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Marine Connection
Please sign our petition to help Stop Dolphin Shows in Sharm
Question over death of beluga in Egypt
(March 2005)
Since the successful confiscation of two beluga whales from Dolphinella, the Marine Connection have been actively campaigning for their immediate return to Russia. We have asked CITES in Cairo why the animals were taken to another facility in Egypt and also why it is taking 5 months to arrange their re-export back to the place of origin as there are real concerns for their future welfare in they are kept in unsuitable conditions.
Having been provided with copies of the relevant documentation, we can now confirm that the beluga which died at Merryland in Cairo on 13 February 2005 was 'Hook', the young male confiscated from Dolphinella (pictured in the alert box on the home page). This is the sad loss of a young whale. The post mortem/anatomy reports provided to us are, in our opinion, totally inconclusive as to the cause of death and certainly do not prove the supposition by the staff at Merryland that the death was due to a heart defect.
This is proof that these whales do not belong in captivity, and certainly not in Egypt. We are continuing to press CITES for answers to our questions and ensure that plans to transfer the remaining female beluga 'Feel' back to Russia are carried out within the next few days as promised.
Another captive facility opens
(February 2005)
The Marine Connection has been alerted to the importation of two male dolphins and one sea lion to the El Salam Concorde Hotel, Sharm el Sheikh. We are in talks with the authorities to determine the source of these latest imports and voice our concern at this continued promotion and support of keeping dolphins in captivity in Sharm and authorisation of imports to Egypt. If, like us you feel visitors to Sharm want to see dolphins in the wild and not in pools, please click here for details of who to write to voicing your concern.
The Marine Connection continue its campaign to return the two beluga whales confiscated from Dolphinella, in Sharm el Sheikh, to Russia. The belugas are currently being held in Cairo pending their return and CITES in Cairo have advised the charity that they are awaiting paperwork from the authorities in Russia to allow this export to proceed. The charity have contacted CITES management authority in Russia asking for an exact date for the re-export, and will report as soon as this is received.
Dolphins in Dolphinella:
Many who have contacted the charity feel, like us, that it is hypocritical for the Egyptian authorities to allow this facility to exist in Sharm.
Egypt promotes the Red Sea to potential tourists worldwide as a marvel of nature ~ one of the best destinations on earth to see marine life in their natural environment. This provides Egypt with crucial tourist revenue, with divers in particular returning year after year from the UK and Europe, and tourism is certainly the main source of employment in Sharm. However it would seem Egypt are also happy to make a profit from keeping the same creatures captive in a pool to entertain tourists - all for money.
The Marine Connection feels that Egypt should re-consider allowing this facility to operate in Sharm, and have appealed to them to focus instead on promoting eco-tourism, which does not involve forcing intelligent creatures to suffer the indignity of being made to perform or interact with people. We are sure most visitors to the Red Sea area do not want to see dolphins suffering in captivity when they can easily be seen in the sea literally outside their door, and equally sure that Egypt does not wish their reputation to be promoted worldwide as a country that condones or supports animal suffering in the name of profit.
Dolphins in Sharm el SheikhIn the meantime it would appear that travel companies like Thomson's Holidays are only too pleased to jump on the swim with dolphins' bandwagon in Sharm, without knowing the facts behind this facility. On 16 January, the News of the World carried a story about a family who won a competition run by Thomson's, which included Dolphinella as one of the attractions they visited.

Marine Connection director, Margaux Dodds contacted Thomson's who assured her that they investigate any facility fully before including it in on-site promotion by their representatives. However as they were totally unaware that this facility had even held beluga whales and the ensuing international outcry about this facility or the fact that the source of the animals is still open to conjuncture, their knowledge of the history of Dolphinella is anything but thorough and not what we would consider having been subject to full investigation by Thomson's before agreeing to promote Dolphinella.
Most holidaymakers who visit swim with dolphin facilities or marine parks are unaware of the fact that they are supporting the continued capture of these animals from the wild to stock these facilities. Unwittingly, people paying to swim with dolphins are subjecting the very creatures they love to the horrors of capture and removal from their natural surroundings and kin, whilst also endangering the future survival of wild populations of dolphins worldwide.
If you agree that this is not the type of "activity" that Thomson's should be promoting to holidaymakers, please contact them to voice your concern at them profiting by promoting this facility.
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You can also discuss this issue with Marine Connection in our red-sea.com FORUM

Egypt say NO to future marine imports

(Added :-4 April 2005)
Following successful negotiations between the Marine Connection and the Egyptian Authorities, we have today received verbal confirmation from CITES in Cairo to say that Egypt will not allow imports of marine mammals in the future. Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign so far, but it is not over yet. Please continue to support the charity in our fight to free the remaining dolphins and whales in Egypt, to ensure that Egypt really does become a Captive Dolphin and Whale Free Zone.

All information taken from Marine Connection

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Co-operation Monika, Jasmin and Euro-Divers Jasmin Diving Center

In spring 1988, the Jasmin Diving Center opened under Monika Wigets management and evolved into one of the most renowned diving operations on the Red Sea.

As one of the oldest diving centers, the Jasmin Diving Center has always set standards for safety, service and a unique diving program and won the Golden Dolphin Award from the monthly diving magazine "TAUCHEN" as the best diving center on the Red Sea.

Many years of good and hard work. All her friends knew that there would be a moment when she wanted to have some more free time while knowing that the operation of the school continued as it has been all along.

As her friends and dive centre operators we are honored to be able to work together with Monika and for the trust she deposits in us.
We will assist Monika to the best of our knowledge, being our aim to ensure that the values that have made Jasmin unique remain unchanged. But Monika is still going to be around, so who better than her to ensure us that this will be the case.

Jose Valverde
Managing Director














What's on ...in Hurghada

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Learn to play the keyboard
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What's on ...in Hurghada


Alexander the great


Alexander the Great
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in Hurghada

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Play Games

Materials needed:

- 20 small objects (cup, apple, pencil, etc.)
- Sheet
- Pencil & paper
- Watch or clock with second hand

  • Players must be old enough to write.
  • Gather up 20 objects and put on a table. (For example, a cup, an apple, a pencil, etc..)
  • Cover the objects with a sheet.
  • Give each player a pencil and paper.
  • Remove the sheet for 30 to 60 seconds, so that all players can see the objects.
  • Cover the objects.
  • See who can write down the most objects within a 3 minute time period.
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