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Extended on 750,000sqm and covering an entire city block, this commercial development with an investment of more than 800 million USD is located only minutes away from Cairo's International Airport. CITYSTARS is considered to be the first integrated urban development project of its kind in the Middle East and Europe. The complex is equipped with the most advanced infrastructure and multi-media network which complement the project's outstanding design elements and customer services including easily accessible indoor parking facilities for over 6,000 vehicles.

CITYSTARS is the latest landmark in Cairo and consists of three international hotels including 1500 room accommodation options, shopping and entertainment centre, a medical centre, office and residential towers.

Over 550 stores including for the first time in Egypt; Spinney's, the largest hypermarket in the Middle East, internationally branded retailers such as Virgin Megastore, Mango, Guess, Esprit, Promod and Benetton to name a few.

The centre boasts Magic Galaxy, a 6,000 m2 indoor theme park and Stars Cinema, a state-of-the-art 16 screen cinema complex. Khan El Khalili Treasures a new version of Khan El Khalili and a 20,000 m2 exhibition area built to international standards.

Find all information about Citystars, Guide to Cairo, Directional Map, Hotels, ....
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African Nations Cup 2006 .... 46 Days left

The refurbishment work that was going on for more than 18 months now in Cairo stadium seems to be finally over. Hany Abo Reida, the head of the organizing commitee has announced that the refurbishment work in the stadiums receiving the big event has been 100% completed.He added that the solo remaining touches will be the locker rooms, the VIP rooms and the press conference centers. These final touches are estimated to take about 10 days.






El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination



What's on ... in Egypt

Santa is coming to town::VILLA KUNTERBUNT::6th of December 4pm::call 0101232354

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Gulf Divers, Hurghada

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Body & Soul


"Yoga and diving have more in common than you might think"

By Yoga Travel teacher and dive instructor Jana Czipin

For first-time divers, the most difficult thing is often breathing underwater. Yoga can help: by learning to control the movements of the lungs, diving becomes much less stressful.

Last summer I introduced a friend to scuba diving. Each time we went underwater she would immediately pop back to the surface. We tried snorkelling, to not avail. Never in my career as a scuba instructor had I had to tell anyone they wouldn't be able to dive.

I watched her breathing and realized the problem. She took very little air into her lungs - just as she did on land: fast and shallow.

I advised her to take some yoga classes. In both disciplines we pay a lot of attention to the breathing, the only bodily function that works instinctively as well as under the will.

It helped Claire get enough confidence to breathe comfortable under water and relaxed. She finished her Open Water and still dives today.

Yoga is divided into eight areas. The most popularly known are the asanas (body positions), but the next step up is breathing. Breath is life; we breathe from the moment of birth to the moment of death. Pranayama has various functions that strengthen the way we breathe. In India there are reports of expert yogis being able to hold their breath for 20 minutes or being able to stop their hearts. These are just stories - perhaps 2 yogis in a century can do this sort of thing.

What pranayama does, however, is warm cool, clean and strengthen the lungs - like a medicine; each exercise has different results - with useful "side effects" for divers.

One technique is bellow breathing- breathing heavily in and out for 30 seconds or so - a kind of push up for the lungs. Since only 4-5% of oxygen in the air is absorbed by the body, bellow breathing flexes all the lung, meaning you fully utilize the inner surfaces and so increase the absorbing surface - more oxygen goes in and more carbon dioxide can go out. It's rather like a digestive system - in effect you digest air better.

Holding the breath also produces different reactions by adjusting the exchange of gases between the lungs and the bloodstream. As you continue to hold your breath, the body starts to take sugar instead from the cells of the body (burnt sugar gives off oxygen). This heats the body temperature - and yogic thinking has it this also burns off impurities.

Other pranayama exercises relate to the yogic idea of energy. In yoga thinking, each nostril is a 'nadi' or energy channel that then runs through the brain and into the spine. A breath draws energy as well as air; so nostril breathing is stimulating the nadis and thus providing energy.

"The scuba diver dives to look around," wrote Umberto Pelizzari, "The free diver dives to look inside." Because yoga works on the mental state free divers also find it a great help. Yoga also develops more sensibility and awareness of body and mind, which you need to recognize symptoms of low oxygen in the body.

In a more general sense (and as every diver knows) a healthy body helps you to enjoy the scuba diving more and help to avoid deceases like DCI. With the practice of asanas - body positions -your body gets flexible; regularly practice increases your concentration and leads to mental and physical balance.

But even without paying too much attention to the philosophical background of yoga most people take the benefits of asanas and pranayama and find it helpful for their life and in their diving. This is how the old art of yoga can still benefit our modern, technical world.

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Available @ Christmas Bazaar of Tweety Nursery in Dahar
(behind Sea View Hotel)

On Friday 16th Dezember
Between 11 am and 2 pm

TUPPERWARE Hurghada will have a stall at the Christmas Bazaar of Tweety Nursery in Dahar, behind Sea View Hotel. There will be lots of Tupperware items for display and also items which can be purchased at the bazaar for reasonable prices, such as:

  • Lunchboxes for 50,-- or 60,-- LE
  • Dishes with lid for children normally sold as a set of 4, can be purchased on this bazaar as single item for 22,-- LE
  • Freezer Boxes (400 ml or 800 ml) normally sold in a set of 4 or 2 pieces, can be purchased as single item for 15,-- LE or 23,-- LE
  • Tumblers and Straw tumblers, normally sold as a set of 2, now possible to purchase as a single item for only 17,-- or 25,-- LE
  • Jug (1 L) for 31,-- LE.

and much more………………

This is a perfect opportunity to buy Tupperware items as single items which are normally sold only in sets.

You can also place your Tupperware order directly with our Tupperware demonstrator, considering a downpayment of 50% of the total order. Please consider up to 10 days delivery time.

Hope to see you soon!!!!







Lasagne with shrimp, tuna and capers

It is a simple recipe but the outcome is delicious and sumptuous.


  • Lasagne La Collezione 10
  • Peeled tomato 800 g
  • Mozzarella cheese 200 g
  • Tuna in olive oil 100g
  • Shrimp 200 g
  • Black olives 15
  • Grated bread 2 tablespoons
  • Olive oil 4 tablespoons
  • Pickled capers 1 tablespoon
  • Butter to taste
  • Italian parsley to taste
  • Oregano to taste

Suggested Wine
For this tasty, strong dish a good wine to match should be a medium-bodied, soft red wine like a Cerasiolo di Vittoria or a Pinot Nero dei Colli Piacentini.


1. In a pot, cook the tomatoes for about ten minutes in the oil, shrimp , broken tuna, olives and the capers coarsely chopped, a pinch of origano, the chopped Italian parsley and finally a little salt and pepper.

2. Grease a baking pan with the butter then pour a layer of sauce and then one of Lasagne, cover with another layer of sauce then some mozzarella cut in cubes, then again the Lasagne.

3. Keep adding layers over layers until the Lasagne La Collezione Barilla are finish, leaving as last layer the one made with sauce. Sprinkle with the bread crumbs. Cook in the oven for twenty minutes at 200/250°C. Let cool for ten minutes before serving.


If you'd like, the lasagne can be pre-cooked. Dip them in salted boiling water for three minutes, then cool them off in cold water, dry them with a clean kitchen towel and proceed with the recipe.


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ending soon Start Bid: EUR 25,00 3 Days Diving in Hurghada
ending soon Start Bid: EUR 8,00 Swim with Dolphins!
ending soon Start Bid: EUR 150,00 PADI Advanced Open Water Course
ending soon Start Bid: EUR 180,00 Nikonos SB105 underwater strobe
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