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City in Saudi Arabia
with 1.4 million inhabitants (2003 estimate).

Mecca is located about 80 km from the Red Sea Coast, around a natural well. Mecca is the most holy city in Islam. The city is revered from being the first place created on earth, as well as the place where Ibrahim together with his son Isma'il, built the Ka'ba . The Ka'ba, the centre of Islam, is a rectangular building made of bricks. Around the Ka'ba is the great mosque , al-Haram, and around the mosque, in between the mountains, are the houses that make up Mecca.

Mecca was a central point on the caravan routes running over the Arabian peninsula at the time of Muhammad . Mecca was revered as a holy city even before the first revelations came to Muhammad. Mecca's importance as a centre of religious teaching must not be exaggerated. Very soon in the beginning of the Muslim expansion, religious teaching moved to other places in the Muslim world.

Mecca is important in two points: Centre of the compulsory pilgrimage, and a focal point for all Muslims. Today, many of the people living in Mecca are pilgrims wanting to study Islam in the very centre of the world. But this learning is primarily aimed at normal people, and even today Muslim theology is exercised other places. But for Saudi Arabia, Mecca is the centre of religious teaching.

Apart from the services for pilgrimage there are only modest economical activities going on. Every year some 2 million pilgrims attend the hajj , and this number is now regulated, where each country can send a fixed number of adherents. The numbers of Muslims coming to Mecca for the umra , the lesser pilgrimage are far less, and not regulated.



Around the Red Sea and surrounding areas

Pilgrims welcome rain as hajj ends

They saw it as an act of God. A record 2.56 million people from 160 countries attended this year.

MECCA, Saudi Arabia - As rains lashed the Saudi desert yesterday, tens of thousands of drenched Muslim pilgrims welcomed the deluge as an act of God while they circled the cubic Kaaba shrine in this holy city's Grand Mosque, the final rite in the annual hajj pilgrimage.

2.56 million people attended the hajj
This year, a record 2.56 million people from 160 countries attended the hajj, which all able-bodied Muslims must perform at least once in their lifetime if they can afford it. Saudi authorities, jittery over fears that terrorists might strike the event, said increased security and improved crowd management helped the pilgrimage go off without a hitch.
Giant gray storm clouds dumped rain on the white-robed pilgrims, many wearing plastic shopping bags on their heads and tearing holes in garbage bags to fit their arms and legs through to stay as dry as possible.

While lightning cracked overhead, thousands of the faithful in Mina, about four miles from Mecca, opened umbrellas to shield them from the rain while hurling rocks at rectangular, billboard-size stone blocks symbolizing the devil.
"Rain is always a blessing, and for it to fall so hard at the end of our hajj rituals means our sins are washed away and God has accepted our prayers," said a soaked Mohamed Jamal Khan, 42, from Peshawar, Pakistan, before a gust of wind blew away the plastic bag he had tied to his head.

Buses started ferrying pilgrims
After the faithful completed the rock-hurling ceremony, hundreds of buses started ferrying pilgrims along waterlogged roads back to Mecca, where they entered the open-air Grand Mosque to begin performing a farewell circling of the Kaaba, which Muslims around the world face during their five daily prayers.
The pilgrims began their hajj rituals in Mecca before Wednesday's climax at Mount Arafat, where Islam's prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon in A.D. 632. Some have spent three days at the stoning ritual in Mina.

Many of the non-Saudi pilgrims are expected to remain in the country for several days to visit holy sites, including the holy city of Medina, where Muhammad lived. On the minds of many pilgrims was the war in Iraq, Saudi Arabia's northern neighbor, and last month's tsunami disaster, which killed between 157,000 to 221,000 in wildly varying tolls across 11 countries, including more than 150,000 in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country.


Oil exports hit 4 billion dollars -
Egypt, Economics, 1/22/2005

Egyptian oil exports hit dlrs 4.17 million in 2003-2004 compared to dlrs 3.43 million in 1981-1982, a report has said.

The total Egyptian oil and natural gas output hit 58.5 million tons in 2003-2004 compared to 36.7 million tons in 1981-1982, the report issued by the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center added.

Oil and natural gas reserves increased to 15.2 billion barrels compared to 4.1 billion in 1981-1982.
Natural gas industry has witnessed a remarkable expansion over last few years with the new investment projects in northern Delta city of Rosetta to export liquefied gas to European markets.
The value of industrial exports went up to dlrs 8.4 billion in the same perioed compared to dlrs 5.0 in 1981.

Mall 8 -
Sharm El Sheikh
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Parents & Kids ... Origami for kids

1. Cut out image along outer solid lines.
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2. With printed side facing up, fold in half along center line.

3. Unfold and turn over, so that the printed side is facing down.

4. Fold along diagonal line as shown.

5. Repeat diagonal fold on the other side.
6. Your Fish Origami should be creased as illustrated.

7. Turn your paper over. With printed side down, fold along creases, forming a "tent" as illustrated.
8. Fold the dorsal (top) fin back, then up along solid lines.
Repeat with ventral (bottom) fin.

9. Turn your fish over. Fold top tail fin down, then up along solid lines as shown.
Repeat with bottom tail fin.

11.Turn your fish over and you're pau (done)!
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