dowels or simply wooden sticks, drum away on your new coffee can drum.
  5. Older students may want to try pounding the bottom of the coffee can with a rubber mallet to make a Carribean-style steel drum.







Special Announcements :::March 2006 :::

Opening Hours
from 10 am - 2 am

Chill Out Music

Cool Drinks

Great Food
B R E A K F A S T @ 10 am - 01 pm
get it all day long, but in this time we serve
Italian coffee and tea as much as you can drink!

L U N C H @ 01 pm - 03 pm
with every order of sandwich or maincourse you get
one beer, glas of wine or juice for FREE.

T E A T I M E @ 03 pm - 05 pm
fresh cake or pancake and a cup of
Italian coffee or tea for 20 L.E.

A F T E R W O R K @ 05 pm - 08 pm
for our hard working diving staff and their guests:
All pizza and pasta 50% off!
Also check our regular Menu for Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizza & Pasta and Desserts




Recipe Ingredients

Recipe Cooking and Preparation Method

6 portions

1 white cabbage
500 gr ground beef
2 onions
1 ½ dl short-grain rice
3 dl water
1 bouillon
4 dl milk
1 dl cream
1 egg
2 tbs butter
2 tbs oil
1 ½ tsp salt
½ tsp ground white pepper
4 tbs dark syrup

Cut the core out of the cabbage. Shred the cabbage. Simmer the shredded cabbage in butter in a saucepan until it softens. Add salt to taste. Bring the water to a boil, add the bouillon and rice, and cook at a low heat until the water is absorbed. Sauté the chopped onion and ground beef in oil on a frying pan. Season with salt and ground white pepper.

Stir together the cabbage, boiled rice and browned ground beef in a mixing bowl. Pour the mixture into a greased ovenproof casserole.

Mix together the egg, cream and milk, and pour over the casserole and finally run the syrup over the casserole.

Cook at 175 degrees Celsius for approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours.


Ending Soon

ending soon Start Bid: EUR 180,00 Nikonos SB105 underwater strobe
ending soon Start Bid: EUR 25,00 3 Days Diving in Hurghada
ending soon Start Bid: EUR 8,00 Swim with Dolphins!
ending soon Start Bid: EUR 150,00 PADI Advanced Open Water Course
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Rent a Beautiful Villa-Panorama of Hurgada and sea
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2 bedroom apartment for sale in Hadaba
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