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Around the Red Sea and surrounding areas

Menagerie of mummies unwraps ancient Egypt

A new collection of mummified creatures could help unravel some of the mysteries surrounding ancient Egyptian society.

The Egyptians mummified both humans and animals to preserve them for the afterlife. Mummified cats, birds, monkeys and even gazelles have in the past been found buried alongside their owners.

Researchers say the new collection - including mummified cats, birds, baboons and crocodiles gathered from a variety of other collections - adds weight to the idea that the humble house cat was first domesticated animal to provide a source of ritual offerings for the gods.

Scientists at the Natural History Museum in London, UK, compared numerous specimens and used X-rays to peer beneath the animals' bandages. They found fresh evidence that many were killed and mummified specifically to provide religious offerings.

read more.... on NewScientist.com

Nariman Sadek: Egypt's last queen died

Cairo in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s was a different city. In the first half of the 20th century it was reputed to be Paris on the Nile, a place of wide boulevards devoid of the concrete blocks that now dominate the urban landscape. It was a city that appeared to pride itself on eccentricity, though it was anything but dishevelled. And, of course, it had the glamour of royal connections.

In Cairo there was Abdin Palace and Qasr Al-Qubba, and in Alexandria the grounds of Montazah Palace and Ras Al-Tin. These impressive structures, and their younger, more timid offshoots, mixed Moorish, Turkish, Italian and colonial architecture. And the city boasted acres of land, an expanse of space that is all but unimaginable today.

Abdin Palace has hundreds of rooms -- its imposing façade and column marble halls were molded in 19th century baroque style by Italian architect Verucci Bey, who clearly intended the building to impress. Abdin was considered the home of Egypt's monarch and his family during the school-year months. It was the place that Nariman Sadek, Egypt's last queen and the second wife of King Farouk, tried to call home.

read more... on Al-Ahram

Egypt "doing more to stop arms smuggling"

CAIRO (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says Egypt is doing more than before to stop weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

Sharon, who plans to withdraw from the Gaza Strip this year, said in remarks published on Saturday that he hoped a halt to weapons smuggling would allow Israel also to withdraw from a strip of land in southern Gaza.

Egypt and Israel have agreed in principle to the deployment of 750 Egyptian border guards along the border with the Gaza Strip, which under a 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace deal can only be patrolled by lightly armed Egyptian police.

"If the smuggling stops, it would please me a great deal to withdraw from this place," Sharon said in an interview with Egypt's semi-official al-Ahram newspaper, referring to the southern Gaza border strip known as the Philadelphi corridor.

"If this movement succeeds, we can certainly discuss the deployment of forces such as these Egyptian border guards along the whole length of the border to Eilat," he said.

It was Sharon's first interview with an Arab newspaper since he became prime minister.

read more... on Reuters.co.uk


We congratulate all participants for their success

165 men & women joined the 10 km and 72 continued with 21 km

Results 21 km - MEN
1. ahmed mahmed el magraby (Egypt)
2. nader nasr hassan (Egypt)
3. ronar wyuam   (Sweden)

Results 21 km - WOMEN
1. mona mahmoud asfour (Egypt)
2. nagwa ebrahem (Egypt)
3. nadia hamdy (Egypt)

until now we could not get more information about the other results. Thank you Mona for the informations.














What's on ... in Hurghada 24th of February.

Photo Exhibition 24th of Feb. at German Embassy Building

for more information contact Kimmo Hagman - Colona Divers - 0122467254

What's on ... in Hurghada for 24th/25th of February


Style & Steel cordially invites you for the Spring Charity Bazar
and Exhibition of pictures, photographs and paintings
held at the German Consulate Building , Sekalla, Hadaba, off the School Street .
The profit from this Bazar will support the handicapped children of our Governorate.

Exhibition - 24th of February - form 6 to 9 pm

Spring Charity Bazar - 25th of February - from 11 am until 6 pm

For sale are: paintings, pictures and photographs
Easter decoration, Egyptian woman handcrafted items
Vases, lamps, candleholders and candles
Silk flowers and flower decorations, Carpets
Second hand items from Villa Kunterbunt
and many more items.

We serve tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake.
Entrance fees 2.--LE per person.
For further information please call Karin Ely 012 211 8338 or 065-3445 734


Parents & Kids

Sharm International School
A new School will be launched in
September 2005
Neema Cliff

Our Mission and beliefs are:
  • Each student is unique and has a worthy contribution to the classroom and the school.
  • Collective, decisive action as well as mutual contribution and co-operation is the backbone of a strong community.
  • An outgoing and innovative atmosphere will nurture the creativity and growth of youth, and will ultimately benefit the community as a whole.
  • Mutual trust, respect and candid conversation contribute greatly to forming strong collaborative relationships.
  • Diversity should bring us together rather than divide us.
  • Humans are naturally inclined to search for truth, information and comprehension.
  • The family is the most influential and withstanding social unit shaping an individual.

Please join us at Noria Resort, Neema Bay , on Friday 25 February at 5.30 p.m. for a talk about our prospect plans.For more information,
Dr. Hanaa Wahba
010 585 2847

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Badminton Courts in Hurghada
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