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Art at the Café del Mar

Recently the Café del Mar has opened in Hurghada. I had a chance to visit with Harry Krueger and Andy Wagner (Co-Owners) for a chat and sample some of their delicious food.

The first thing that struck me was that the Café del Mar is unique in style and could easily be located in London, Paris or New York. I asked Harry and Andy how it all came about. ‘Both Andy and I love food in a pleasant atmosphere and we realised that this was very difficult in Hurghada. We always had to drive to El Ghouna and got tired of it and so we decided to open a place for ourselves right here in Hurghada. We wanted to create a place where anybody will feel comfortable at any time of day, whether it is just for a coffee, a glass of wine or a proper meal.’

‘We offer beautifully crafted meals at decent prices which everybody can afford. Of course we are open for 24 hours so it should be easy for anybody to come at one time or another. At our Restaurant you find everything from different styles of Breakfasts, European style salads and sandwiches to a special ‘A la Carte’ menu that changes weekly.’ says Andy.

I had a look at the menu and found not only the usual drinks list but also an eclectic collection of cocktails like Orgasm, Between the Sheets and my all-time favourite, the Woo Woo.

Currently there is artwork from Birgit Baumann being exhibited and other local artists are already on the waiting list.

The Café del Mar is always open and you can find it at El Arosa Square (The Mermaid) just off Sheraton Road in the Seatower Building on the way to Papas Beach.

Special Menu of Week:
- 25th of April to 1st of May -

Starter @ 10 LE
- Freshly made Tomato Soup
- Champignons in Bechamel Sauce on Toast

Maincourse @ 30 LE
- Beef Stroganoff with homemade mashed Potatoes

- Chickenbreast filled with vegetables in Lemon Sauce
- with Oregano Potatoes

- Grilled Fish Fillet in Thyme Sauce with Saffran Rice

Also check our regular Menu for
Breakfast, Salads & Sandwiches

Open 24 hours

Midnight till noon

€ 1

for selected drinks
including all beers




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What's on ...in Hurghada



NOW in the SEA GULL Cinema
in Hurghada

starting 6:30 pm

every day several times- minimum 4 people to run the movie
(or you buy 4 Tickets and they give you the money back if other people show up - I did this already twice and its no Problem)


Fruits - Spices - Herbs - Vegetables
Now available on www.Red-Sea.com:
Shopping guide with English/Arabic translation and photo.

Printer friendly version available!




These flowers are quick to make and the children enjoy making them.
Make sure you put newspaper or something protective under the coffee filters as the markers will bleed through them.
This project is rated VERY EASY to do.
What You Need

• Markers
• Newspapers or protective cover for work area
• Coffee filters
• Bumpy chenille stem (or regular chenille stem)

How To Make It

  1. Cover work area with newspapers or other protective covering.
  2. Let children draw or color on 5-7 coffee filters with the markers. Random markings are just fine as detailed drawings won't show up in this project.
  3. Place one coffee filter decorative side down on the table. Stack other coffee filters decorative side up on top.
  4. Fold coffee filters in half. Scrunch middle of the coffee filters (starting at the bottom coffee filter).
  5. Wrap chenille stem tightly around scrunched area to hold in place. Straighten chenille stem to use as flower stem.
  6. Let the children make a couple and put them in a May Basket.
  7. Early on the morning of mothers day hang on your mother's door, a neighbor's door, a friend's, or anyone special to you.
  8. Remember, it's supposed to be a surprise!

Jana's Nailstudio

- First Treatments (incl. Pasting the Nail-Tips)
- Professional working table
- timecontrolled UV lamp
- No Acryl - but GEL SYSTEM
- Revise / Clean / Treat
- Repair
- Amplification of your natural Nails (ideal f. Divers)
- Nail - Decorations
- Super long Nails

Special Prices for Residents and Locals
Home Service or Free Transfer
for more information contact:
Mobile: 012 – 570 45 48 (from 9 am - 8 pm)
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MOTOR MARINE II EX underwater camera for sale! vendor 9 Apr 1 st , 2005, 12:58pm
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Rebreather and Computers for sale Willi 54 Apr 6 th , 2005, 1:48pm
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