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United Lawyers want to thank
Hard Rock Café and Sabirova Dance School
for all their help at the party Friday 6th. of May




Feature Article ...


Jordan emerging as a regional center for eco-tourism
As Jordan is rapidly becoming more recognized as a land of high diversity, the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) is finding that expats and Arabs alike are increasingly seeking multi-activity holidays.

Whilst Jordan is attracting Arab travellers this summer with the offer of cool breezes, 5-star hotels, luxurious spas, beautiful scenery together with a wealth of cultural, art and musical events, visitors also have the choice of indulging in Jordan's rich heritage of eco-tourism.

'As long ago as 1966, the Government of Jordan recognized the need to safeguard the Kingdom's natural resources by setting up protected areas under the management of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), to preserve the best wildlife and scenic areas as well as breeding endangered species to save them from extinction. More recently the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) was formed and working closely in partnership with RSCN, looks to protect Jordan's Gulf of Aqaba in the northeastern arm of the Red Sea as well as the Wadi Rum protected area," commented Mazen Homoud, Managing Director of JTB, at the Arabian Travel Market 2005 seminar on Eco-Tourism. "The Gulf of Aqaba is renowned worldwide as a visitor's paradise, overflowing with wildlife and adventure, hosting about 110 species of soft corals, 120 species of hard corals and over 1,000 species of fish."

"ASEZA's zone has recently grown to bring in an area we term as the golden triangle, stretching from the Red Sea coast line through the Wadi Rum protected area (also in the Southern territories of Jordan). Famously described by T E Lawrence, renowned for Lawrence of Arabia, as 'vast, echoing and God-like' and acclaimed by many as one of the most stunning desert scapes in the World, Wadi Rum is a nature lover's dream, paradise even," commented His Excellency Nader Al Dahabi, Chief Commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. "We are working with the RSCN we to preserve Wadi Rum as it holds plants both rare and endemic to its ecosystem. A greater emphasis has been put on the Wadi's fauna after a baseline survey detected the existence of rare animals such as the Gray Wolf, Blanford's Fox, the Sand Cat and the Ibex."

Jordan today boasts of seven well established protected areas covering over 1,200 square kilometers comprising some of the finest natural landscapes in the region with a whole host of wild plants, animals and other natural resources.

In a pioneering step of conservational activity in the region, Jordan's RSCN introduced successful captive breeding, followed by a programme of re-introduction, of the magnificent but endangered Arabian Oryx, gazelle and ibex.

'Eco-tourism is not just about providing visitors with fantastic scenery but also ensuring that tourists actually see the often hidden treasures and beauty of our country. Our crafts and eco-tourism ventures create jobs from nature and help thousands of less fortunate people in Jordan have a better life. By linking nature protection with economic development, more people want to save our natural heritage, so nature gets a better deal." commented Amer Jamhour, Sales and Marketing Director for RSCN, Wild Jordan. "We do work on the enforcement of wildlife protection, as well as economic development, environmental research and education. Part of our role is to also help visitors discover Jordanian people, places and philosophy behind local crafts. In our reserves and specific locations such as our Wild Jordan Café in the heart of Amman City, we display local crafts inspired by nature, utilising natural materials. Whether we are talking about a painted ostrich egg, silver olive branch earrings or a goat leather nature box, our crafts are modern, arty, and different to many across the World."

RSCN's nature resources are among the most spectacular landscapes in the Kingdom. In addition to RSCN's impressive offer for eco-tourism they also work closely with ASEZA (Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority) on the development of Aqaba and its coastline into a world class visitor attraction whilst preserving the Red Sea and Wadi Rum habitation.

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The Restaurant in the heart of Sekalla
grilled or fried
12 LE
grilled or fried
30 LE
Served with two salads & fish fillet
14 LE
Fish - Calamari - Shrimps - Crabs - Calamus
50 LE
with tomatoes sauce
30 LE
15 LE
Fish fillet fried+fried potatoes+soft drink
12 LE
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- Methanex plans to build plant in Egypt
VANCOUVER -- Petrochemicals giant Methanex Corp. is considering building a $500-million (U.S.) methanol plant in Egypt, its latest step in a strategy to boost production capacity in low-cost regions outside North America.
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Women: Expert says Egyptian women don't need foreign intervention

Professor says they'll achieve democracy, equality on their own

The women's movement in Egypt needs domestic and international understanding, but it does not need democracy through foreign intervention, Inas Abou-Youssef told an audience of about 50 students and faculty members Wednesday at the Ocean County College Student Center in Dover Township.
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EGYPT - Suzanne Mubarak chosen First Arab Lady for Development

Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak was named yesterday the first Arab lady for supporting peace and development issues in the region. According to a poll conducted by the United Arab Emirates- based centre for the participation of Arab women, Mrs. Mubarak was given the prestigious Arab award. Addressing the audience, Mrs. Mubarak said that "development" centered on childhood and how to protect it in a world characterized by peace, justice and freedom. On the award, Mrs. Mubarak thanked the centre for honoring her, noting that the prize came to crown years of earnest and sincere efforts for the welfare of Egyptian society.







Special Menu of Week:
- 9th of May to 16st of May -
with Special Offer
1/2kg Jumbo Prawns Feast @ LE 100.-
Starter @ 10 LE
- French Onion Soup
- Anubis Roll
Maincourse @ 30 LE
- Chickenbreast a la Mohammed
- Grilled Fish Fillet
- The Big Filet Steak @ LE 40.-
Dessert @ 10 LE
- Homemade Strawberry Cake
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What's on ...in Hurghada



on FRIDAY 13th of May 2005

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Spring Butterflies


Food Coloring
Coffee Filters
Eye Dropper or Straws
Wooden Clothes Pin
Pipe Cleaner

Color small bowls of water with food coloring Using an eye dropper or a straw, scatter drops of colored water onto round coffee filters and watch the colors bleed and blend. While the filters dry draw eyes and body details on wooden clothespins. Gather each coffee filter up in the center and clip with the clothespin. Make antennea for each butterfly by inserting a pipe cleaner into the end of the clothespin and twisting it secure. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner to make it look realistic. You can use tissue paper instead of coffee filters for a multi-layered effect. Decorate with sequins and buttons.


Puzzle Trees

Found a great easy activity for spring, you know those puzzles that seem to always have missing peices (like the 63 peice one that only has 40 peices left LOL) Cut out the trunk of a tree with limbs glue this or even staple it to another peice of paper (yellow makes a great back ground color) and glue the puzzle peices to the branches of the tree. This could also be used during the fall.


Yogurt Popsicles

1 carton vanilla yogurt
1 can (6 ounce) concentrated fruit juice,
(unsweetened orange works well)
dash of vanilla and/or honey
(*do not use honey if giving to children under 1 year)

Mix well and freeze in molds (3oz paper cups can be used). For handles, insert wooden sticks of spoons when mixture is partially frozen. For single servings mix some plain yogurt with pureed canned or ripe fruit, ora spoonful of jam or jelly, in a small paper cup.



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2nd hand Dry Suits focus 207 May 1 st , 2005, 12:12pm
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NEW Villa for sale Rossi 4 May 8 th , 2005, 6:08pm
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