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Feature Article ...


Port Ghalib International Marina is the first official private port of entry to Egypt, operational since 2002 with an accommodating capacity for more than 1000 yachts upto 50 meters in length. Located at the very heart of Port Ghalib, the marina will be the nucleus of the entire community. With a 5 meter deep harbor basin, harbormaster control, full customs and immigration facilities, ships chandlery, slipway, full service ferry terminal and Caltex fuelling facilities.

Consultants of the marina operation are the renowned Camper and Nickolsons Marinas of UK.

Port Galib Marina offers unlimited options for yachtsmen sailing the Red Sea Coast. Today the Marina has become a critical stop for thousands of safari diving trips, providing free diving pass to Red Sea famous marine parks, and is sure to become a popular destination for yacht trips from various international ports.

Port Ghalib is being created under the guidance of a single vision and master plan of the M.A. Kharafi Group. Some of the World’s finest planners (such as Francois Spoerry, EDAW and Sogreah) have been involved in the master, urban, and marina planning. The internationally renowned consultants KPMG have been involved in the marketing and feasibility studies. The World leading architects WAT&G International conceptualized and designed the unique architecture to be in harmony with the environment drawing their inspiration from traditional and historic designs. Environmental plans were conducted with Enviro-Pro, SWRC, and ECO Conserve.

Port Ghalib will be an outstanding resort community because of the accurate planning, design excellence, market research and positioning. Port Ghalib includes around 9 different themed villages visually and physically linked, thus creating a strong cohesive development. The location of these villages capitalizes on the site’s natural assets (exquisite views of the Red Sea, pocket beaches, un-spoilt desert terrain, as well as naturally occurring differences in elevation levels throughout Port Ghalib).


Special Menu of Week:
- 30st of May to 6th of June -

@ 10 LE Cream of Tomato Soup
@ 10 LE Corn on the Cob
@ 15 LE Dates wrapped in Salami

@ 30 LE Green Thai Curry with Rice
@ 40 LE Calamari filled with Seafood in Parsley Sauce
@ 40 LE Lamb in Plum Sauce with Rice and Mixed Salad
@ 40 LE Filet Steak with French Fries and Bean Salad in Blue Cheese Sauce
@ 25 LE Penne al Pesche in Tomato Sauce and Mixed Salad
@ 100 LE 1/2 Kilo Jumbo Prawns Feast

Also check our regular Menu for Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizza & Pasta and Desserts

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News - 1st Auction site dedicated to the Red Sea !!!


Red-Sea.com is proud to announce the 1st Auction site dedicated to the Red Sea.
Similar in concept to the famous Ebay; The Market’s mission is to provide a global trading place where visitors to Egypt and specifically the Red Sea can find great holidays, services and more at great prices. Additionally we hope to provide an online trading platform for the local market.
Our team is available to help both buyers and sellers make the Red Sea Auction a safe and enjoyable experience for all.






El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination El Gouna, The Red Sea's Premier Leisure Destination



What's on ...

AUTOMECH 2005 to be held in Egypt from June 22-26

Exhibitors at AUTOMECH 2005, the leading trade fair for vehicles, buses, motorcar workshops, service station equipment, automobile spare parts, accessories and feeding industries are preparing themselves to showcase their products and target the lucrative Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the trade fair to be held at Cairo Fair Ground, Egypt from 22-26 June 2005.

Caf inspectors begin Egypt visit

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) on Sunday began a two-day inspection of stadiums to be used for next year's African Nations Cup finals in Egypt.

The inspection is to test Egypt's readiness to host the showpiece of African football.

Viagra link to blindness investigated by regulator

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into the health risks of Viagra, the popular anti-impotence drug, amid concerns that it has caused blindness in up to 50 people.

US drugs regulators announced yesterday that they are examining a number of cases in which users have suffered optic neuropathy — known as “stroke in the eye”.

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Ancient Egypt ...

Beer and wine jars unearthed in Egypt
Cache found within 5,000-year-old ritual chamber

CAIRO, Egypt - Archaeologists uncovered a 5,000-year-old chamber believed to have been used for the burial rituals of Egypt's first major pharaoh — and found a cache of 200 rough ceramic beer and wine jars, Egyptian authorities said Thursday.
The mortuary enclosure of King Hur-Aha, the founder of Egypt's First Dynasty, also included a cultic chapel where the floor and benches are stained with organic material — probably the remains of offerings made during rituals, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities said.
"It is a very important discovery because it would provide us with new information about the First Dynasty," Zahi Hawass, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, told The Associated Press.
The mud-brick mortuary enclosure was discovered by a joint American excavation from Yale University, the Pennsylvania University Museum and New York University at Shunet El-Zebib, part of the pharaonic holy city of Abydos, where many of Egypt's earlier pharaohs are buried, 240 miles (400 kilometers) south of Cairo.
The enclosure in believed to be where the body of King Hur-Aha was kept during burial rituals. His tomb is nearby in Abydos, though it's not known whether he was buried there.
The enclosure also included three rectangular tombs with wooden ceilings covered with reed matting — one with a well-preserved skeleton of a woman and another tomb with remains of human bones. Hawass said experts were trying to identify the remains. The enclosure also had a chamber of pots with hieroglyphs indicating they were made during the reign of Hur-Aha.
Hur-Aha, who ruled around 3100 B.C. — about 500 years before the pyramids were built — is considered the first pharaoh of the First Dynasty, the first royal family to control both Upper and Lower Egypt in a unified kingdom. But little is known of the era.
Later Egyptian dynasties came to identify Abydos as the burial site of the god Osiris.The beer and wine jars were found in excavations along the walls of the mortuary enclosure of King Khasekhemwy, a Second Dynasty pharoah who ruled around 2700 B.C.


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PARENTs & KIDS - this week: PUPPIES

Thinking about getting a pet?

If you're thinking about getting a pet and you've looked at the different options, you may be considering getting the second most popular pet after a cat - a dog.

Or in this case, a puppy!
There are lots of different breeds to choose, so it's not a decision to be rushed. Don't get a dog that's unsuitable for you.

Different breeds of dog have different behaviours and qualities. Terriers have lots of energy and never seem to get tired.
Labradors make great family pets but do tend to get fat - so you have to be very careful about their diet and make sure that they get enough exercise. Some giant dogs can develop heart problems and not live as long as smaller breeds.
Mixed breeds tend to be healthy and good tempered, and of course each and every one is unique.

Do give some thought to the amount of time you spend training your puppy - a good dog should have nice manners. You must train a puppy not to jump up. It might be cute when they're tiny, but when they're huge, it's no fun! If your puppy does jump up, just hold out your hand and firmly say "no". If it continues to jump, just stop playing and walk away quietly.

You must also train your puppy not to chew.
To do this, get a rag, soak it in water, freeze it and then give it to your puppy. The cold will stop the hurt - because puppies get teething problems just like human babies do!
Do think about the amount of time you need to spend looking after your puppy or dog. They need to have their teeth cleaned regularly.
Dogs get lots of parasites. Keep an eye out for ticks, ... ...also flea poo at the base of their tail. And beware of these foul things - worms. You need to make sure that your puppy is wormed regularly. If it shuffles along on its bottom, it's a sure sign that it has them!

Never let your puppy lick your face. Why?

Because puppies love to lick each other's bottoms!
So if you decide that a puppy is to be the pet for you, here's a tip for when you get it home. Give it a nice warm place to sleep at night. And if you get an old jumper or t-shirt that smells of you, and put inside a hot water bottle and an alarm clock. The warmth will remind the puppy of its mother and the ticking of the clock of its mother's heartbeat.

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