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Feature Article ...

The first and only Legal Center in the Red Sea area, specialized in National and International matters.

We are very happy to inform you that on the 6-st of May we have the first anniversary of establishing the Center. That was our year we worked hard and we are proud of all our achievements. We started with 3 departments each one managed by a highly qualified Lawyer.

We've created 4 new departments and now, after one year our center consists of 7 departments:

  • Legal assistance and contracts department
  • Court & police relation department
  • Government relation department
  • Legal Accounting Department
  • Human Resource Department
  • Business Planning Department
  • Real Estate Department

Our team:
Mr. Mohamed Refaat – Lawyer (General Manager)
Mr. Rashad Omran – Lawyer
Mrs. Petra Fittkau Salen - Assistants
Mrs. Lena Fursevich - Assitants
Mr. Mohamed Youseff – Lawyer
Ms. Faiza Abd El Latif – Lawyer
Mr. Abd El-Hamied Mohamed Ali – Real Estate Dpt.

Our Partners:
For better attainments in our work we cooperate with:

Mrs. Airi Anneli Niggl German lawyer, Berlin (cases in which sides of different nationalities, livingabroad are involved)

Doctor Hazim Ahmed Mustafa – M.D, Consultant of Neurosurgery, lecturer of Neurosurgery Ain Shams University Hospitals, Member of North American Spine Society.

Being already a legal center from May 2004 we finished about three hundred and forty disputes. We worked with one hundred and twenty four clients, and more than 85 % remain being our clients, they chose us as their permanent legal advisers, so called Family lawyers. We deeply appreciate the trust in us of every client of ours. We appreciate our client's reputation, as this is the determined factor for our reputation.
From our experience we want you to know that when you come to us you do not spend money, but you earn it and protect it. There is expression "prevention is better than cure". Your safety is our first thought. We offer you legal support, which will not just solve your problems but also will save you from having them.
As a Legal Center we provide you with professional legal support in all kinds of aspects – business or personal, in all kind of contacts between different citizens of all kinds of nationalities, dealing with you in more than five languages, which is very important in our multilingual society. We are looking forward to see you in our office; this is the first place where you can find the answers for all kind of questions. Our large office is secure and comfortably located in a private villa, ideal for confidential meetings.

Mohamed Refaat

United Lawyers Company
Egypt - Red Sea - Hurghada
Touristic center - Villa 11014, P.o. box 422.
Mob.: +2 0101138400
Tel/Fax: +2 065 3462071/ 72
e-mail:mrefaatlawyer@hotmail.com 0101138400@vodafonemail.net

Jana's Nailstudio

- First Treatments (incl. Pasting the Nail-Tips)
- Professional working table
- timecontrolled UV lamp
- No Acryl - but GEL SYSTEM
- Revise / Clean / Treat
- Repair
- Amplification of your natural Nails (ideal f. Divers)
- Nail - Decorations
- Super long Nails

Special Prices for Residents and Locals
Home Service or Free Transfer
for more information contact:
Mobile: 012 – 570 45 48 (from 9 am - 8 pm)


Orascom unveils The Cove, a five star hotel with a defining edge
This pioneering project which is located in Ras El Khaimah is 40 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, using the new Emirates highway, covers 50 acres of pristine beachfront property, and includes 134 Nubian style furnished residences.
Samih Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom Hotels and Development, said “The Cove is unique in a sense that it brings an excellent investment opportunity to the UAE by giving customers the chance to own property on a beach resort while earning 7% on their investment. Not only are we providing customers with a breathtaking holiday resort, but we’re also giving them a guaranteed annual return on their investment.”
Samih went on to discuss in further detail the advantages of owning property in this exclusive resort. He explains that, “One is free to holiday at their chalet 4 weeks of the year, and they will be able to collect a guaranteed 7% of their investment for the remaining 11 months. After 3 years, one has the option of either residing at their property or selling it back to Orascom at the market value while taking advantage of a fixed capital appreciation. The final option would be to renew the agreement with Orascom to continue receiving guaranteed returns on rental.”
Location of “The Cove” proves to be very convenient because it is close to almost every modern day necessity. He concluded, “One can find a beautiful golf course, a choice of shopping malls, supermarkets, international schools, hospitals and not to mention the thriving Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone, all just a short drive away.”
International hotel management companies have already expressed interest in managing ‘The Cove’ project. Better Homes LLC will be in charge of sales while financing will be provided by one of the local banks.
About Orascom:
Orascom was founded in 1950 by Mr. Onsi Sawiris with a mission to build the infrastructure and improve the quality of life for the people of Egypt. Today Orascom operates through three primary operating companies – Orascom Construction Industries, Orascom Hotels and Development, and Orascom Telecom.
Orascom Hotels and Developments (OHD), with over 40 million square meters of land under development, is the largest land development company in Egypt in terms of assets. OHD plans, constructs and develops world class destination resorts and hotels and is the primary designer and developer behind EL Gouna, Tala Bay and Taba Heights.














What's on ...in Hurghada



NOW in the SEA GULL Cinema
in Hurghada

starting 6:30 pm

every day several times- minimum 4 people to run the movie
(or you buy 4 Tickets and they give you the money back if other people show up - I did this already twice and its no Problem)

What's on ...in Dahab

1st RALLY DAHAB - for Motorbikes and Quads

motorbike up to 250 ccm
quad/atv up to 350 ccm

  • Sunday, 24th of April 2005, 10 a.m. racing start
  • in Dahab, Wadi Connection

at The Sinai Experts office in Hotel Ganet Sinai with copy of your ID/ passport and copy of the licence of the bike - up to the 20th of April.

Pass by or call Ahmed for more information! 0101 947 520


Fruits - Spices - Herbs - Vegetables
Now available on www.Red-Sea.com:
Shopping guide with English/Arabic translation and photo.

Printer friendly version available!




Recycle broken eggshells to create a pretty mosaic!

To do this you need to:
• Prepare a variety of dye colours in plastic containers.
• Dye the eggshells by simply immersing them in a little amount of hot water with a few drops of food colouring.
• Add a drop of vinegar to the water to help set the colour.
*Leaving the shells in for varied lengths of time will create different shades of colour to work with.
• Remove shells from dyes and spread them out on paper towels to dry.
• When the shells are dry, gather the different colours in separate containers.
• Arrange the shell pieces in the basic mosaic design before beginning to glue.
• When satisfied with the mosaic placement, the shell pieces can be glued into place with white glue.
• If you prefer a shiny glaze on the completed project, use a clear spray lacquer to coat the entire mosaic.

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Do captive dolphins belong in Sharm?
Margaux 14 Feb 22 nd , 2005, 8:37am
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